Subaru JDM OEM Dual Console Arm Rest Extension

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI

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SubiSpeed has imported brand new dual console arm rest extensions which will increase the overall height of your arm rest approximately 4". Not only does it do that, but there's an extra storage area for change, chap stick, and whatever little accessories you deem worthy enough of taking a ride along with you.


Subaru JDM OEM Dual Console Arm Rest Extension

  • Excellent improvement in arm position
  • Adds a storage cubby for small items
  • Adds 4” of armest height
  • Improves driving comfort
  • Easy, drop-in installation
  • Original JDM Subaru component

Subispeed Install Video

Adds Center Armrest Height and Storage for Small Items

One of the main complaints about the WRX and STI interiors is the extremely low height of the center console arm rest. The low position means your arm gets uncomfortable fast, especially if you’re on the tall side. The OEM JDM Center Console Arm Rest Extension adds four inches of height to the center arm rest, making it much more comfortable during long drives. The Arm Rest Extension also adds an additional storage cubby that makes it perfect for small items and change.

Original Subaru JDM Part with Drop-In Installation

The Center Arm Rest Extension is an original Subaru part found on Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) WRX and STI models which gives it a great fit on your very own Subie build. Each Arm Rest Extension comes standard with an OEM Charcoal Gray finish that fits in perfectly with the rest of your WRX or STI’s interior. The extension easily installs onto your Subie’s factory center console without the need for drilling or trimming and comes with installation hardware and instructions.

  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI

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    By Renee March 14, 2019

    I have 19 WRX and do love I could use stock arm rest so I still have the red stitching that matches interior BUT its a little short for me. Im a woman, maybe my arms are shorter... I cant rest arm and drive but when not shifting gears I can rest it back... Its still a TON better than what it was so Im happy!! Install easy. If I can do it- YOU CAN!!!

  2. Does what it says

    By Eli December 30, 2018

    This dual console really helps - now I can rest my arm comfortably when driving! Only difference I had while installing was that I didn't have cupholders on the rear part of my console (2019 STI Limited) and I didn't have to disconnect a wire when I popped that panel off. Although the JDM dual console is a lighter shade of gray, it's barely noticeable once installed. The installation was a breeze thanks to the excellent video by SubiSpeed.

  3. nice product

    By joseph December 5, 2018

    great product, looks good and should have come from the factory this way. The part doesn't lock down as nicely as I'd like, there is some play, but I do recommend this to everyone.

  4. Life Changing

    By Matthew November 27, 2018

    This arm rest is perfect for me. The oem is way too low. Like uncomfortably low. With this installed it's at the perfect elbow height and I'm 6 feet tall. Well worth the price, highly recommend. Plus extra storage space!

  5. Highly Recommend

    By Chris April 15, 2018

    It fits my Ruger LC9 perfectly, that is the main reason I bought it. Now I can use my center console for other things without my firearm getting in the way. Install is very easy. The armrest is actually usable now too. I love it!

  6. Excellent!!

    By Scott March 28, 2018

    Love this arm rest extension!! The first upgrade required for the STI in my opinion. A lot more comfortable for those long trips. Easy install and appreciatted the instructional video. Thank you!

  7. Great!!!

    By Kerry March 11, 2018

    This made a world of difference with the car 18 WRX. Adds so much comfort to an already comfortable drive added storage certainly a plus!! It is a little pricey for what it actually is but what can ya do. Simple install 15 min or so

  8. nice armrest

    By Simon_sez December 9, 2017

    Hi all, This is a nice armrest and integrates well with the WRX (2018 premium). It does what they say, fits well, and is pretty easy to install. Two quick notes: 1) it is the same color gray as the stock arm rest cover (dark gray) meaning it doesn't match the really really dark gray (almost black) plastic trim throughout the car. 2) my armrest rear cover came off slightly differently than in the video. Mine was hooked at the bottom and needed to be pushed down to unhook it so don't pull hard... Also there wasn't any electrical connection like on the video.

  9. Pricey but worth it

    By Nate November 4, 2017

    I held off getting this for a while but my back started hurting because I lean on the very low stock USDM armrest all the time. I finally got it and I'm so glad I did. Only gripes are the price and the latch opening the top/new storage on top is kind of loose compared to the bottom latch. It doesn't rattle or even really matters most the time but it's just an observation. Also, just take your time with the back trim piece. I didn't have an issue with it.

