GCS RGB Interior Footwell Lighting Kit (Front & Rear W/ Bluetooth)

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Interior footwell lighting is a great addition to any vehicle. This kit includes 4 separate light strips to illuminate both the 1st and 2nd row of seats. Note: When installing light strip on the seat rail, double check the clearance when the slider is in the farthest back position, before applying 3M adhesive.


Interior Lighting for the Entire Vehicle

With factory interior lighting kits costing over $100, GCS brings an easy to install kit to the market that will provide light for both 1st and second rows of seats.

This kit comes with all you need to complete your installation. 4 strips of lighting include 4 runs of wire which you will connect to the controller box. This box connects to your smartphone via an Android or iOS application. You can choose preset colors, choose your own color, or let the lights dance to the beat of the music.

To make the installation even easier, an add a fuse is included so you use the 12v plug fuse inside the cabin to power the kit. In this area there are bolts which mount to the chassis that can provide a ground for the system.

Includes both cigarette lighter and hard wiring connectors (preferred method). Bluetooth connectivity prevents the control device (smartphone) from losing its Internet connection while controlling the RGB lighting system.


The included add a fuse makes installation a breeze.

  • There are two types of add a fuses included. Select the appropriate one for your installation and place the included fuse in the top slot.
  • Note an appropriate fuse by using the diagram we have provided. For these vehicles, the fuse box is located in the driver's side *dash area.
  • Pull the fuse out from that location and install it on the bottom slot of the add a fuse.
  • Insert the red wire from the RGB LED controller box power wire in the blue portion of the add a fuse and crimp the connection.
  • Insert the add a fuse in the slot you removed the fuse from earlier.
  • Locate a bolt which can act as a ground post. Use the for the black wire on the RGB LED controller box power wire.
  • Insert this power wire in the controller box. Run the rest of the wiring to the mounting locations for the LED strips, mount them, and connect the wires to the RGB controller.

*The WRX / STI / Crosstrek / Forester have a fuse box door that faces the driver. The FR-S / BRZ / 86 have it located under the dash.

Try to avoid turning the vehicle to accessory power before starting. Restarting the RGB controller quickly can result in loss of bluetooth connectivity.

FT86SpeedFactory Install Video - FR-S / BRZ / 86

Subispeed Install Video - 2015+ WRX / STI

Note: When installing light strip on the seat rail, double check the clearance when the slider is in the farthest back position, before applying 3M adhesive.


iOS users can find the application in the app store.

Android users, please downloaded the latest file here. You will have to allow installations from unknown locations on your device.

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  1. Great product, easy but exhausting install

    By David November 12, 2018

    I love the lights and features. Pretty simple install, I chose to hardwire it. As a bigger guy I found myself in some pretty crazy yoga poses but it ended up being worth it. Cool to the music color changing feature. Back ones are bright enough mounted on the rail, but might try the velcro solution proposed above.

  2. Simple addition for alot of personalization

    By Matt March 20, 2018

    Install was very easy, the youtube video definitely helped and once they were all up in running, I was definitely happy with my purchase. A few very minor things I noted: the adhesive needed a bit more pressure to really set when applying to the plastic in the front as opposed to the rear which mounted on the metal seat rails. Also, the LED strips came wrapped in a saran wrap type plastic which took some practice/figuring out to get it off without simply shredding. Still a solid choice!

  3. Looks great

    By Jim March 19, 2018

    Installed this as opposed to the OEM product which is only offered in red or blue. Way better price and much more versatile. Installation was straightforward. Only frustrated by poor quality zip ties which were dried out, fragile and kept breaking. Would recommend

  4. Bright

    By Mario March 3, 2018

    These lights can be pretty bright (they are able to be dimmed via the Happy Lighting app) and the installation wasn't too bad. Its a little bit of a pain fishing the wire through the back of the console to the passenger side. Also be prepared to get into some wierd angles when you are tucking and throwing on zip ties to get the wiring out of the way of the petals. One very important note for people like me who have never wired anything in my life. When you crimp the box wire to the Add-A-Fuse wire, make sure you first strip the Red wire about half an inch so that the wire is exposed and then carefully push it all the to the center of the blue tap. I got too excited and just crimped it without stripping..... Don't be an idiot like me.

  5. Better than OEM

    By Stephen February 7, 2018

    My summary is true. I had OEM foot well lighting and GCS not only has more customization its $20 cheaper. The most bang for your buck!

  6. Great LED Lights!

    By Abraham November 3, 2017

    These look great at night, they look good during the day but at night they're fantastic! Took me around 30-40 minutes to install but was just because I'm a big guy and it was hard trying to run the cables and zip tie the wires and stuff. Although, it wasn't all that hard to install them. The only issue I ran into was that I had a lot of slack left over but I mean that's not necessarily a bad thing, you could find ways to make use of all the slack. I would rather have more than not enough. I just had to zip tie all of it and tuck it underneath the dash with all the other cables. Overall, I'm really pleased with these lights! Took literally seconds for the app to recognize them and they have no lag when I'm going through colors. The app is really nice too, it has pre-set modes if you want them to change color by themselves and stuff.

  7. easy install, looks awesome!

    By VU May 22, 2017

    took me 20 minutes to install it. the subispeed video helped a lot. the bluetooth function is really cool once i found out which app to download (happy lighting in the IOS store). changing the color to whatever i want gives the car an extremely personable feel.

  8. Worth the work

    By Cade January 9, 2017

    I ordered these for my 2014 Forester and the end result is well worth the work. The wiring was a bit of a pain but nothing to difficult. My problem was with the adhesive on the back of the led strips, it would not stick to anything, i had to resort to my own means of attaching them, however after all that was done with, they paired to my phone just fine and work well and are very responsive. Currently my favorite mod to date!

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