OLM Bixenon Low / High Beam Projector Fog Lights

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI / 2013-2016 FR-S / BRZ / 2014+ Forester / 2013+ Crosstrek / 2017-2020 Impreza



For owners who demand the most light possible, OLM has produced a low / high beam projector light which is a direct replacement for the factory fog lights.

They offer a sharp cutoff to prevent light from blinding oncoming motorists. This one housing gives you another set of high beams as well. There is a mechanical flap inside the projector which moves within an instant of being activated*.



Introducing the Most Powerful Fog Light Housing Available

For owners who demand the most light possible, OLM has produced a bixenon (high / low beam) projector fog light kit (optional low only) which is a direct replacement for the factory fog lights.

Vehicle Applications

This housing utilizes an H11 / H16 socket. For many vehicles this is a plug and play system.

For those that do not have fog lights from the factory, please view our fog light kits.

If you have a BRZ or Crosstrek (without Steering Responsive Foglights), you will probably need the PSX24W to H11 harness adapter.

NOTE: For vehicles with Steering Responsive Foglights, you may not want to use this housing with HIDs. However, if you run your fog lights always, you will probably not need it with all the extra light on the ground vs stock!


The factory 2015 Subaru WRX / WRX STI fog lights are plastic housings with 19 watt bulbs. Many reviewers will note that they don't put a whole lot of light on the road. These projector lights are a world of difference.

They offer a sharp cutoff to prevent light from blinding oncoming motorists. This one housing gives you another set of high beams as well. There is a mechanical flap inside the projector which moves within an instant of being activated*.

Check out the comparison.


Whether you're driving on a clear night or headed through a foggy forest, you'll enjoy the extra light. Mounted much lower than the low beams, the light can cut through the fog and still put light on the road.

HID kits are available in various colors to match your headlights or choose 3000K for extra visibility in fog or foul weather.


Wide enough to be called a fog light but projects light far down the road like a driving light. So what do we call it? Call it what you want, however we just call it nice.

The additional light gives you the confidence to drive without worries at night.


Installation is simple! Just turn your wheels, undo some fasteners, and the factory housings can be swapped without lifting the vehicle or removing the bumper. Optionally, you can splice in the lines for the high beam signal wires.

If you do not wire up the high beam signal wire, these can be used for low beam operation only.


  • Higher light output (35w HID vs 19w halogen)
  • Current draw does not exceed factory wiring limits
  • Improved visibility
  • Plug and Play for vehicles equipped from the factory with fog lights
  • Easy to install

*Please check local laws concerning running a fog light while your high beams are engaged. The factory fog lights turn off when the high beams are turned on. In order to supply power to these lamps when the high beams are engaged an additional relay and diodes will need to be used (not included).

Optional Items

All in One HID Upgrade

OLM's All in One HID kit is a nice upgrade from typical HID kits. It's compact design has a small overall footprint making installations clean and simple. You don't have to mount a ballast or ignitor as it is mounted to the back of the bulb.

For more information, please click here.

HID Relay Harness

For customers who are already running a number of aftermarket products, you might want to consider installing our optional relay harness. This provides HIDs power directly from the battery. It is triggered by the factory fog light wiring, but does not draw current from it.

Fog With High Beam Harness

This harness solves a huge problem for night time drivers. When the high beams are turned on, the fog lights automatically turn off. This is designed to meet certain requirements in various countries. Unfortunately this leaves objects close to the vehicle unlit. You will notice the difference especially when running an upgraded bulb or upgraded fog light housing.

Please see links to related products below for more information.

OLM Quick Connect for High Beam Flap

We now offer a quick connect for the mechanical high beam flap. This speeds up the installation process and keeps the install looking nice and clean. Split your 9005 high beam and send power to the mechanical flaps in your Low / High Beam Bi Xenon OLM Projectors. Works well with the Fog With High Beam Harness.


1 year manufacturer's warranty

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  1. Best brightness output; worst reliability

    By Daniel June 16, 2017

    I've had these fog lights for almost 2 years now. Installation was not easy but the above video helped. Also, I bought the HID Relay Harness which the video does not cover so I had to figure out the installation of that on my own. Overall, once the kit was installed and working, I was very happy with the outcome. These are by far the brightest fogs I've ever had. Unfortunately, there are some unforeseen long-term issues you should know about before purchasing these fogs: if you ever need a service performed on your vehicle that requires removal of the front bumper you'll need to either explain that you have aftermarket fog lights so that they know how to plug them back in properly. Otherwise, they will put them back together incorrectly (as they did in my case) and now the fog lights only come on every once and while when I engage them. I even took everything apart and put it all back together again but, now I still have this frustrating issue of the fog lights coming on only sometimes when engaged. Even 2 years later I'm still trying to get them to work properly but, I may have to downgrade to LED bulbs if this problem persists. I'm a little disappointed in the fact that this problem only started happening after my warranty expired but, I suppose that's the nature of these types of aftermarket products. If you buy these fogs I wish you the best of luck! When they work they REALLY work. ;)

  2. Poorly designed.

    By Ron June 15, 2017

    I bought this kit over a year ago. I actually thought Subispeed had stopped carrying it so I never did a review. This is specifically targeted at the Bi Xenon with HID kit. Install was fairly easy. Everything went in in less than an hour. Unfortunately nothing worked. After trying to diagnose the issue for a while I determined the contacts within the provided wires are not held in place inside their connector by anything other than tension. This wasn't sufficient, so instead of the male and female contacts mating, the male contacts were pushed out if the back of the connector. Subispeed customer service was excellent and got me a new set of wires that were supposed to have been a corrected version. Unfortunately the connectors on these wires suffered similar issues, maybe to a slightly lesser extent and I was able to get them to work after a significant amount of modification. The next day a ballast failed, likely from the constant flickering due to the faulty wires. Subispeed again stepped up to replace that. After installation, it continued to flicker. Again I traced the issue to faulty wiring of the kit components. At this point I just gave up and have reverted back to stock components. Subispeed customer service was great throughout but it's just not worth the headache with this product.

  3. A breeze to install on 2016 Forester!

    By David August 27, 2015

    1/2hr install on my 2016 Forester 2.5 premium with factory fogs installed. Build quality of fogs are really good. Shipping was really quick. Have to wait tonight to align them to see the vast improvement (I have no doubt they are better the OEM). Thanks Subispeed!

  4. I love them!

    By Lawrence January 4, 2015

    Was so excited when these bad boys came in. First thing I noticed when I opened up the box was how well made the projectors are. I went with the 6k lights. They match very well with the stock HIDS (2015 STI). Very pleased with my purchase. The light output is amazing and the fact that once the fogs are in they sit flush and can actually move them on the swivel housing to where you like your light output(be careful if you have them tweaked up too far it's going to blind the heck out of people) I positioned them just right with my headlights. Only one problem I did have, when I went to test the lights before putting them on the car they didn't work. I troubled shooted the problem until I noticed one of the wires going into a connector was loose and not making a full connection(thankfully didn't have to send back). Be aware of this issue but other than that have had these baby's on the last 4 days and no issue. I LOVE THEM! Thanks Subispeed!!

  5. My projector fog lights are awesome

    By RAHIM November 21, 2014

    I installed these in about 40 mins on my brz. Super easy. My fogs are like having 2 sets of headlights. The quality is rock solid. No bs what u see is what u get. Shipping took a while but communication is great with subispeed. These guys really do a good job. Thank u! I have pictures too but there is no where to post

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