  10. Pack rats dream LOL!

    By Kevin October 17, 2017

    Installed in 2018 STI Limited. This is another great addition that should have came factory. Adds another compartment and raises the armrest a perfect amount. I also like the fact that they retained the factory notches so you can still run your cables out with the cover fully closed. I use mine to store my sunglasses and micro SD cards. And no... I'm not a pack rat lol.

  11. Why is this not stock

    By Dave October 5, 2017

    Watch the video unless you read Japanese. Supper easy instal. Perfect fit and the only thing left to wonder is why did I wait even one day to order this. Yes it’s pricy but it is worth it for the function/looks/fit.

  12. Pricey, but does add comfort and convenience.

    By Billy October 3, 2017

    Installed on a 2018 WRX Package came with all the necessary parts and screws for installation and also an instructions booklet in Japanese (just follow the video from Subispeed and you'll be fine). Like what the previous reviewer mentioned, there is no rear console cup holder in the 2018s, so getting off that initial plastic cover is a bit harder. Just use one of those plastic trim removal tools and you won't leave any marks. Took 10 minutes to install. Definitely adds more comfort now when driving. Also, having that extra storage space for smaller items is nice. This should have come stock form Subaru.

  13. Easy install, just what I wanted

    By Thomas September 16, 2017

    Installing on a 2018 WRX was a little scary because it doesn't have the cup holder like in the video so I had to pop the tab out with a flat head screw driver, but other than that it was cake to install. Does just what I want, only small complaint is the new plastic back doesn't quite match the console.

  14. Get this!

    By JP September 15, 2017

    A must have product. After driving with awkward stock armrest position this thing is amazing. If even considering this product get it.

  15. Like it!

    By Skyler September 1, 2017

    17 WRX, its a nice and high quality piece.You will have an actual usable armrest like all other Subarus have. I don't understand why this wasn't part of the car from day 1. Adds an extra storage cubby, which Im using more than I thought. I like that the original armrest sits on top. Pretty expensive for what it is. However, this IMO is the best arm rest extender out there. Feels like quality.

  16. Great product, color is off

    By Stephen August 10, 2017

    This was very easy to install. Makes the armrest usable. The color does not match the factory black on the rest of the interior panels.

  17. Great add, but very expensive

    By Chris July 31, 2017

    This adds a much needed compartment to the center console (great for sunglasses, keys, etc) without having to dig into the deep compartment. I added to my '18 WRX and it was as easy as turning 8 screws. Fits perfectly and does move the armrest pad slightly forward but not over the rear cup holder. It makes the arm rest high enough to actually be used as an arm rest (I'm 5'8 so don't have the longest arms). The plastic cap over the rear of the raised arm rest doesn't exactly match the pattern of the stock plastic (JDM vs NADM?) but honestly I can't imaging anyone really noticing or commenting on it. This really should be a $75 part, but you really don't have any other options.

  18. A must do

    By Paul June 15, 2017

    This was a great upgrade and so easy to install. It puts the 'arm rest' in the correct position and gives you extra storage space!!!

  19. Pricey but worth it

    By Clee Torres April 20, 2017

    An excellent usable upgrade to the interior. Now my right arm has a home in the STI. Took 15 minutes tops to install. Fits perfectly with the OEM extension. Don't cheap out. You won't be disappointed.

  20. Must Needed Upgrade

    By Alex November 27, 2016

    Had a '15 WRX and was one of the needed things especially when its was a CVT. Now that i have '17 STI, i was a must needed upgrade. Definitely lots more of spacing as well easy to install. 30 mins later, you never regret the purchase.

  21. Super Nice interior upgrade

    By Ryan June 26, 2016

    Got this installed with zero problems, it was an absolute breeze to put in. Makes for a much more comfortable driving position in the car, now my elbow has somewhere to rest. Seems kind of crazy this isn't at least an option from the factory. One thing to note is that it moves the armrest forward a bit in the car, so if you want to put a really tall bottle/cup in the rear cup holder there may be an issue.

