Morimoto HD Load Resistors with T-taps (Hyperblink Fix)



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These are mainly for vehicles that do not have a blinker module that can be replaced. Stop that hyperblink with a set of load resistors.

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Morimoto HD Load Resistors

For vehicles that do not have replaceable blinker modules, load resistors may be your only solution to that nasty hyperblink!

The Morimoto Heavy Duty Load Resistors may do the same thing as a cheap golden resistor you can buy for a fraction of the price, but they'll stay much cooler, keep you much safer, last way longer, and look much better doing it!

YOU GOT IT! A top notch retrofit, a set of expensive LED bulbs, etc....why skimp out on the resistors that are sometimes required to keep your car happy while running them? Don't be "that guy" with an expensive set of LED headlights relying on a $1.99 craptastic resistor to keep em running.

NOTORIOUS: As a component that's notorious for getting extremely hot when in use, it's not only careless to use a cheaply made automotive load resistor, it's dangerous. Not to mention the fact that the guys selling you those cheapo ones recommend mounting them with double-sided tape. What? that's going to fall off the first time the thing heats up. These MUST be mounted to a metal surface, with screws. Period....and that's why the Morimoto's have integrated mounting points.

WHAT'S INSIDE: The extruded aluminum housing doubles as a heat-sink and outer shell for the resistor. To maximize heat-transfer, that's all one piece. On each end, 14 gauge wiring exits through ceramic ports to prevent anything from coming into contact with any heated surfaces. Everything is properly shielded with additional heat-shrink and capped off with high-quality terminals. From end-to-end the Morimoto HD load resistors are worth their weight, no doubt about it.

NOTE: Sold Individually.

Please see additional tab for install instructions. When used with T-taps, you may cut the 9006 connector off and connect it to the positive wire on your turn signal.


  • WATTAGE: 40W
  • RESISTANCE: 7.5 ohms
  • INPUT: 9006 Male
  • OUTPUT: Nickel-Plated Ring Terminal Type
  • WIRING: 14ga High-Temp
  • SHELL MATERIAL: Extruded Aluminum
  • FINISH: Anodized/Laser Engraved

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