Suspension Parts


Subaru STI - Suspension

Fitment Includes: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Subaru STI

Here are all of the suspension components. All of them. The Subaru STI is a world-renowned rally-inspired all-wheel drive vehicle that is coveted by enthusiasts all around the globe. And a major part of this is because of the driving experience, particularly the suspension. When all of your suspension components are in good working order and the car feels tight, the STI is a great driving experience. But if you want to take the handling to another level, we have the suspension upgrades. From coilovers, sway bars, urethane bushings, camber and caster upgrades, and everything else in between, we have the components that will make your daily driver more comfortable, and we have the right parts to make your purpose-built race car defy physics. You can choose from OEM replacement components, or you can choose from the most desirable brands in the Subaru performance industry. 


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