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Sticker Fab Front and Rear Emblem Overlays

2015-2020 WRX & STI

$14.25 - $18.92



Customize your WRX or STI front and rear emblems with Sticker Fab’s easy to install vinyl overlays. Go for a unique look with this simple sticker kit.

Installs easily in a matter of minutes.

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3D Carbon (Black)
3D Carbon (White)
Matte Black
Carbon Fiber Look
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  • Tons of color options look great on any Subie
  • Easy way to personalize your WRX or STI
  • Less expensive than full replacements
  • Precisely cut for simple installation
  • Two sets of vinyl stickers included

Customize your WRX or STI with 50+ color combinations

We hear from a lot of enthusiasts who want an easy way to set their Subaru apart. That’s why Subispeed and Sticker Fab teamed up to offer these vinyl overlay kits that provide a simple yet very noticeable way to personalize your front and rear emblems. Available in matte black, carbon fiber look, and two 3D carbon fiber backgrounds along with stars in all the colors of the rainbow, whichever combo you go with is sure to attract attention the moment you slap them on. The 3D carbon backgrounds are especially flashy, featuring a textured vinyl to create a more authentic feel. The carbon fiber look option is closer to the trim pieces inside the vehicle.

Crafted with care and easy to install

These overlays are constructed of hand laid vinyl and cut to fit directly over your OEM front and rear emblems. This ensures the longest durability vs printed vinyl. You’ll get a total of four overlays (two complete sets) in case you need a spare. These install easily with a hair dryer and a little water. A drop of dish washer soap can also be used on the matte black and carbon fiber look versions. The use of water and soap make it easier to position the emblems and can help allow air to be removed from under the surface of the overlay. Clean the OEM emblems and put water on them and the overlays. Position the overlay and press down. A hairdryer can be used to promote adhesion and improve fit. Allow 24-48 hours before washing vehicle.

NOTE: Front emblem is larger than rear.

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  1. Great for the money

    By Sean January 2, 2023

    It's a perfect cheap upgrade! If you just don't like the look of the oem emblem this is a great cheap upgrade, and is really easy to take back off

  2. Instructions unclear

    By Ron Waffle June 5, 2022

    I wasn't able to locate any instructions for this apart from nice reviewers, and so I tried the fridge method which helped get the sticker off of the paper, but there were too many bubbles to overcome and eventually I couldn't resolve many of them so it didn't look very good. I think they're too stretchy and may need more time in the fridge if it's warm out to make them less soft

  3. Good quality

    By Maxwell October 25, 2021

    I purchased the white carbon fiber overlays with black stars. The quality is good and the fitment is on point, however, I wish that the white carbon fiber matched the white paint on my car better.

  4. Purpl emblem subaru front and back overlay.

    By Nancy May 7, 2021

    Love them, they come with two incase you mess up. Looks great on my 2015 wrx.


    By Marvin September 18, 2019

    Quality of the product is so good, the install was a bit tricky since the stars don't line up with the oem. Just follow the lines outside and you'll be good. Found it easy when you start from the top to bottom

  6. Easy on, looks good, but don't get too rough with washing.

    By Mora December 15, 2018

    These are great if you don't want to be removing things and paying for full replacements. I've had them on since August 2016 and they show no sign of coming off, discoloration, or wearing down. But I did notice that if you are a little rough while washing you can pull some of the fibers off. So go easy as to not wear them out prematurely.

  7. Perfect Touch

    By Chris July 17, 2018

    Very cheap, but quality stickers that add the perfect touch to the car. Comes with 2 front and 2 rear, can't beat that!

  8. Great Addition

    By Thor July 11, 2018

    This has been the best purchase aesthetic wise for my wrx, really makes the difference and gets the attention of others

  9. Nice change..

    By Shawn March 28, 2018

    Ordered a set of these and they sent me 2 of each.. .Glad they did since I ruined the first one ... Takes some finesse to get just right, but now looks good ... Really its just a sticker , wasn't expecting it to look like OE or anything, but really changes it up and for the $ a great addition ... !!

  10. Looks amazing!

    By James February 10, 2018

    I got the textured black background and blue star, they look and fit beautifully, they help complete the look. Next buy is full carbon fiber replacer.

  11. Fromt and Rear overlays

    By Eric October 29, 2017

    I have a 18’ WRX in white and I purchased the carbon and black overlays. The look great on a pearl white car

  12. Looks great and easy to install

    By Brandon September 15, 2017

    I have had these emblems on my car for a least a year. I have a membership to an unlimited brush style car wash and have had no problems. I messed up my first attempt installing them but I have been really impressed with how much abuse they could take. They even survived Harvey......sadly the car didn't....

