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Mount a variety of items like phones and tuners to your dash. It contains ultra strong magnets to ensure your device isn't bouncing around as you travel down the road.


Scosche Dash Phone / Accessory Holder

This product acts as a platform to mount phones and other smaller devices (like Accessports) to various surfaces on your car's dash. The mount comes with pre-applied 3M double sided adhesive and a cleaning wipe to prep the mounting surface. For your devices, it has one small and one large 3M backed MagicPlate™.

MagicMount™ is an multi award-winning, innovative magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to a wide array of surfaces.

NOTE: Secure mount using the pre-applied 3M double sided adhesive when the inside of the vehicle is warm. For greatest adhesion, the mounting surface and 3M tape must not be cold.

A Versatile Product

Scosche has provided us with a great solution for mounting phones, navigation units, and handheld tuners. We can put the information we need within view. Remove your phone or other device when you enter an exit the vehicle in under a second.

Magnetic Mount

Once the MagicPlate™ is applied as shown further down this page, just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place. The sleek cradle-free design works perfectly with larger devices and allows you to position your screen for optimal viewing.

Interchangeable Trim Rings

Mount comes with silver and black trim rings. These can compliment the interior of most vehicles. Additional plates are available for purchase.

100% Safe, Powerful Earth Magnets

These powerful earth magnets hold your device securely in place even on the bumpiest roads and are 100% safe for Smartphones, Tablets, GPS and other mobile devices*.

*Does not work with iPod Classic or other hard drive devices. The strong magnetic fields produced by these Neodymium magnets is enough to damage hard drive devices.

360° Swivel Mount

Being able to angle your smartphone just how you want it is easy. With a 360° swivel mount and soft rubber locking nut, adjust your MagicMount precisely to the angle of display that works best for you to view. Whether on your car dashboard, work desk or nightstand, get the perfect position.

MagicPlate™ Placement Options

The MagicMount™ system uses powerful magnets to grip safely and securely to the MagicPlate™, which is a small adhesive metal plate that can be attached very easily to the back of your mobile device. You can choose to apply the adhesive plate directly to your device, under the battery cover or to the outside of the case.

*MagicMount is not recommended for use with a mobile device encased in a wallet-style case cover.

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  1. Excellent product!

    By Ryan March 7, 2017

    I have a few of the products that Scosche has come out with and this one is by far one of the best! I've tried pretty hard to see if i can get the mount to fail through the canyons near where I live. If you're looking for a easy install and a good phone mount or gopro mount, you just found it!

  2. Awesome Product

    By Jacob February 23, 2017

    Very simple but awesome mod for any car, such a perfct way to keep your phone in place where you want. very happy with this dash mount

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