OLM Style Series LED Vanity Mirror Lights

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI / 2013-2020 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ Limited / Toyota 86



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The stock vanity light bulbs in Subarus are pretty dim and orange in color.

Upgrade your vehicle with these affordable and ultra cool vanity lights. Easy to install.


OLM LED Vanity Light Bulbs

The stock vanity light bulbs in Subarus are pretty dim and orange in color.

Upgrade your vehicle with these affordable and ultra cool vanity lights. Easy to install.

NOTE You must have factory lights in your mirrors to use these. Please check your vehicle.

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  1. Great Light

    By Tyron October 3, 2018

    This is by far a great way to enhance lighting in ur WRX/STI...... All i can say is get it and u won’t be disappointed

  2. Works Great and easy install!

    By Kurt March 8, 2018

    Really glad i did this as well! at night looking through that mirror you could barley see your self but with these bulbs it was difference between night and day!

  3. Huge Difference!

    By Abraham October 9, 2017

    I really dislike the yellowish color that the OEM lights that came inside the car and these were definitely a enormous difference in brightness and color. It's a white color so it looks a lot cleaner and it's a million times brighter too, I would definitely recommend these to anyone who's looking to change their vanity light. You will notice the difference without a doubt. Also, it takes like 2 minutes to install.

  4. Great

    By animejoe18 May 8, 2017

    Absolutely Love Them. Very Bright Light. Kinda Feel Sorry For My Mogwai, LOL.

  5. very bright

    By Shawn September 18, 2015

    These are very nice, the lights are a pure white light. VERY bright!!!!! Very happy with the purchase. also very easy to install ~30secs


    By Vince July 29, 2015

    looks 100x better than stock, your girlfriend will thank you for the bright white light! love Subispeeds quality, unmatched, you can get cheap stuff on eBay but it is nowhere near the same quality as subispeeds products, take my word and invest the money!

  7. Worth every penny!

    By Vince July 21, 2015

    So bright , worth the money! Thanks Yo!

  8. My favorite inexpensive upgrade this far

    By Cali May 9, 2015

    super easy to install. The only hard part is taking out the factory bulbs sometimes. The style series is my favorite spectrum of light. The uv blue they offer on the interior dome lights strains my eyes sometimes. So I just use these awesome mirror lights. They are led also nice bright white light.

  9. White and Bright

    By Adam April 17, 2015

    I purchased these to complete the White LED replacement on the interior and they look sweet. The light output is fantastic and the install was super easy. If you've upgraded the map and dome light you'll want this upgrade too!

  10. Great light kit

    By ICEMAN April 12, 2015

    These are a nice lighting kit. Highly recommend these.

  11. Better than OEM

    By Daniel April 3, 2015

    As you will see from my pic, in real life you do see the three LEDs used to make this bulb (love the looks) and they are a bit on the blue side but they do look very nice and they are much brighter...a must have really!

  12. Eazy peazy

    By Jeremy February 10, 2015

    Takes 30 seconds to replace them. They look a lot better than the bulbs that come with the car stock.

  13. like everyone else said...

    By John January 26, 2015

    Super easy install and a noticeable difference in brightness. I do wish they were a little bit more on the warm end of the light spectrum but I'm happy.

  14. Big Difference

    By Jayman January 13, 2015

    Takes less than a minute to install both. Definite difference versus the OEM bulbs. Nice easy upgrade.

  15. Exactly as advertised

    By Corey January 9, 2015

    Exceptionally brighter than the oem lights and super easy to install.

  16. A must have!!

    By xsmooth69x December 26, 2014

    Product is awesome!! Tips on the install- Pop the cover off. Then slowly close the lid until the OEM bulb goes out. Take out OEM bulb and put in the new LED with the lid still partially closed. Open the lid and check if the LED lights up. If it doesn't flip the LED bulb around. It is directional. Cheers, xsmooth69x

  17. Great upgrade if you actually want to see yourself in the dark

    By christopher October 22, 2014

    Just face it all of the interior lights in the wrx suck. With a simple to install upgrade you will be rewarded with nice lighting at a good price.

  18. NICE!

    By Cody September 28, 2014

    Quick and easy install .

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