Morimoto 9005 H10: 2Stroke 3.0 LED Bulb

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI


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For a safe nighttime drive, it is best to equip your headlights with reliable bulbs such as these Morimoto 2Storke 3.0 Headlight LED Bulbs with a 9005 base. These bulbs will fit any headlights that have 9005 bases. Also, each bulb is able to generate high-intensity, pure white, LED light output, so you can easily spot and avoid any road obstacles ahead.

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Morimoto 9005 H10: 2Stroke 3.0 LED Bulb


  • Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 Headlight LED Bulb
  • Improves Lighting and Appearance
  • With a 9005 Base
  • Replacement Headlight Bulb
  • Generates Pure White LED Light Output
  • Color Temperature Is 5500K
  • Body Is Made of Diecast 6061 Aluminum
  • Completed with an Electroplated Finish
  • Easy Installation
  • Sold Individually
  • Backed by a 3-Year Warranty
Over the course of the last year, Morimoto was hard at work developing a new kind of LED bulb. It re-creates the original beam pattern from your optics effectively by doing more with less. They will put more light on the road for you as the driver, while creating less glare for oncoming traffic compared to any other LED bulb on the market today. While LED bulbs still aren’t DOT approved for use in headlights in the states…. foreign markets and fog light users can enjoy the best plug n play LED bulb to date. The 2Stroke 3.0. (Patents Pending)

The advanced PCB technology at the core of the 2Stroke 3.0 sets a new industry benchmark emission surface interval of just 2mm total. The PCB core itself is just 1.0mm thick. The dielectric layer: 300um. The circuit pattern: 140um, and the Osram Oslon HKL351.TE LED chips: just .43mm each. Paired with the 1.03 x 4.33mm light-emitting surface area of the LEDs: this adds up to a total cubic volume of 4.46mm. At the end of the day, no LED bulb in the world more closely simulates the filament size of an incandescent bulb more accurately than the Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0.and for those in the know, this is critical when it comes to proper beam distribution.

Each size in the 2Stroke 3.0 lineup has been painstakingly optimized for proper output in its designated application. The critical reference distance has been calculated based on the geometry of the bulb base and the footprint of the Osram HKL emitter. To ensure consistency, special tools were designed to quality-control the accuracy of each bulb as it comes off the production line. Most other LED fog light bulbs on the market use a 'set it and forget it' reference distance across all sizes in the series, which is not the case here.

The 2Stroke 3.0 LED bulbs feature a fully adjustable base. In order to fully utilize the optical facets in any reflector or projector: The light emitting diodes must face the 3-o-clock and 9-o-clock positions. Since no single standard exists across different headlight and fog light assemblies, all bulbs in the 2Stroke 3.0 range are fully adjustable. A geared step rotational adjuster mechanism is installed for all bulbs which twist-to-lock, offering adjustability in 15-degree intervals. An omni-adjustable rotation mechanism is utilized on all bulbs that are press-fit or clip into the housing.

Once the bulb is installed, the high-speed fan contained within is completely sealed, making the 2Stroke 3.0 the first actively cooled LED bulb with a fan that's not susceptible to outside elements. Their unique internal circulation cooling system uses a 12,000-rpm cyclone fan to suck cool air into the body of the bulb and blow warm air out, back into the housing. On the intake side, cold air is sucked in past the sidewall of the PCB to exchange heat and is blown out the opposite side of the bulb. This effectively cools the bulb while warming the ambient temperature inside of the housing, increasing resistance to snow/ice buildup on the lens during the winter months. The cooling system on the 2Stroke 3.0 not only does it's job to protect the longevity of the bulb, but serves up a bad-weather benefit not found elsewhere.

The LED Driver is configured to accept a wide range of input voltage, making them compatible with low voltage daytime running lights commonly found on modern vehicles. When the LED driver detects 6-9V of input: The system logic automatically switches to produce just 30% of the standard output. The low power drive rate of 250mA produces only 460lm per emitter and enables the 2Stroke 3.0 to produce a suitably low output volume as a daytime running light. In this mode, the cooling fan also shuts off to conserve power/lifespan. For vehicles with a PWM-based DRL signal, an inline PWM module that produces a clean DC6V will be required. The driver is completely potted, making it completely weather-proof. Note that the DRL-Drive function is only for use in non-US markets.

Morimoto. The Automotive Lighting Benchmark. We are globally recognized as the brand to beat when it comes to aftermarket lighting upgrades for the automotive aftermarket. No other brand blends performance, quality, and style quite like we do. Our vast product line covers today's most popular trucks and cars. If you don't see it, trust that we can make it.

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  1. Censorship

    By Jack Enrod January 9, 2022

    I wrote a negative review of these because they didn’t work as DRL. Never showed up. Don’t waste your money.

  2. Didn’t work

    By Jack Enrod November 22, 2021

    Fits perfectly and well engineered. Too bad they don’t work. They go full bright even on the DRL circuit. No solution found.

  3. Awesome guidance for perfect LED fit

    By Courcy56 November 7, 2021

    Had a phone discussion with Jimmy about my WRX base model to upgrade my halogen factory bulbs and he suggested Alpha HD for LED Driving lights and Morimoto 2Strokes 3.0 LED bulbs for my DRL and high beam, and the result is absolutely incredible…WOW what a perfect fit and so bright,,,I Also replaced the T10 halogen bulbs with LED bulbs that gives a much nicer look to C light. Thank you Jimmy.Yves from Canada

  4. Only stay full bright

    By Jack Enrod November 6, 2021

    Easy to install. Lousy execution. Does not stay in low output mode. Over promise. Under deliver.

  5. Only stay full bright

    By Jack Enrod November 6, 2021

    Easy to install. Lousy execution. Does not stay in low output mode. Over promise. Under deliver.

  6. Bright LED

    By Jack Enrod October 23, 2021

    Very well made and rotate into the proper 3 and 9 o’clock position. Only problem is that they are on full bright in DRL mode. These are supposed to be dimmer when DRL voltage is sensed. Mine don’t do this. When the parking brake is on they are off as designed. When the PB is released they come on momentarily in a dim mode but almost immediately go full bright. Like so many things in modern life; over promise and under deliver.

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