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Here's a low cost, simple modification that will attract a little more attention towards your vehicle. It fits both the USDM and JDM grilles.
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Grille Pinstripe

Here's a low cost, simple modification that will attract a little more attention towards your vehicle. It fits both the USDM and JDM grilles.

Comes with 2 pieces so you can practice your hand at installation.


A wet installation is recommended. With wet installations a mixture of soap and water is recommended. Use one drop of dishwasher soap in a cup of water, mix, and apply to grille, and pinstripe. Simply remove the pinstripe from the backing paper and apply it to the grille after wetting. Use hair dryer / heat gun as required. Allow to dry.

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Also Shown In Subispeeds 2016 Grill Showcase

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  1. Changes the look surprisingly a lot

    By Kazn March 28, 2018

    The sticker is pretty easy to install just put it on and make sure that its all lined up it came out looking amazing on my car

  2. That extra umf!

    By Jesus August 23, 2017

    Got my pinstripe in 3 days and just like all the other who stated above me. Its easy to install. This is the first of many things i intend on buying from here.

  3. Subtle

    By Mr.WhoozyWhatsIt July 17, 2017

    They package this with two in a strip, hard to pinpoint where exactly it should be to be even on both sides since it's a little long but I just used an exact-o knife to help me trim off one of the sides to make it even. Even if you do mess up there's always another. Sticks on pretty well and makes my car look a little more aggressive.

  4. Add more sportiness...

    By Abdul Khalid March 30, 2017

    Easy to install, with a bit of care. Nearly tore off a part while trying to straighten it. It adds more fierceness to my already fierce sports grill. Having 2 pieces is quite handy... can add 2 lines to the grill.

  5. Makes the front pop a little more

    By Matt January 15, 2017

    This in combination with the emblem vinyl makes the front pop. The fitment isn't 100% perfect, it's about 5cm longer than it needs to be, but otherwise it's perfect. 2 strips are included in 1 order so if you somehow mess up the first time (pretty hard to do), you have a spare to try again.

  6. Looks great :))))

    By Marcos February 9, 2016

    Looks good Kind a wish it had exact fitment had a cut it But I made it work I like how it looks on my car makes everything pop :))

  7. Simple but a nice touch

    By Ryan November 25, 2015

    A good, simple, no-frills mod that adds a bit of uniqueness to the car. I had no trouble installing the stripe on the first try by myself. It's nice that Subispeed includes a second stripe in the package. I'll hold onto it in case the first one peels off or I decide to order the JDM grille.

  8. Makes the grille pop

    By JGFLA November 17, 2015

    Subtle, even in red, but really feels like something that just should have been there.

  9. Great look

    By Michael September 29, 2015

    Product looks fantastic, and two strips are included in case of an install fail. I had to trim a little on mine for a perfect fit, but it looks great. It is much more subtle than I thought, in a good way. Since it installs on the inner edge of the grille it is not loud or in your face. For the price, you can't go wrong.

  10. Looks awesome

    By Guy J April 28, 2015

    When I got the overlay I thought it would look cheap on the car, hesitated about put it on the grill but that was the reason I bought it so I gave it a try and I got to tell you it looks great once it's on the car, it's a bit tricky to install but if you really mess it up you have an extra overlay to do it all over again, lucky I got mine the first try, so now I have to see how long it'll last before I use the extra one that was included. I highly recommend it, for the price it's worth it all the way.

  11. Very Nice

    By Calvin January 11, 2015

    I really loved this. It was an inexpensive and really great change to my car. The red stripe looks amazing on my CWP '15 WRX and the installation took about 5 minutes to carefully line up. Overall i am extremely pleased with the outcome and how quickly Subispeed was able to deliver this to me. Would highly recommend, it comes with two stripes, and they are pre cut to perfectly fit the grille.

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