SubiSpeed DRL Harness for Boomerang (C-Light)

2015-2020 WRX Base and Premium



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Most people love the new boomerang or c-light present in the new Limited WRX / STI. However, many have expressed their interest in running that light as the DRL vs the high beam.
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The Original 2015+ WRX DRL Harness

Most people love the new boomerang or c-light present in the new WRX. However, many have expressed their interest in running that light as the DRL vs the high beam.

SubiSpeed Install and Demonstration


There are a few options when wiring the SubiSpeed's DRL harness. We'll guide you through those in the instructions / videos (coming soon).

1) High Beam DRL + Boomerang / C-Light
2) Boomerang / C-Light Only (MOST POPULAR)
3) High Beam DRL + Boomerang / C-Light + Accessories
4) Boomerang / C-Light + Accessories
5) High Beam DRL + Accessories
6) Accessories Only


We took all things into consideration while designing this simple harness. One goal was to preserve the stock components and basically leave them untouched or fully reversible. The harness uses add a fuses to make a safe connection inside the engine compartment fuse box. The circuits are protected from electricity flowing the wrong direction. Each boomerang has it's own socket which replaces the factory socket. Simply weatherproof your stock sockets and just keep them there until you sell the vehicle. At that time you can sell the harness and put the stock lights back in. Oh we also included some t-taps in case you want to light up some accessories. They connect to this aftermarket harness and not your factory wiring. It provides a quick and simple solution.


1) Complete harness with 2x boomerang sockets and pre wired add a fuses (5 amp capacity)
2) 2x OLM Vision+ boomerang bulbs
3) 4x T-tap connectors for connecting accessories to the harness


1 year manufacturer's warranty*

NOTE: Not compatible with Australian models as they use a P13W bulb in the fog light as a DRL.


We were going to include a different bulb with this harness. However, after extensive testing it was deemed that any bulb which created more heat would ruin the mirror finish on the headlight. It could also damage the outer lens cover.

The Limited WRX and STI have another harness which is available here.

Anytime the battery is disconnected, there is a chance that the auto windows will need to be reset. This is an easy task to do. Just roll your windows down all the way and then roll them up all the way manually.

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  1. Overall great product, but loose socket

    By Mario December 11, 2022

    First of all, after installation they look amazing. I unplugged the factory DRL and it looks very sleek. On the other hand, the installation and bulb socket was a pain. The bulb can easily become loose in the socket and fall out (it ended up falling into my headlight housing). I also found the socket to be very difficult to put into the housing. I decided to take the headlights out, first to fish out the bulb, and with the headlights out it made it much easier to install. They take a decent amount of force to get into the housing, which is difficult to do due to the location of them. The fuse and ground were also very easy install. Overall it’s a great product.

  2. Quick Install, Super bright.

    By Alex September 22, 2022

    Great product, love the C Light DRL. Even happier with the sale snag for $8.00

  3. Awesome Product zero issues with install

    By Jared September 27, 2021

    I performed this job yesterday. Please note that for some reason my DRL kit didn't come with the OLM T-10 Bulbs. So I had to purchase them separately. The install was rather fairly easy. I didn't have any fitment issues, nor did I lose any bulbs in the headlights. The light sockets went right into the C-light. Do Not Use the O-rings that come with your factory C-light bulbs because you will have fitment issues if you try this. The sockets have perfect fitment so that there won't be any moisture that get into your lights. I am very happy with this purchase, and how my headlights look now. :)

  4. Great product with a few gotchas

    By Matthew January 14, 2018

    This works great for converting your C lights to DRL. The wiring seems to be high quality. You get plenty of length as well. As mentioned by other. The bulb socket is very loose. You will loose a bulb. I lost two bulbs in my headlights! I also had to take the headlight apart to get it out. Just make sure you find a way to get those c light bulbs to stay on! These say 5amp but they only have 3 amp diodes! If you have lots of accessories you will need to replace the diodes. I burned mine out with morimoto C lights, led halos, fog light Bezel DRL and DRL Halo fog lights. Believe it totals to around 3.5 amps and it burned out my diode. Replaced Mine with a 5amp 60v and so far so good.( diodes are wired inline right after the add-a fuses.) Overall I like the product and the car looks awesome with all the DRL lights now.

  5. Subispeed Fixed Them

    By Stephen November 19, 2017

    I did not have any of the problems mentioned above. The bulbs came pre-installed into the wiring harness and were very secure. I did not see the need to add additional glue. Installation was easy, they popped right into place. Unfortunately they are much more white than my headlights, so now I will be changing out my headlights and fog lights to match.

