Subispeed JDM Style Sequential Tail Light

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI


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Adding yet another tail light option for the 2015+ WRX / STI we introduce the JDM version of our Subispeed tail light.

Comes in three different finishes so grab yours today! We don't see these sitting around very long.

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Subispeed JDM Style Sequential Tail Light

Let's get aggressive

Newly styled but inspired by our Subispeed v2 Tail Lights, the all-new JDM style tail lights are ready to hit the road. They are similar to the V2's but the C-Light now extends further with a slightly more aggressive shape. You guys have been asking to make the C-Light into the turn signal and we've been listening! The C now acts as a sequential turn that can be turned into a blinking mode if you're not about the sequential look.

These tail lights are plug and play so you won't have to wait long from the time they arrive to get them installed and working on your vehicle. Just unplug the stock lamps, unbolt them, bolt these back up, plug in the wires, and you're in business.

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Should you upgrade your WRX tail lights?

How To install subispeed tail lights!



Upon initial installation your tail lights might show small amounts of condensation. This is not a huge concern as long as your gasket is making appropriate contact with the vehicle. The tail lights were manufactured in a warm environment with high relative humidity. Most reports of condensation in the tails are from areas experiencing cool temperatures.

The condensation seen on the lens is most likely due to that humidity inside the lamp. We get a greenhouse effect where the inside becomes warmer than the cool lens. A similar phenomenon occurs when you get in a car in the winter and have to use your defroster due to the heat inside the vehicle. The breather ports inside the lamp should allow this moisture to pass to the inside of the vehicle but it will take a little bit. Just leaving it in the sun won't work from what we're told. Actual use where the LEDs and boards heat up should do the trick. Sending another set would just basically restart the venting process and yield the exact same results. Please check back in after a week to let us know if the amount is any different.


It helps to take initial pictures and then compare them at the end of the week. If the amount of condensation you see is less than 7 days ago, you're headed in the right direction. If there is more, please contact us and show us the initial photos and photos from a week later.


We have seen condensation in OEM headlamps and tail lights from various manufacturers. Most vehicles are held at port and sit on dealer lots long enough for it to burn away though. An issues arises when there is an actual failure to seal the lens to the body of the housing. In that case, the lamp will be covered under warranty.


2 year


Pair your new rear tail lights with a new wing on your WRX:

WRX Wing options from Subispeed

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  1. Exceeded my expectations!

    By Joe March 15, 2023

    I got the red ones for my '21 STI and they are amazing! They look great in pictures, but look even better in person. Install is very easy, only took about 15 to 20 minutes. When I was first putting them into place, I thought I was going to have a fitment issue because the gaps were quite significant. But, I just had to tighten everything down and everything will fit nice and snug. No gaps or fitment issues at all. I've had them on for almost a week now and no problems with condensation. I highly recommend!

  2. Beautiful!

    By Tony December 24, 2022

    Subispeed nailed it with these tail lights! Took me less than 10 minutes to install. Love the look!

  3. Beautiful Tail Lights

    By Tony December 10, 2022

    I got a good deal on these tail lights for black friday and they arrived within days! It took me less than 10 minutes to install and the fitment is pretty spot on. Love the sequential feature on them. Well done subispeed!

  4. Game changer

    By Brandon November 23, 2022

    These taillights changed the whole look of my rear end. The sequential function also adds that tastful bit of flair to it. Word of warning, you may want to look into getting a resistor or hyperblink module as well, it may cause a fast blink especially for base model WRXs

  5. Game changer

    By Brandon November 23, 2022

    These taillights changed the whole look of my rear end. The sequential function also adds that tastful bit of flair to it. Word of warning, you may want to look into getting a resistor or hyperblink module as well, it may cause a fast blink especially for base model WRXs

  6. Smoked Tail Lights

    By WRB October 24, 2022

    Bought a set of these after a few years of running the Subispeed Evolution taillights. Both were an exceptional buy. I am enjoying the design change of the C-Lights with this current model. The bright LEDS and Sequential Light option is leaps and bounds more esthetically pleasing than the stock light. I would strongly recommend.

