OLM Night Harness kit for OEM DRLs

2017+ Impreza


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Keep those nice factory DRLs on at night also! Comes with two harnesses. One per side. Installation is simple. NOTE: Requires 17+ Impreza Sport with Factory LED DRL bars. LED DRL bars are NOT included with this purchase.
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OLM Night Harness Kit

So your vehicle came with some nice DRLs in the lower bumper instead of fog lights. They look great, but they don't light up at night. That's not the preference of most owners! To combat this, we've made a harness. Pretty simple installation makes this item a no brainer!


Included with your purchase are two low beam splitters. The other items are the two main harnesses.

  • Take your factory low beam wire and detach it from the low beam bulb. Plug it into the low beam splitter.
  • Plug the other ends of the low beam splitter into the original low beam and the other end into the new DRL harness.
  • Unplug the factory DRL wire and plug it into the new DRL harness.
  • Attach the new DRL harness to your factory DRL.
  • Repeat for each side.

NOTE: The positive side of the low beam wire might be green. Match green to red (positive on the new harness).

SubiSpeed Explains All

This video gives you the overview of the harness in its entirety.

Featured In Subispeed's New Products August Video

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  1. A Must Have!

    By G May 1, 2023

    I was disappointed when I realized the led fog lights only ran during the day and when the lows were not on, but I was super happy to discover that this mod existed! Looks great at night and adds what would arguably be an obvious feature that Subaru didn't give us by default. 10/10👍

  2. MUST DO MOD!!!

    By Sean W September 22, 2022

    hour to install with patience, listened to existing comments of others who installed and a YouTube video I found. I have 2021 Impreza sedan sport. Couldn’t be happier👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Works Great!

    By DrTrae May 28, 2022

    Want your LED DRLs on all the time? Then this is what you're looking for. Installed on a 2020 Impreza Sport Hatch. Unplug your low beam connector and plug the splitter in to that. If your low beam wires are Green and Black/White, Green goes to Black on the splitter, and Black/White goes to Red. One end of the splitter then goes back to your low beam bulb, and the other goes down to the included DRL harness. I removed the two 12mm belly pan bolts, and most of the plastic clips across the front to bend the splash shields down far enough to access the DRL wiring. Installing the DRL harness is pretty straight forward. Thanks SubiSpeed!

  4. Works, but don't recommend. DRL LEDs are too bright.

    By Bryan December 14, 2020

    Easy to install, and fits just fine but I don't really recommend. The DRL bars are SUPER bright, and I would get constant people flashing me like my high beams were on. Blinds oncoming drivers. Eventually I just removed them and I'm looking for actual fog lights and options to retain the DRL.

  5. Auto not working

    By Anthony October 30, 2020

    After installing this my auto feature does not work. My headlights and DRL’s stay on all the time unless I take it off auto. Not what I was expecting may remove and return.

  6. I was able to use the drl on a non sport model with these

    By Anonymous August 7, 2020

    Worth the price. I always like the drls off the sport model, and I was able to make it work with this harness.

  7. Couple troubles while installing but quickly self resolved

    By William October 18, 2019

    I installed this kit in about 45 minutes overall. I had some trouble getting the first harness installed while I was trying to figure out what I was doing. My main problem was figuring the easiest way to unplug the DRL harness. Personally, I found taking the two under body clips out from the bottom of the bumper gave me the easiest access. In the end, I broke both DRL clips where they hold on to the body and just zip-tied them to the other wires. Overall, not super hard to install, I was just being derpy the whole time.

  8. Easy install

    By Alex May 12, 2019

    Easy installation, took about 30 minutes for both sides. I found it easier to remove the DRL bezel and take out the DRL to unplug and plug in the new harness.

  9. Question

    By kyle January 13, 2019

    I haven’t attempted to install yet or even opened the hood. I was trying to get a idea of how to install these anyone have a video or suggestion on the easiest way to accomplish this

  10. Works great!

    By Jon September 6, 2018

    Just installed harness along with LED bulbs, truly is plug and play and looks great! Make sure to follow the instructions!

  11. They Work!

    By Joshua June 21, 2018

    Great product, good quality and they work well. Harness showed up within a few business days. My only complaint was that there wasn't a wiring schematic to decipher the orientation of the harness plugs. Turns out, on my particular application on the 2018 Impreza Sport, Red goes to black and black to red. Besides that, install was easy and the LED's look badass with the headlights on!

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