OLM V1 Type A Full Width Roof Vortex Generator (USDM)

2015-2020 WRX / 2015-2016 STI


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After a few months of measuring and remeasuring OLM has created a vortex generator to fit USDM models.

Attaches with automotive grade double sided adhesive (included). ABS plastic construction with a matte black finish.

NOTE: Please read the differences between Type A and Type B vortex generators in the description below.

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OLM Version 1 Vortex Generator - Type A

This new vortex generator is larger than the OEM model in all dimensions. It fully extends to the rain gutters and surrounds the factory antenna.

ABS plastic construction with a matte black finish.

2015-2016 & 2017+ Vehicle Fitment

ALL 2015-2016 WRX & STI models CAN use this vortex generator. The charge below highlights the 2017 models it can fit in green. Note that if you have a 7 inch Starlink headunit, it will not fit. However, if you have a 6.2 inch Starlink radio, it will.

  • 2015-2016 WRX
  • 2015-2016 STI
  • 2017+ WRX Premium with STANDARD 6.2" Starlink Radio

The image below shows the 2017 models the Type A vortex generator fits (in green).

2017 Model Lineup

2018 Vehicle Fitment

Subaru has been changing things up a lot over the last couple of years. If your antenna measures front to back approximately, 9 1/8" inches, you can use this vortex generator. However, if your antenna is approximately 8 1/2" from front to back, please use the 2015-2016 model OLM / SubiSpeed Vortex generators.

  • 8 1/2" long antenna - use this vortex generators (Type A)
  • 9 1/8" long antenna - use 2017 version vortex generators (Type B)

Bolder Design

While the Subaru OEM vortex generator is a neat addition to the 2015+ WRX / STI, OLM's version makes a bolder statement. One of the biggest gripes was that the factory piece did not go all the way to the sides of the vehicle or the back. It also stops half way up the antenna.

Using automotive grade double sided adhesive tape (supplied), the OLM Vortex Generator can be installed with ease. Alignment is simple because it goes around the antenna and the sides rest in the rain gutters.

Vortex Generator Comparison

Featured in March's New Products Video

NOTE: Please do not apply Isopropyl Alcohol to the Vortex Generator during the installation process. This may lead to discoloration. Alcohol is intended for cleaning the vehicle installation surface only.

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  1. By Anonymous September 27, 2022

    Looks great

  2. Nice aggressive look!

    By Zack July 12, 2022

    This looks amazing on my WRX. The 3m tape i was sent wasn't the best so I replaced it with the stronger roll of 3m (sold here on subispeed) because the original 3m came off. Otherwise amazing looking product!

  3. Looks great, until it’s gone

    By Zack June 24, 2022

    This thing looks awesome, but I’m going to have to give it a low rating because it flew off on the highway. I used all of the adhesive and followed all the instructions. Lasted a few months but once the warm weather heated up the adhesive I guess it gave out and almost caused an accident. I’m sure my case is non-refundable but since it’s gone I’ll have to leave a bad review. Maybe supply better adhesive!

  4. Love it

    By JJ December 9, 2021

    I love my new vortex generator on my sti! Thanks subispeed!

  5. Great product and Easy Installation

    By Justin P November 23, 2021

    Installation was simple and easy, shipping was very fast and this product really changes the overall look of your Subaru's exterior.

  6. Great product and Easy Installation

    By Justin P November 23, 2021

    Installation was simple and easy, shipping was very fast and this product really changes the overall look of your Subaru's exterior.

  7. Great product and Easy Installation

    By Justin P November 23, 2021

    Installation was simple and easy, shipping was very fast and this product really changes the overall look of your Subaru's exterior.

  8. Well...Looked good.

    By Trevor January 9, 2021

    Looked, past tense. I had this for about 7 months before it went flying off my car going down the road. As it flew off my roof it did scratch some of the clear coat. I don’t know if it was the tape supplied with this or not but it didn’t stay on. It looked great and I would definitely buy it again if it didn’t cost almost $100 just to keep having to replace it.

  9. Fitment on point! Make sure to use 3M tape, not tape provided

    By Anonymous November 26, 2020

    The installation of the vortex generator is not very hard. Unfortunately, using the tape provided by Subispeed does not work. About 4 months after installing it with that tape and driving on the highway, my vortex generator decided to depart my car, never to be seen again. I ordered a new one and installed that with 3M tape all around the edges, but did not apply enough pressure once it was on the vehicle. About a couple months after installing the second one, I started to notice it peeling up in some parts, so I spent 4 hours taking it off, taking all of the 3M tape off the inside of the vortex generator and the roof of my car, and cleaning the surface of the car from the tape glue residue. That was not fun at all. Then I put new 3M tape back on, cleaned the top of the car and the vortex generator with rubbing alcohol, and put the generator back on. Then I pushed down with a lot of weight on both sides for 20 minutes. After that I put about 50 pounds of books on top of the vortex generator and let it sit overnight. I think that did the trick since it hasn't moved! If you want yours to be very secure to your car, I would do everything I described in this paragraph. Looks great though!

  10. Excellent fit!!

    By Anthony wrx May 24, 2019

    Awesome product... easy install fitment is spot on.wasn't sure at first , I have my roof wrapped and like that look. But once I test fit it to the roof looked great and it's on .. type A for 2018 wrx 81/2 shark fin... looks good with the Perrin gurney flap just added also... thanks subispeed!!

  11. Looks amazing

    By Juan September 28, 2018

    Easy installation but I would recommend buying a thinner 3m tape from a store because the one givin is a bit to thick and raises it a bit on the front end.

  12. Great for the money

    By Jay June 10, 2018

    Fitment was on point. Only thing is to make sure you have some extra 3m tape kicking around. I attempted to do all 4 sides and wanted to make sure that it wasn’t going to go anywhere in the next few years and I was short about 6-8 inches of the tape. After I installed it I checked it all over and it fits perfect as expected. After seeing it on the car the only thing I wish I had done different was get the painted one but my own fault. Thanks for the top notch customer service and products.

  13. Great piece!

    By Aaron March 9, 2017

    Easy installation and it looks great! Thanks, Subispeed!

  14. Perfect

    By Christopher December 17, 2016

    I only have one thing to say about this piece, Amazing!

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