OLM MOAB Multicolor LED Low Beam Light Bulb

2015+ WRX / 2014+ Forester / 2013+ Crosstrek / 2013+ FR-S




Replace the dull, orange halogen factory bulbs with a pair of OLM MOAB bulbs. Each pair comes with filters to allow for a wide selection of color output. From the easy on your eyes in fog / foul weather 3000K output to the clearly aftermarket bluish hues in the upper range, the MOAB bulb lets you dial in your desired output.
Reset Configuration
3000K / 4300K / 6500K / 8000K / 10000K


OLM's MOAB line of bulbs are designed to truly be the Mother of All Bulbs. Their compact design with passive cooling allows for easy installation in the tightest locations. This bulb is the first in OLM's line that gives the customer complete control of the output. Included are a variety of filters which will allow you to select the desired output.

Most vehicles still use standard halogen bulbs for low beams. These produce a lot of heat, draw a higher amount of current, and produce a dull orange light. The lifespan of these bulbs are also shorter than HIDs and LEDs. The MOAB will give you brilliant light with much more lumens per watt.

NOTE: This is for vehicles NOT equipped with LED low beams or HID low beams.

For the longest time, LED solutions were not able to produce enough life to be a safe alternative to halogen bulbs or HIDs. This is not the case anymore with chips such as the CREE XHP50 and CREE XM-L2.

Despite the changes in design vs stock, the bulb is still plug and play. The integrated LED driver does not have to be mounted for proper installation or a clean install.

Installation is as simple as installing a normal OEM bulb.

Color temp: 3000K / 4300K / 6500K / 8000K / 10000K
Quantity: Sold as a PAIR
Warranty: 1 year


Powered by Cree’s groundbreaking SC5 Technology™ Platform, the XLamp XHP50 LED is a member of Cree’s Extreme High Power (XHP) class of LEDs that redefines lumen density and reliability to radically reduce system costs by up to 40 percent. At its maximum current, the XHP50 LED delivers twice the light output of the industry’s brightest single-die LED, the XLamp XM-L2 LED, at a similar lumens per watt and without increasing the package footprint. The XHP50 LED also achieves longer lifetime at higher operating temperatures. The overall result is significantly lower thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level.

This improved resistance to heat works well with the demands of automotive applications.

Approximate output is 3000 lumens per pair.


Highest-Performing, Commercially Available, Single-Die LED

Delivering breakthrough lumen output and efficacy in the XM package, the XLamp XM-L2 LED is the highest-performing, commercially available, single-die LED. Built on the SC³ Technology Platform, the XLamp XM-L2 LED delivers up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt and double the lumens-per-dollar of the original XM-L. The XM-L2 LED offers the unique combination of high efficacy and high lumen output at high drive currents, delivering an unprecedented 1198 lumens at 116 lumens-per-watt efficacy at 3 A, 25°C.

Approximate output is 2500 lumens per pair.


When replacing lights on your vehicle with aftermarket products, current draw should always be a concern. The HP LED bulbs have a low current draw for the amount of light they output. At 14V, the current draw is only 1.4-1.5 amps. (*Voltage is typically higher than 12.5V when the alternator is running)


With OLM products, for a period of 1 year after the purchase, just e-mail us here and let us know about your issue.

Our trained staff will troubleshoot the product with you if required. They usually ask for a photo or two. If the issue still exists, we send you out a new item free of charge! You will not have to pay shipping to return your item or receive another.

Housings can vary in size across all vehicles which use H11 bulbs. If you feel the bulb is loose, simply remove the gasket on your stock bulb and place it at the base of this bulb as seen in the picture below.

In general this will fit vehicles which use an H11 bulb. Please verify your bulbs if your vehicle is not listed below. The sizes are listed in your owner's manual.

We only offers HID relays when they are possibly required. We have tested the current draw of this kit and found that it does not exceed the factory wiring.

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  1. Fog light upgrade

    By JOEY November 16, 2017

    Just installed these with the darker of the yellow wrap for my fog lights on my 2016 WRX Premium. Love the way they look. A lot brighter over stock and the beam is great nice fat beam and wide. Very easy to install. Thank for offering a great product.

  2. They look great but don't last

    By Van January 22, 2017

    About two years ago, I purchased OLM HP LED bulbs. They looked great but one of the units went out prematurely. I contacted SubiSpeed and they offered to send me these MOAB's as a replacement since the HP's were no longer in production. They are a great company - thank you. These bulbs, like the ones before, also looked great and improved visibility over the regular halogens. But also like the ones before, they did not last. Only this time, they didn't go out suddenly. After ~6 months, they became noticeably dim. 8-10 months later and visibility dropped to near-zero. My stock DRLs would light the road better at night. I don't know if it was bad luck on my part or if these products really doesn't last but paying close to $100 once or twice a year for lights isn't a good investment in my opinion, regardless of how they look. I'm a bit disappointed.

  3. Wicked bright and clear

    By Kyle September 6, 2016

    I bought the MOABs and not the lights, which I probably should have gone with the lights because these are super bright, but the 6500k wrap I put on them makes that color perfect with the Switchback C-lights. I have been flashed a few times with these installed, but I'm overall really happy with the amount of light they put on the road and the fact that they use CREE chips, which gives peace of mind when it comes to reliability. Pair these with the fogs and you have a light beast on the road. Clarity, depth, color, and ease of installation make these worth the barely $100 cheap in comparison to lights that cost more than twice the price with lower quality.


    By jody May 7, 2016

    I decide to buy these shortly after the end of daylight savings time last November. Leaving work after 5pm, already being dark, winding part of the road with no light, stock halogens were not bright enough. There were several times I felt I was about to drive off the road. Huge difference in visibility, especially when paired with the matching fog lights. Also went with the matching high beams and Subispeed DRL harness. See images. If you decide to buy DRL harness I would recommend doing it at the same time since DRL harness requires you (unless you have super tiny hands) to remove the battery and intake box. This makes installing the low beams much easier.

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