Limited Slip Differentials Parts


Subaru STI - Limited Slip Differentials

Fitment Includes: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Subaru STI

Limited-slip differentials are available for seasoned drivers who are ready to take their driving skills to the next level. If you drive your STI on weekend autocross or track days. spirited canyon drives, or in rally, a quality LSD is certainly a fine investment. Limited-slip differentials depending on what option you choose will increase your cornering grip by limiting the wheel speed on one side while increasing the load on the inside wheel of the corner. This will allow you to exit the corners in a quicker fashion with better control, and much more driver confidence. These also make the deceleration and acceleration more fluid and more controllable while entering or exiting corners, it is much more complex than just having both the rear wheels spinning at the same time under a launch they provide more controllable speed under handling situations. We have a selection brought to you by pioneers in the Subaru performance industry to improve the driving performance and experience in your Subaru.


Limited Slip Differentials
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