OLM JDM Precision LED Lift Gate Light

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Add an ultra bright LED lamp to your lift gate with this OEM style light from OLM.


Subaru made installing a lift gate / luggage lamp ultra simple, however most vehicles are not equipped with this light. Instead you have a plastic filler panel instead. This Precision LED lighting assembly snaps into place and has a harness which plugs into the existing wiring.

This light will make night time chores of loading and unloading groceries, boxes, camping supplies, etc much easier.

SubiSpeed Install Video

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  1. Great addition

    By Should be standard equipment June 5, 2022

    Wow, what a difference a little light can make, especially at night!

  2. Awesome Light - added to 2020 Ascent Limited

    By Craig December 27, 2019

    Found the link on Ascent Forum and installed today and the light is really bright. Followed the u-tube video and most panels came loose pretty easy. Did it at 50 degrees and should have waited til warmer. Couldn’t get big lift gate panel off but got bottom loose and ran wires up left side. Minor differences in getting Ascent panels loose but once loose install was a snap. Still don’t know why this isn’t a factory option.

  3. This upgrade should have been stock

    By Russ May 31, 2019

    My favorite upgrade so far. So simple, yet so effective! Easy to follow the official youtube install video. The hardest part was fishing the cable through the rubber grommet that connects the trunk door to the rest of the car.

  4. I am very pleased with this product, just needs to be packaged better.

    By Kjb12180 May 31, 2018

    This is a great product overall. The amount of light that this product puts out far surpasses any LED placed in the luggage area. The installation was tricky due to a bad connector with the wiring harness, and a pre-blown fuse. The black plug needed to connect the power to the wiring harness in the hatch was broken upon delivery. Other than that, a fantastic product for the price, I wish this was a subaru OEM product already in the car!

  5. Much needed light!

    By Jason April 3, 2018

    Overall this product is worth its weight in gold. Quick tips for installing. Ditch the fuse it comes with. Go to a local auto parts store and pick up an inline fuse and wire it in where the existing one was. Don't plug it in until all the wiring is done! You will blow a fuse in the vehicle! Take your time and be careful with the clips. And when you have it all taken apart its a perfect time to put some led license plate lights in as well!

  6. Great product

    By Jason March 23, 2018

    Would highly recommend.Quick response staff. Brian,Kevin Thank you.

  7. One of the best upgrades

    By Samual March 4, 2018

    I had been eyeing this upgrade for awhile, while I liked the idea, I kept thinking that its placement wouldnt be that ideal because of it being blocked by myself standing in the middle of the hatch. But that hasnt been the case. As for install, I had the car apart pretty fast, this would be a solid 50 min install tops. But the issue I had was my kit wasnt 100% complete. I was missing the male end that the pin outs lock into. Not a big deal, I just cut them and spliced together. (But Subispeed was awesome and mailed another harness, but it little late considering I had to cut and splice it but maybe when its warmer I will replace that wire) I will note, the gasket / rubber tunnel between the hatch door and body SUCKED, but I was doing this when it was 40 ish degrees outside, so that most likely had a lot to do with it. Only other thing I am not a huge fan of is I thought the light was flush with the plastic panel, but it has a small curve to it when the hatch doesnt, so its in on the top and bottom, and the middle is a little out. Doesnt quite match the hatch panel.

  8. The images don't do it justice

    By Hunter January 16, 2018

    First off I agree with other users, the car should have come from the factory with this light. I drive a 2014 2.5i and I have, for a while, cursed the person who decided the trunk of the car did not need any significant lighting. This hatch light solves all of that. Following the SubieSpeed video made the installation super easy, took maybe half an hour and worked right away. When the sun finally went down I went to see how much of a difference this light made and I was pleasantly surprised. It illuminates the whole cargo area and the ground around the rear of the vehicle. For the quality, cost, and ease of installation I am very happy with this purchase. Note: Personally I would also recommend getting the OLM REPLACEMENT TRUNK LIGHT LED, as you are already working with wiring in this part of the car and that LED upgrade makes a big difference

  9. What a difference!

    By William May 23, 2017

    The YouTube video made this light a piece of cake to install on my 2017 Forester. It took about an hour in total, including the time I took to follow along with the video. I also cut my finger taking down the headliner, so be careful, it's sharp! The most difficult part, by far, was fishing the wires through the rubber tube between the car and the rear hatch. DO NOT connect the bare wires to the plug on the wiring harness until AFTER you fish the wires through the tube. I made that mistake and spent a good 10 minutes trying to cram the plug through the tube. I ended up using a wooden skewer from my kitchen to guide the wire through, but it would have been way easier if I just didn't attach the plug before fishing the wire. Anyway, that minor installation annoyance aside, this thing is awesome! The light is plenty bright. I just wish I hadn't waited so many months before installing it!

