COBB Stage 1+ Big SF Power Package

2015-2020 Subaru WRX 6MT

Ships for free in the 48 states
Save a little money and get the performance gains you need to boost your WRX from stock to tastefully modified. As a SubiSpeed special, please choose a unique Premium Faceplate as a free add on. NOTE: The Accessport currently works with USDM vehicles. *NOT CARB Compliant* Shipping to California is restricted due to not being CARB compliant.


  • Adds big power in a quality packager
  • Includes COBB’s Big SF Intake and COBB Accessport V3
  • Up to 10% more peak horsepower and torque
  • High-quality intake with reusable oiled filter
  • Handy tuning device with COBB OTS Maps
  • For USDM, 6-speed manual transmission only

SubiSpeed First Impressions

Provides Excellent Power Gains in a Great Package

The only thing better than getting high-quality COBB Tuning parts and accessories for your WRX is when they come packaged in a potent package that can get your aggressive Subie build excellent power gains. The COBB Stage 1+ Big SF Power Package for 2015-2020 WRXs can add up to a 10% horsepower and torque gain to your Subie thanks to the combination of a COBB Big SF Cold Air Intake and a COBB Accessport V3 loaded down with a COBB Off-the-Shelf (OTS) tune. The combination of extra intake airflow and revised ECU mapping adds on boost pressure, adjusts fueling, and changes ignition timing so that your WRX hits new levels of power and torque while using high-quality COBB parts that were essentially made of each other.

Includes High-Flow Cold Air Intake and COBB Tuner

The COBB Stage 1+ Power Package comes with high-quality components that work together to get your WRX build impressive power gains. Each Power Package is built around one of COBB’s Big SF intake kits that feature 3” diameter tubing with a black powder coat finish and a customer aluminum airbox that generates impressive levels of airflow. The intake comes standard with a reusable, dual-cone filter that’s more efficient than stock and can be cleaned and reoiled for the life of your WRX. The huge airflow of the intake requires tuning, and this package comes standard with a COBB Accessport V3 with 91 and 93 octane OTS maps designed just for this package. The Accessport V3 is one of the most feature-rich Subaru tuning devices on the market and allows you to load your OTS Map of choice in minutes. The Accessport also comes standard with a host of diagnostic and monitoring features so that you can keep tabs on your WRX’s critical engine functions as you drive.

  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX with 6-speed manual

Not CARB-Approved: this package is not CARB-approved for street use and cannot be shipped to California.

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  1. A must have for this car

    By Jason July 17, 2019

    The only complaint I had was that the system did not come with any installation instructions. Thankfully Cobb has them available on their website. Otherwise, it was a breeze to install. The intake is pretty loud, so if you don't like a lot of noise, this might not be for you. But it sounds amazing. And after reprogramming with the Cobb map, the car is so much more driveable. You don't get a ton of horsepower or torque gains here, but you get some. But driveability is definitely worth it.

  2. Great product for first mods

    By Eric September 8, 2018

    The tune is amazing. Gas pedal is no where near how touchy it used to be, making the drive much smoother. Intake sounds so good too.

  3. Love the way my car performs!

    By Justine April 4, 2018

    I love the way my car performs with this. I have also ordered the Invidia j pipe and exhaust with this. The performance is great compared to the stock tune. I love the sound of the intake. My only complaint is that the rubber seals should be installed at factory. But that isn't Subispeed's issue. Otherwise GREAT product!

  4. Drives like a better version of the same car

    By Brent March 17, 2018

    The Cobb AP speaks for itself, tunes are quick and easy. The intake installation was pretty smooth and only requires some basic tools. Sound from intake is great. Rev hang gone with tune, makes me wonder why i didnt buy this the day after i bought the car. Smooth power at top of powerband Overall positive for the entire package.


    By Anthony January 26, 2018

    Just received this Cobb stage 1+ Big SF intake / Access port.....I've heard how it makes a big difference but i didnt believe it until I saw for my self.....all I've got to say if HOLY S***! This was a great first performance upgrade and can for sure feel the difference with the performance map from Cobb.i would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for there first performance upgrade. It smoothes out the gas peddle and makes it feel normal, the cold air intake sounds amazing, looks good under the hood and overall makes the car feel like a new vehical all around in a better way. Super easy to install is a little time consuming tho. This is the way to go! Ive attached pic's of before and after the upgrade. Thanks Cobb and subispeed!

  6. Worth every penny.

    By Cody May 19, 2017

    This Stage 1 kit from Cobb is worth every penny. The tune really changes the way the car drives. The difference in boost is also incredible, over all it really wakes the car up, and not to mention it makes the turbo sound amazing.

  7. Must Buy!

    By Aaron February 17, 2017

    Like the previous review, this changes the feel of the car completely. The car feels much smoother, and no rev hang! The only trouble I had was with the fitment of stock bracket to the airbox, it doesnt line up at all ( about an inch+ off). though it not that important from what i can tell. Overall, a definite must buy. The accessport smooths the car out and the intake sounds amazing.

  8. Fantastic!

    By Christopher January 11, 2017

    I installed the Cobb Accessport Stage 1 in about 30 minutes including upgrading the firmware. For 2 days I tried the Stage 1 map without the intake and it feels like a totally different car. The throttle input is smoothed out so it doesn't feel like I'm rocketing from a stop light every time. The top end of the RPM range is GREATLY improved and no more drop off after 5K RPM. The car just keeps pulling. Then I installed the Cobb Big SF intake and Turbo XS Hybrid Blowoff valve and I can't stop grinning! The intake sound and turbo spooling is so much louder than I expected but sends the fun factor through the roof. The only fitment issue is on the 2017 WRX the intake snorkel does not fit correctly to the intake box because it is too long and chaffs against the intake filter. This is THE mod to have on your WRX. I highly recommend.

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