Crawford Version 3 Air Oil Separator

2015+ WRX / 2014-2018 Forester XT

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The fully engineered kit comes complete and ready to install with everything needed and all the hoses cut to length for your particular vehicle
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Crawford Performance is pleased to announce the release of their newest dual chamber Air Oil Separator (AOS) specifically designed for the 2015 WRX DIT. Like all of their current AOS offerings this new AOS is custom fitted to this particular vehicle model so there is nothing the customer has to design or figure out on their own. The fully engineered kit comes complete and ready to install with everything needed and all the hoses cut to length for your particular vehicle.

They have also completed all the in house testing so you can be assured that the product will have an easy install and last the life of your car.

Crawford's V3 AOS retains all the factory emission components so you do not have to worry about having an illegal setup on your car, and you will not have to remove it later for a smog test like others on the market. Also, their V3 AOS will not cause any issues with your warranty as the kit does not remove or modify any factory installed emission control components.

Crawford revolutionized the catch can market with our first AOS ten years ago and now with their new dual chamber V3 AOS we are revolutionizing the current AOS market again.

All Crawford Performance custom AOS kits come with a money back guarantee and are proudly made at our facility in Oceanside California.

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  1. Great Product

    By Luis November 7, 2019

    Was a very easy install just follow the steps on YouTube installation process and was done with in a hour.

  2. Very good product

    By David February 18, 2017

    Overall this is an easy install. My friend and U did it in about an hour and a half, taking our time. We did not move the AC compressor becuase we used a set of long needle nose pliers that reach the crankcase hose and fitting. It is a bit tight but easily do-able. Also used a really long screwdriver to tighten the clamp in that spot. Direction on the website and pdf should do a better job showing what fittings on the can go to what fitting on engine. Crawford emailed me a sketch showing which hoses went where. If you live in a warm climate you really don't need to route the coolant lines, but I did this anyway. Older versions didn't use coolant lines into AOS. We ended up shortening the largest, longest hose, probably due to how we routed it. Time will tell how well the AOS works, but so far so good. High quality product.

  3. Hoping For Long Run Benefit

    By TXP May 8, 2015

    I finally got around to installing it. Here are some of my observations. The fuel line in the Crawford example is not the factory line. It is their flex fuel line. The OEM line has to be twisted out of the way of the AOS. You can relieve some tension on the fuel line by removing it from the two clips near the brake master cylinder. Zip tie them to the side of the two clips. I contacted Crawford and they said just bent the fuel line out of the way since others are doing that. Not the warm fuzzy answer I was hoping for. Long term we'll see if the fuel line holds up to the twisting. I normally carry a 5 lb fire extinguisher anyway. The 1/2" line at the back of the engine could be 2-3" longer to allow for a better routing to prevent kinking. The instruction's picture showing the routing of the lines at the back of the engine suggests zip tie to some pipes located running over the top of the transmission. The transmission in the example must be a CVT. Those pipes don't exist on my 6 speed and the pic is missing the clutch slave cylinder, which you need to make sure the hoses don't get in the way of. GGall from NASIOC forum suggested using a couple of reducers for the coolant lines. I took his advice and got some 3/8" 1/2" brass reducers. The ones I got are from Home Depot, used for PEX plumbing. They are slightly loose fitting, but they fit far better fitting than the 1/2" hose on to the engine side cooling nipples (hee, hee. I said nipples.). The hoses that come with the AOS are just right for the AOS connections, but too big for the ones onto the car. Sure you can tighten the crud out of the 1/2" hoses, but it is not doing the hoses much good. There is a catch though that I found while researching the coolant that I needed to replace after spilling a little too much. The Subaru Super Coolant doesn't have additives to prevent corrosion of brass. Strange you say? I say yes, but there was a thread out there where there seemed to be some people that at least as far as my college chemistry learnings imparted to me, seemed to know their stuff. They surmise that Subaru must not use any brass in their cooling systems. Peak Global does have the additives to prevent brass corrosion in case anyone is wondering. I'm sticking with the Subaru stuff b/c we are not talking about thin brass here in the PEX fittings. I figure it would take years of cooling system neglect to cause the reducers to fail. Maybe I'll find some Aluminum or other material reducers if it ever starts keeping me up at night. I hope this helps anyone else thinking about this mod.

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