  6. Overall

    By alan November 5, 2017

    It's not a bad product, but it doesn't stand out enough during the day. You can barely see it. The other issue is that you have to turn them on in order to use them. It does not come on automatically like the factory DRLs.

  7. Good lights, need better bulb sockets

    By Ryan October 1, 2016

    Overall, it looks fantastic. The LED's are WAY brighter than those little 194 bulbs. However, I too had an issue with the bulb sockets fitting into the housing. The driver side actually went in quickly and easy. The passenger side was a PITA. I ended up cutting the stock socket assy off and wiring them into the Subiespeed harness. I will go back tomorrow night and swap the driver side that way. This way I know the bulbs are secure. Still a good product though.

  8. Read the other reviews

    By Bob March 28, 2016

    Tighten up the bulbs. I had one fall into the headlight and luckily fished it out with a piece of wire. Otherwise the product is exactly as described. Have yet to find instructions on which wires to tap to make fogs as well. If you have fat hands like me plan on banging them up while trying to seat the lights. They do not turn and lock into place. You have to go in on an angle and force them in.

  9. Good product, issues with installation

    By Phil October 21, 2015

    I've had some installation issues with this as far as getting the LED bulbs into the headlight housing. Not only that, but the sockets which hold the bulbs are too loose which caused one of the bulbs to pop out and is now stuck in the headlight housing. I tried to remove it with flexible magnets and claw picker tools, but it's jammed too far in the housing. I will now have to remove the headlight which requires removing the front bumper as well. Please, when installing this, use pliers to tighten up the gap of the copper in the sockets, or you'll most likely end up in my situation.

  10. DRl Boomarang C light

    By Norm October 6, 2015

    Went in just like the video described hard on the knuckles as it's a bit tight. Test the lights before you go thru the entire install for lighting and mostly to ensure the bulbs will stay in their sockets, one fell out inside the c light and became a PITB to fish out.. I used some marine sealant on the bulbs to secure them before install after the long hard fishing session. Lights look great..worth the effort.

  11. light socket needs work

    By joshua July 15, 2015

    this is a great product over all. even though i had to slightly modify the light sockets to keep the bulb in place. the sockets were very loose and would not hold the bulbs in place while driving, causing the light to flicker. Before you install, take some pliers and close the gap in the copper on the inside of the socket to provide a tight fit for the bulb.

  12. Must own for this car

    By Barry May 21, 2015

    With the halogen bulbs the C-Light doesn't stand out at all. Hell its hard to tell its even lit, after Installed the SubiSpeed DRL kit, what a change. Instillation was pretty easy, I have big hands so I had to remove the battery and intake to get the bulbs into place. Only complaint I have is its hard to know when the new bulbs are actually locked inside the housing. Other then that, it was a pretty clean, easy install.

  13. Looks great

    By Tadd March 22, 2015

    Relatively easy installation. The main problem for myself was the size of my hands trying to get in those tight spaces. There is no distinct click when you install the new bulb so I fought with the first one for a while and ended up popping the bulb off in the C light housing. That was a pain but well worth the end result. The C lights look great as a DRL with the LED upgrade for the normal DRL's. Why it didn't come this way from the factory is a mystery to me.

  14. Why didn't this car have these lights from the factory?

    By Kevin December 27, 2014

    These lights make the car look like it should have come like from Subaru. I'm happy to be rid of the cheap looking halogen bulbs in the C-lights. Definitely a lot sharper looking. One complaint. The rubber bases built into the harness for the LED bulbs just don't feel like they set perfectly into the head light assembly. I used a zip tie on the driver's side to keep the wiring harness from pulling on it. I hope they stay in place over time.

  15. just installed the Clight harness

    By jarrod October 24, 2014

    My only complaint is that the fixture that holds the new LED bulb seems like it doesnt fit 100% secure into the headlight housing. It seems like there is a little bit of wiggle and that it could move in bumpy conditions.. I guess time will tell. The new LED C-light is much more white than the oem bulbs. Which lowbeam headlights would be the best match to the new super white C-light?

  16. Awesome product, Easy installation, and Good quality

    By Jay October 12, 2014

    Just installed the drl harness for the c lights with led. The installation is super easy and awesome because its all plug and play. The end result is amazing. I haven't disconnected the 40% power high beam drl's yet because in my opinion it looks awesome with the bright led c lights. Great job Subispeed.

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