  7. Amazing Look

    By Andrew October 2, 2022

    I bought the smoked version of these tail lights and could not be happier with the way they look on the car. Literally a 2 minute install and also love the sequential functionality that these tail lights come with.

  8. By Cwrxto September 26, 2022

    Very easy install and very good product love the quality

  9. Love them!

    By New Tail Lights April 20, 2022

    Shipped same day, got here in less than a week. Install took 5 minutes they look amazing! Really add to the look of the car. I have a 2021 WRX, black, so I got the smoked while on sale. Not disappointed!

  10. great look, very slight fitment gap overall happy

    By nay April 1, 2022

    they look amazing definitely make the back end stand out although there is a very small gap at the top corner barely noticeable i'd recommend ordering 2-3 led blinker modules for hyper flash they tend to either be defective or somehow get fried very easily

  11. Hate To See It Go, Love To Watch It Leave

    By Jasen November 5, 2021

    Rounded out the rear of my car with these amazing JDM Style Sequential Tail Lights (to complement the SubiSpeed V2 Headlights in the front). These tail lights provided my much needed upgrade over the stock tails, and added both function and aesthetics to the car. The reverse lights are bright enough, coupled with the rear camera of the car, that my 5% window tint in the rear isn't an issue. These lights should be a stock option from Subaru in my opinion. Installation took me minutes, with just a wrench and a screwdriver to remove the pop clips in the trunk. I rated the Fit / Quality as a 4/5 only because my lights came with some visible dust inside the housing.10/10 on satisfaction!

  12. AWESOME!!!!

    By Kique10 August 15, 2021

    I can’t explain how happy i am with my purchase! All my friends love the way they stand out & another wants to purchase a set as well for his STI! Can’t keep going on how awesome they look, & the sequential feature just grows on you! GREAT PRODUCT!!!

  13. AWESOME!!!

    By Kique10 August 15, 2021

    Love the way they look!!! I’m so excited especially because all my friends & I are loving the way they stand out, especially that sequential feature! Can’t stop explaining how much I’m loving them! Thanks Subispeed! 🙏 GREAT PRODUCT!

  14. Look amazing

    By amazing February 5, 2021

    They look amazing, fit great and were easy to install! Can’t ask for more.

  15. Perfect

    By amazing December 24, 2020

    Can’t say enough good things about these lights. They look amazing, were easy to install, and I love the sequential functionality. Definitely recommend!

  16. bad customer service

    By really? October 6, 2020

    received the taillights and they look great but the drivers side had a pice of plastic in it in a very noticeable spot i contacted customer support to replace them with a none defective one the person i was emailing suggested i try blowing it out with air well aren't taillights supposed to be sealed so water can't get in and cause condensation. after responding and telling him i do not own and air compressor he blocked my email

  17. Awesome

    By AKG August 24, 2020

    I had the taillites installed bye a body shop It took him about 10 minutes for each side So install was simple There was a slight gap on one side but if he did not point it out I would have not noticed These taillites look fantastic no regrets worth every penny Would do it again in a heartbeat Thanks Woo

  18. Smoked Red JDM tail lights!!!

    By Patrick July 25, 2020

    Absolutely love these tail lights. Really changed the rear end of the car. Love the dark cherry red color. Very similar to Audi color tail lights! All LEDs are very bright. Gave 4 out of 5 stars on fit because fitment is not as perfect as OEM. But the gaps are very close. Most people wouldn’t even notice unless you are OCD like myself. Besides that these tail lights are amazing!!! Very happy after the first couple days!

  19. Taillites rock

    By AKG July 25, 2020

    Well after going back and forth originally ordered evolution taillites These lites rule Ordered smoked lense They look awesome Had body shoo install a small gap in left side But honestly if he didn’t point it out not sure I would have noticed Very happy with choice No buyers remorse Thanks Woo

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