  22. Wow, yes you need this...

    By Dany November 11, 2015

    This is really one of the first mod I do to the 2016 WRX. It may seem less important than tuning performance items or changing the weak speaker system but believe me this upgrade makes driving around a lot more comfortable. Super easy to install, you cannot mess this up. Gently pry from top to bottom on the cover plate to remove (at least on the 2016 version) as the tabs are not located on the side, just top and bottom. I really do not see how you can break that part but if you do Subispeed has you covered with replacement for this. So attached are some pictures, really not different than the ones already provided but hey I am proud of this really comfortable upgrade. Oh and it also add space for your candy! Thanks Subispeed!

  23. LOVE IT!

    By Ivan September 22, 2015

    This should be the first mod anyone should get on their 15-16. The extra storage is really nice and the extension really helps out. The color does not match 100% as mentioned in other comments but still worth buying. Could be cheaper though,

  24. This part is a must have!

    By scott September 21, 2015

    Easy to install and was the missing link in normal sitting. I couldn't take how low the arm rest was. This thing closes that gap and also gives you more storage space for your junk.

  25. Just buy it

    By Kyle August 9, 2015

    Like everyone else said, just buy it you'll be glad you did. Color is slightly off on my 16 WRX Limited. But anyone that doesn't know it isn't stock can't tell the difference. Also, the panel that he breaks the clip on in the video - just wiggle a flathead in the left side and it pops right out.


    By Evan July 9, 2015

    As others have said, this should have been an option for the USDM cars. It makes the arm rest so much more comfortable, and it does not block the far back cup holder like the extending one does. The small cubby is perfect for your wallet and keys on a long journey. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone who has a WRX or STI!

  27. Works great, looks good

    By Tyler July 1, 2015

    Just installed this on my 2016 WRX and it fit great. Easy to install. It is more grey in colour compared to the rest of the black trim but from the drivers seat you can't tell. Definitely a must have for any WRX.

  28. Minor addition big comfort!

    By Redshirtordie June 24, 2015

    I was happy I didn't have to wait to long for this to ship to me, after getting it I immediately installed it, sat in my front! Such a small change made the car so much more comfortable, I'm 6'2 and my arm sits perfectly on it, it's doesn't appear to block the cup holder either, very happy with it! Only complaint is the color is a little off but not noticeable to most, well worth it!

  29. What a world of difference!

    By Anthony April 24, 2015

    The armrest extension is a must buy! I don't know why the car didn't come this way. Extremely easy to install. I found that you don't need to remove the back panel of the armrest you can just pull it back. The instructions come in Japanese so watch the install video by Subispeed they do a great job!

  30. What a world of difference!

    By Anthony April 24, 2015

    The armrest extension is a must buy! I don't know why the car didn't come this way. Extremely easy to install. I found that you don't need to remove the back panel of the armrest you can just pull it back. The instructions come in Japanese so watch the install video by Subispeed they do a great job!

  31. A must have

    By Steven April 19, 2015

    A little pricy but is a nice product, fits like a glove, easy install, looks factory. It adds 2" to the existing center lid/armrest which I wanted to keep, and about an inch forward. I like the oem lid. Now that armrest and the driver door armrest are approx the same height. The Rex should have come with this from the factory.The extra cubby is nice but not a total new idea...My 2002 Accord has the same concept....Thanks Subiespeed and keep up the good work.

  32. Total Comfort

    By Amyn March 23, 2015

    I installed this JDM Extension/Cubby in my 2015 WRX and I absolutely love it. The car should have come with this standard from the factory. It places your arm with in perfect reach of the shifter so u don't really need to take your arm off during shifts. Highly Recommend

  33. Great accessory

    By Bruce March 12, 2015

    Other reviews said it raises the arm rest by 4 inches, that is not true. It only raises it 2 inches (still good height for arm). New cubby is small. Very easy to install.

  34. Best accessory i ever bought for the 2015 wrx

    By Nico February 14, 2015

    Best thing i ever bought for the car, the comfort of having an armrest and extra storage. it adds 4 " of height on your stock armrest and 1 inch forward. Comparing it to the extended armrest that they sell at the dealerships, it was flimsy and the leather does not match the interior. On this product you can use your stock armrest. definitely an easy install. it fits perfect. and tall guys would appreciate this.

  35. Easy & Awesome Upgrade

    By Jayman February 11, 2015

    Why this didn't come on the car already is crazy! Install took just over 10 minutes and fit is perfect. Fully functional fixed armrest at the perfect height. The extra cubby is an excellent bonus. Highly recommend!

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