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Subaru STI - Rods

Fitment Includes: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Subaru STI

Connecting Rods are the pillars of your engine, but there are circumstances that can make these pillars fail. For example, if running too much boost on pump gas, your rods may knock or stretch. If you like to rev for the scene kids to the point where your oil gets so hot it loses its viscosity, your rods will let you know. If you don't change your oil when you should and run your STI hard, your rods will want to go outside. Now all of these circumstances are the result of having fun. But the fun comes at a cost, and now you're at the section of the connecting rods welcome! We carry a great selection of forged connecting rods to sustain more power and strength in that EJ. All of our connecting rod choices are only brought to you by the most established brands in the Subaru aftermarket performance industry to add more power, strength, and reliability to your STI.


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