Axle-Backs Exhausts Parts

Aftermarket Axle-Back Exhaust Upgrades & Mods Available Now For:
2022 Subaru BRZ

A simple way to save weight while obtaining that race-inspired sound is a quality axle-back exhaust system. The axle-back exhaust system is a direct replacement for your factory heavy muffler and can be installed in your garage or driveway with basic garage tools. Typically, it can be as simple as unbolting your factory muffler and the axle-back system will fit right into place. SubiSpeed carries a great selection from many quality brands that include the likes of FT-86 SpeedFactory, Remark, and Hooker Blackheart just to name a few. You can also choose designs that have built-in mufflers, or you can choose a muffler-delete style for those who want the lightest and loudest version. Whatever your modding urge may be, SubiSpeed has the right component to provide your 2022+ Subaru BRZ with a race-inspired sound.

Axle-Backs Exhausts
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