SubiSpeed CP Style Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel

- 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI

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This steering wheel is easy to install and enhances the interior of your vehicle. This is our premium, top of the line steering wheel. Stock steering wheel switches, trim, and airbag transfer over and are not included.


Subispeed CP Style Steering Wheel

Subispeed introduces 1 of 5 custom steering wheels for the 2015+ WRX / STI. This handcrafted piece features carbon fiber upper and lower sections with alcantara on the sides. The alcantara provides a great look and wonderful feel. Topping off upper section is a 12 o'clock red stripe.

This is our premium, top of the line steering wheel.

Simple Installation

OEM buttons, air bag, and trim pieces transfer directly over with ease.

NOTE: While many cars will not need an alignment to center the wheel, some factory steering wheels have splines on the mounting hub which are not aligned like others. In these cases, you will have to get an alignment to center the stripe at the 12 o'clock position.

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  1. Alcantara steering wheel

    By jess January 18, 2019

    The install was easy take about 1 hour for me lucky my steering wheel line up very good and no need to get alignment for the car, and only thing is cleaning the alcantara a bit carefully i'm satisfied with this steering wheel.

  2. Great feel and presentation, poor fit and customer service.

    By Tungi July 6, 2017

    The install was pretty we easy as long as you follow the video. I had the hardest time with customer service. Calling in was pointless (voicemail 24/7). Upon e-mail, I didn't get a response she until I followed up about two days later. Fitment is not exact on this wheel. It does not line up and the wheel appears crooked. After rechecking a few times, it was clear that the wheel wasn't straight. After contacting customer service, I was told to go get an alignment (of course I'd have to pay for) to get it lined up. None of this is indicated on the description though, so I have to pay an additional $150 I wasn't aware of. Overall, I'm somewhat satisfied, but not impressed with the fit and poor customer support.

  3. Because Racecar

    By Mark April 23, 2017

    I've had this steering wheel for about six months now so I feel I can give a proper review. INSTALLATION: The installation was quite tricky actually. Popping off the airbag was no easy task, I feel like I just stuck the screwdriver in there and hoped for the best. You really have to pull hard when removing the steering wheel. I thought I was going to break it with the amount of force I gave it. So just note that you will be pulling A LOT harder than you expect. After getting the steering wheel off it was quite easy to do the swap. Placing it back on was easy as well, however, I highly suggest you take it for a test drive before patching everything up. Make sure your steering wheel is aligned perfectly. I didn't at first and had to redo the installation which is a PIA. If you get a "Check Engine Light" or a flashing cruise control it just means you didn't properly plug back in the airbag/steering wheel connections. I suggest disconnecting your battery again and then checking to make sure the connections are secure. This was a bit of a panic moment for me. REVIEW: This was probably the most pricey mod I did for my car aside from my Nameless Axleback exhausts and I would say it is tied for first with my exhausts. Every second of driving is pure enjoyment with the steering wheel. I've started wearing driving gloves as well to protect the Alcantara. I've caught many people looking at the steering wheel and have been given compliments and questions like "where did you get that?". Cleaning can be tricky, I recommend looking at a few youtube videos. It will take extra effort to keep it from wearing out. Definitely a satisfied customer!

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