Coilovers Parts

Arguably one of the most popular upgrades of all time for Subarus, and many other enthusiasts' vehicles are coilovers. When looking at a race car, what is one of the main traits that they all share? They are all slammed to the ground. Now there is an aerodynamic purpose behind this, but you can't help but notice the stance, and it seems in motion while sitting still. Coilovers even from the most basic set are highly versatile. If you have ever installed a set of lowering springs, you know how labor intensive it can be in terms of removing the strut assembly, using a strut compressor tool, and switching springs out with re-assembly, and installation. Coilovers will allow you to adjust the ride height with a twist of a spring collar which saves a lot more time while being much simpler. Coilovers can get more advanced outside of ride height adjustability as most will have a wide range of damping adjustments and some will include camber adjustable top hats. No matter your purpose, we carry a great selection of coilovers for daily drivers, weekend show cars, and purpose-built race cars. 

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