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Subaru STI - Covers & Dress Up

Fitment Includes: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Subaru STI

The EJ in the STI in stock form is certainly not an eye sore, but equally, it is not the most exciting engine to look at which is fine as everything serves a purpose just like any other engine. BUT, there are items such as alternator covers or pully covers and other plastic units around the EJ that look bland for lack of a better term. Because of these reasons, the Subaru aftermarket has addressed this issue and has created its own replacements to improve the protection and aesthetics. We carry a great selection from these brands that add more color, style, and purpose to your Subaru. You can choose from belt covers, alternator covers, fender shrouds, cam sensor covers, hood struts, and everything else in between. You can also choose from different colors, carbon fiber, and materials to customize the EJ to your liking.


Covers & Dress Up
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