  10. Good end Result

    By Alex April 3, 2017

    I got this for my 2017 Forester Limited, with power lift gate. The Youtube video helped a lot when doing the install, which was doable but not completely easy, as the first time it took me about 54 minutes. I was so annoyed when it didn't work, the reason was indeed the blown fuse. Thanks to all the previous reviews that had the same issue, whats up with that Subispeed?! Couldn't you guys put the fuse in shock proof packaging or something? Anyhow, I found a 2-Amp 250 mV fuse from the 'Depot', important info as the 'Zone' and 'Advance' didn't have this type of fuse. The fact of the matter is that this accessory is well worth it. The only thing that may improve it is if OLM had an on/off switch. Good advice, CHECK the light before you put all the panels back on and you might as well get the OLM bulbs for the license plate light, everything is accessible during the install. I'll post some pics soon.

  11. Should have come with car!

    By chochocho March 19, 2017

    had a chance to install this in my 17 forester xt this morning. the youtube video was excellent. the step by step process was easy to follow and made the install very manageable. the item itself is fairly simple. just need to take it slow on removing the trim pieces. key note: check the 2a buss fuse when you get the item. mines, like the other reviewers, needed a new one. but i had to go to a local hardware store to get it. actually, it would be nice if a replacement fuse is provided. i saw this in another subaru forester and thought it's definitely something i needed to get. this should have been installed as an oem product! thank you though. on to the next mod!

  12. 2A fuse died upon arrival, but it lighted up my life!

    By Edzel February 17, 2017

    Installing the OLM LED Tailgate Light over the weekend, taking my time to remove the trim panels and clips, making sure I didn't break any, went fairly well. Once I have all the wiring routed and wired up, I noticed it wasn't lighting up. I checked the 2A fuse if it died, sure enough it was dead. Luckily, I had some spare 2A fuse leftover from another project, and 'BOOM!!! We Have Light!!!' Much better than that dinky light on the right side panel. Subaru should of added this an stock item for the Forester.

  13. FXT Should've Came Like This!

    By jason February 2, 2017

    This is a must buy for our cargo! The video provided for the installation makes it a breeze. The lighting it provides is amazing. Although if you stand in front of the light it does block but still enough illumination that you can still see what you need. I even turned off the side lamp since there really is no point anymore. Double check the fuse before install. Mine was broken so it didn't turn on. you can find a replacement at your local auto store. My life has changed lol.

  14. Great addition to my 2016 Subaru Forester

    By Dennis January 24, 2017

    Great Video Kevin and video crew. After watching the video I knew I could complete this project without any problems. Only a couple things to add. If you look at the picture in the product, it shows two harneses. The one with the two large clips does not have a connector on one end. That end of the connector is clipped on the other Harness. Just unclip it. After routing the wire thru the rubber hose at the top push the wires into that side of the clip. On the video it shows the clip on before pushing thru the rubber hose, maybe that is why it was difficult to get thru. After routing all the wires and making the connections, do not replace the panels until you plug the light into the small white connector and make sure it lights up, or works, Remember by the time you open the gate, remove all the Panels, and route the wires, the power may not be there anymore to save on the battery. Close the gate, lock the vehicle with the key, then unlock the doors and tailgate. This should restore the power to the trunk lights. The light is great!

  15. Good End Result

    By Cade January 9, 2017

    Installing this was a pain! Taking off all the trim is easy, the problems i ran into were with the wiring kit. The included inline fuse was blown on arrival,also the connection where the two harnesses clip together wasn't on the wires and wouldn't work, i had to cut it off and solder the wires together. In the end i did get it to work properly and it does work very well however i was unlucky to receive some faulty wires but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed. Oh and a fair warning, the bottom right black plastic panel that covers the wheel well is very hard to get back in place properly and i ended up cracking it trying to get it back in.

  16. great add on

    By Justin December 31, 2016

    I was very pleased with the wiring kit, it came with all of the harness clips with no splicing needed. the light makes a unbelievable difference compared to the stock trunk light. I would recommend having extra 2 amp buss fuses handy, my included fuse was busted during install.

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