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RCE Yellow springs for the 2015+ STI is the perfect daily driver / weekend warrior spring. This is the best spring out for your vehicle. Provides a great daily driver ride while keeping things firm for the track weekend or canyon carving run you crave.
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RCE Yellow springs for the 2015+ STI is the perfect daily driver / weekend warrior spring. This is the best spring out for your vehicle. Provides a great daily driver ride while keeping things firm for the track weekend or canyon carving run you crave.

Racecomp Engineering has taken the time to develop a spring specifically for your vehicle. You can take some time enjoying them.

SubiSpeed Installation Video

Approximate lowering:
Front: 20mm ( .78 inches )
Rear: 20mm ( .78 inches )

Spring Rate:
Front: 365lbs (6.5k)
Rear: 360lbs (6.4k)

Notes: Rear bumpstops are included.

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    By redhawk_sti September 4, 2021

    I did a LOT of research on springs and coils before deciding to go with the RCE Yellows. Shipping was pretty fast and the installation took a few hours at a local shop that specializes in Subies. The ride height is not much lower than stock, but this is how the car should have sat coming from the factory. Everything feels more grounded and less bouncy than the stock springs, although you will get a little lowering spring feel when driving at slow speeds or uneven pavement. Highly recommend getting an alignment after the springs settle in a bit after installation. Factor in the cost of installation vs. coils - I don't have a compressor, but would have installed coils myself vs. taking it to a shop and spent on labor.

  2. Great in certain situations

    By ZEZHOU January 11, 2018

    I live in London (UK) and the roads here are pretty messed up. Speed bumps and pot holes everywhere, occasionaly have to drive over curbs due to the extremely narrow streets. I knew a set of coilovers will be a waste of money for me so I went for springs. I never had experience with springs and I thought I could install them by myself. It ends up I need tools I don't have to open the coilvers so I paid 150 pounds to a mechanic to do the installation for me. After all, I didn't save so much. You can notice the ride difference. It's just a bit stiffer and speed bumps are just a bit more painful, but I'm fine with the ride quality. I don't notice much difference when taking corners but I guess that's because the speed limit here is 20mph. I believe the springs lower the front and rear by the same amount. Less than an inch. If you stare at your car a lot, you will find them lower. If not, you probably still notice the difference. I would go for Swift if I live in a better place, the price is lower, the quality should be as good if not better and the drop is more noticable. BUT, overall I am happy with my decision. They are just great for my case. The ride height is just right, I don't have to worry about scratching the front. The ride quality is not so RACEY? which is a big consideration for me. The price, I don't like.

  3. Great springs, made my STI even better.

    By Igor January 27, 2016

    This springs are a great upgrade over stock, giving you just enough drop without being too low or having to worry about all the road imperfections. They make the car a little stiffer under slow speed normal driving, about same mid to high speed, but it feels like the car is much flatter when taking turns. Steering feels a little heavier and much heavier close to full lock. When going up a drive way at angle it feels like the car is trying to 3 wheel, displaying that these springs are stiffer then stock when compressed. Install was really easy, factory STI springs were short enough that I did not even need to use a spring compressor, which I have, but it does make it nice no to have to mess with it. If you have to reinstall factory springs back in they will require a spring compressor for ease of installation. I combined this springs with 20 mm spacers, giving me a perfect wheel offset, and no rubbing at all so far. Very happy with these spring so far.


    By John July 25, 2015

    If you are considering upgrading your springs, look no further. I thought the STI handled very well from the factory, frankly beyond my skill level. These just take it to a whole other level. Very flat in the corner, better response and turn in, I cant say enought good things. I actually think it drives better under normal daily driving over stock as well, it seems to handle the day to day roads snoother then befor. The amount of drop was about perfect for my taste, noticable but subtle.. Install was a bit of a pain doing it in my garage on the floor without a lift but I got it done. You can too..

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