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STI Spoiler 3D Carbon Fiber Wing End Overlays

2015-2020 WRX / 2015-2020 STI

$25.25 - $38.45



3D carbon fiber STI wing overlays add some character to your vehicle. Also, optionally available in matte black vinyl.

Comes with one pair (left / right).

UPDATE: New WRX logos available for people fitting STI wings on their WRX.

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3D Carbon (Black)
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Sticker Fab STI Wing End Overlays

This 3D carbon fiber has texture to add style to your STI wing. "STI" graphic is optional.

Machine cut and easy to install due to air egress design under the material.

UPDATE: New WRX logos available for people fitting STI wings on their WRX.

Installation Instructions

There are two types of materials this comes in. Matte black and 3D carbon. There are also a couple of styles. With or without logo.

Matte black is an easy material to work with. It does not have air egress channels in the back to get out bubbles like the 3D carbon though. If you chose an item with a logo, there is transfer paper just to hold the parts together. This makes it easier to keep them alignment when applying the item.

Items that you may need are soapy water (1 drop of soap for a cup of water). Also a hairdryer.

The soapy water is used for a couple of purposes. One, it lowers the initial tact of the adhesive. This lets you move the design and center it up without immediately sticking. The other benefit is that it allows you to use your FINGERS to squeegee out air bubbles. With the water goes the air. Don't use too much soap or it will take a while for the item to stick permanently. The heat gun can help dry out the water and possibly remove wrinkles if you are careful and apply low amounts of heat.

Be sure to clean your wing end (vehicle) first. You do not want small particles to be between the vinyl and the paint. It could wind up being slightly visible and not stick as well. Wet the wing end and the product. Apply it as lined up as possible. You want to create an even border. When you are satisfied with the alignment, start to use your fingers to push out the air and water. Make small alignment adjustments if needed. To dry it out faster, you can use heat from the hairdryer.

Now you're done so enjoy!

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  1. Nice and subtle

    By Rob. August 3, 2020

    Easy install, price is pretty cheap so if you’re not feeling it rip it off.

  2. excellent

    By trevor May 7, 2019

    First vinyl I installed, so it was a bit tricky, but looks AWSOME !!!! Really makes the car just a little different from all the rest.

  3. Details matter

    By Andy April 5, 2018

    This piece of overlay was really easy to install. I recommend using a hair dryer or heat gun. It took me less than 20 minutes to install both overlays. The quality of the overlay is also great. I'm gonna upload pictures later.


    By highdefsam March 29, 2018

    Putting these on my car was quite simple! However to make sure these stayed on, just in case, I used a heat gun on the vinyl to make sure it stays through the elements. I got the Black sti vinyl and it looks just like I pictured.

  5. Another must

    By Tom Roach March 29, 2018

    Ok so this decal is one of my favorites, I would like to say it looks like crap so that I could be the only one with this. But to be fair, it’s a must as well. If you don’t have the money for the killer carbon fiber wing from Subispeed then this is the way to go! Just to add Subispeed has a shop just down the road from where I work (no public access with out appt.) I had the pleasure to walk thru and see their cars and products and was very impressed. Supper cool stuff. Now that I’m done dressing my STI it’s time to get busy on hp. Thanks Subispeed, Great people and support.

  6. Excellent

    By Mark January 9, 2018

    These decals are excellent quality and fit perfectly! They look great especially against the wrblue! Would highly recommend them as a mod to your rear spoiler to give it a bit more of a edge!!

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