  13. Absolutely MINT

    By Zachary August 29, 2017

    Super easy to install, they included extras knowing people are gonna mess up. I got the 3d carbon fiber ones with white stars. Looks awesome on my white 2018 wrx!

  14. Pretty cool touch !

    By Brandon August 29, 2017

    Black carbon fiber 3D with white stars and I like it a lot !

  15. Nice subtle exterior upgrade!

    By DamagedStylus July 20, 2017

    Out of the two front-specific emblems I received, one had the backing wrinkled and the back side with the adhesive had gotten dirty where it came off, which meant I had to get it right with the first overlay...because the stock emblem has a little curvature to it's surface, this was a little tricky and even after several attempts I had a little bleed over onto the chrome trim ring. I used a sharp razor blade to trim the edge and it looks fine now, but the overlay wasn't cut to 100% match (although better to be a little bigger than too small). Despite those minor issues, I am still pleased with the look of these overlays and the result is a better aesthetic than the stock OEM emblem provides. As mentioned on my review for the steering wheel overlays, my only other criticism is that these could have been shipped for less than the 'cheapest' option that Subispeed offers.

  16. Perfect fitment front & back

    By Charles March 1, 2017

    These look fantastic, I've gotten the 3D carbon look along with several other overlays to keep adding to the subtle look that these offer. It's a nice way to stand out from all the rest.

  17. Is what it is

    By Andrew January 3, 2017

    These are very high quality stickers. I'm not too happy with the front emblem fitment as it seemed to be about 1-2mm too small. The rear emblem fit great. Some minor wrinkles around the edges. I installed dry after cleaning the emblem with an alcohol wipe. I'll likely try to install the second set using the water, dishsoap, and hair dryer method.

  18. Emblem overlays (stickers)

    By Kurt December 17, 2016

    Kinda cheap but they are what they are... I got the matte black with white stars. They look pretty good and I was able to get all of the bubbles out etc... You can take em off and restick easily to try to get that perfect fitment but mine has a few little wrinkles on the outside edge etc... Nice but not great. I feel kinda blah as for now. I would rather buy and emblem all done up like the black with red stars but I prefer white so this was my avenue. Pretty cheap and it does differentiate your car from the pack

  19. If you live in a hot area...

    By Steven August 2, 2015

    When I received mine, I went straight to the car, cleaned up the emblems and got ready to put these on. As I tried to peel off the vinyl, it seemed like the vinyl had stuck to the paper backing. I couldn't for the life of me peel off the paper backing. So one of them was wasted. It was hot outside, so I figured I'd try putting the others in the fridge to let it cool off, to see if that helps (this was my first time using vinyl anything). Took it out about half an hour later, let it sit for another 5 or so minutes. Tested it and it had trouble peeling off at first, but I was able to get it to peel off the paper. I live in southern California, just a heads up.

  20. For $12, you can't go wrong!

    By Shaun June 24, 2015

    Received these the other day (only received 1 front, and 1 rear, which SubiSpeed QUICKLY fixed by sending out another pair, no charge!). These things fit like a glove! I used the soapy water method with heat after, and you literally cannot tell its an aftermarket overlay. Such a small, subtle change, yet I've already got comments on where I got my "emblems" and how much. Highly recommended! Plus the added fact that they fixed the minor quantity error, you can't go wrong.

  21. Front/Rear Red Stars w/ Carbon Fiber

    By Joshua June 10, 2015

    Put the front and rear decals on last night, and they look fantastic! Really makes both ends of the car pop! My other WRX friends are already going to order a set after I sent them pics of mine! Thanks Subispeed!

  22. Looks great

    By Spazzing June 5, 2015

    looks an fits great. BUT they are not marked very well. Just look for the small f on back in pencil Other then that it was easy to but on.

  23. Looks Terrific

    By Nicholas April 29, 2015

    Fits perfect. Super adhesive, but very forgiving just in case you need to pull it off and reapply it. Looks superb.

  24. White over CF

    By Anthony March 28, 2015

    Went with White over Carbon Fiber, could not be any more pleased. The fit is absolutely perfect. Ease of installation allows you to make your car look that much more awesome!

  25. good

    By Christopher March 2, 2015

    When I got them I was a little worried about quality. But once I put them on the car, they looked great! Also, they are very forgiving, and therefore easy to put on well. I am happy overall.

  26. Good product

    By Sam February 9, 2015

    There were 4 decals in this package (2 front, 2 rear) which I am overall happy with the look of the decals. I have a black wrx and I ordered the red color with a carbon fiber background and I must say it looks good! The only problem with the decals was that there was bubbles even though I tried my best to adhere them smoothly they would not stay flat. OVERALL I AM VERY SATISFIED.

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