Exhaust Heat Shields Parts


Subaru STI - Exhaust Heat Shields

Fitment Includes: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Subaru STI

A giant enemy of most turbocharged engines especially the EJ in the STI is heat. Because of these reasons, we carry a great selection of heat shields to help contain the heat generated by the turbocharger or other exhaust components. The problem is that the turbocharger is very near the top mount intercooler which can increase or accelerate the chances of heat soak. If the intercooler gets heat soaked, you are putting a limit on your performance. One of the solutions is getting a larger intercooler core which is a great idea, but the heat will not go away. We carry a great selection of heat shields brought to you by the most desired brands in the Subaru industry to add an extra layer of protection against the heat while keeping the heat in the turbo or exhaust to improve the overall performance.


Exhaust Heat Shields
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