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Tail as Turn (Signal) + Backup Module

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI


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Get rid of the standard turn signal and transform the brake light into one. The high mounted brake light will still let people know that you're stopped and intending to make a turn. It's safe, and it looks good. Another added feature is that you can turn the old turn signal bulb into an additional reverse lights. Paired with our bulbs, you'll have 4 intense bulbs letting everyone know that you're about to back up.

Designed for USDM vehicles only. Confirmed incompatible with AUDM vehicles.


Tail as Turn (Signal) + Backup Module

This product is neat. With the lack of aftermarket tail lamps on the market for WRXs and STIs in general, you're left with only a few modifications you're able to do to your tail lights.

Get rid of the standard turn signal and transform the brake light into one. The high mounted brake light will still let people know that you're stopped and intending to make a turn. It's safe, and it looks good. Another added feature is that you can turn the old turn signal bulb into an additional reverse lights if you choose to do so. In this setup, you will have to use LED bulbs vs halogen due to the added current draw. Paired with our bulbs, you'll have 4 intense bulbs letting everyone know that you're about to back up.

NOTE: The revised Tail as Turn module now includes a hyperblink fix. No additional hyperblink module purchase is required unless you plan to use LEDs in the front turn signals as well.

This product was designed and fully manufactured by Diode Dynamics, in St. Louis, Missouri. It is fully made in USA.

SubiSpeed Video

NOTE: For all wiring configurations, please see the "additional" tab on this page. This video was published before information regarding tapping the harness for changing the turns into reverse lights was published.

Optional Items

Reverse Light Upgrade - Light "A" is the original reverse light bulb. Light "B" is the original turn signal bulb. While different in design due to the sockets, both OLM bulbs offer a brilliant, intense, white light.

Designed for USDM vehicles only. Confirmed incompatible with AUDM vehicles.

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  1. Fresh.

    By Alexander March 5, 2016

    Took 15mins to install both sides with the replacement LED bulbs for the old turn signal and back up light. I think the brightness is perfect. Will look great with overlays too. Would recommend getting both Light Option A and B.

  2. Must Have

    By Shawn December 30, 2015

    Most modern cars these days are using the tail light as the turn signal and do not separate it from the standard brake light. This was easy to install and only a pain to remove the stock blinker module. Yes, it does lag at the first blink. I think I noticed that for all of a week. Since then, I haven't even noticed it.

  3. Sweet and Easy Mod You Should Do

    By Jayman August 22, 2015

    This is another one of many upgrades that should have come on the car already. Not only do the rear blinkers look better but they are also more obvious and easier to see. Installation takes about fifteen minutes and it very easy. Highly recommended upgrade! INSTALL NOTE: If you have or are thinking about getting the Subaru F1 Rear Brake Light then I highly recommend using the tail as turn harness wires to tap into with the wiring for the F1 Light with the supplied F1 T-tap connectors. They are thicker than the OEM wires on the brake like so you get a much more solid connection with the T-tap connector. It is also easier to tuck and secure the completed wiring and you don't have to cut the OEM wiring shielding to get to wires.

  4. With ease

    By Chuck August 22, 2015

    A quick heads up to those ordering this instead of clipping the red female clip to the factory black with red stripe wire, clip it to the green one on the harness in the package. Does the exact same thing without needing with the factory wires. Hope this helps

  5. Should come this way from the factory

    By matthew August 22, 2015

    I just finished installing this on my 2016 sti and love it. The install of the wiring harness was super easy. The only problem I had was removing the original blinker module. That is a pain to change out. Like other have said the new hyperblink module does have a bit of a lag before the first blink but it's not bad. I chose to turn my unused turn signal lights into extra back up lights and then replaced them all with the white led's. I have tried them at night yet but I know they will be bright. I also installed the f1 style fog light that subiespeed sells and the cool thing is you can hook all that wiring up to this hardness and keep your stock harness completely intact. Very happy with this product and would defiantly buy it again.

  6. Does what it says

    By Danntastic July 24, 2015

    Easy to install. I set up the wiring so both the reverse lights and old turn signals act as reverse lights. I did the LED conversion for both. It looks cool, but honestly, it is way too bright. You are going to piss off a lot of people as you back up on a street. I am going to remove/disable the LED turn signals and just utilize the reverse lights for the reverse function.

  7. Modern upgrade!

    By Matthew July 21, 2015

    This simple addition really makes your rear end taillights pop a bit more. It was super easy to install, makes the rear nice and clean and it is a pretty cost-effective install. What are you waiting for?!?!?

  8. One of the best upgrades to do first

    By Jameison (RIPVTEC) May 28, 2015

    I had ordered my 2015 Subaru STI Sport Tech (yes im up in Canada eh) and was reseaching the tail as turn module and already had it ordered and hear in Saskatoon SK before my car arrived. If you order this make sure you get all the led bulbs as well CRAZY bright and with the tinted windows makes it easier to see. Also the Laffy Laffy hahahaha thanks alot boys at Subispeed currently in the process of going through alot bigger order. Thanks Again!!

  9. What a simple, but awesome upgrade

    By Bryan May 25, 2015

    Install was as easy as unclipping the stock harness and plugging the new harness in. Like mentioned before you can tap into the green cable on the new harness to have this setup up work with the dual reverse lights. It's worth the extra cash to change the bulbs to the whiter LEDs for safety and style. The blinker module....yes being small and skinny will be needed to change this feature. Not bad, but not easy either. The blink rate does stall at first blink, but works normal after that. Must be a relay thing, but not worries. Well worth the cost and should be a stock feature.

  10. Quick and Effective

    By Joel May 22, 2015

    Super easy install and everything is right there! 10 minute project if you include watching the video. Looks great and it really should have come off the line this way. The LED Hypberblink module is a must have for this project unless you enjoy frantic turn signals and has a controllable speed to customize how fast your signals flash. For anyone considering the light upgrades, "Option A" is a reverse light LED upgrade ONLY (SUPER BRIGHT!) and "Option B" will utilize that wire tap in the harness and change out your yellow turn signal to LED white for extra back-up brightness.

  11. So much better

    By Wesley April 27, 2015

    EZ mode for a great look

  12. easy install

    By Scott April 21, 2015

    This was one of the easier mods I've done. If you don't want to cut into the factory wire harness you can tap into the green wire from the harness that comes in this kit. This youtube vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tqHl7YcA3zw at about 3min mark explains the harness and where to tap into to make your turn into a reverse light. Also, the hyperblink module (you need it) wasn't that bad. I left the factory one in it's place and plugged into the new module. Zipped tied it so I have easy access to the dial to adjust blinker speed. Very satisfied with the results.

  13. Should Have came from subaru!!

    By Anthony April 19, 2015

    This is seriously the best and simple upgrade you can do to your car! Super easy to install and huge advantage.

  14. Should be OEM

    By Tadd March 22, 2015

    This is the easiest install on one of the biggest impact mods. These look great with the LED's. Should have come this way from the factory. I did need the hyperblink mod, which was a pain for a guy my size but I got it done. A must have for anyone with a WRX.

  15. Should have came like this

    By Robert March 7, 2015

    Installed in about 15 minutes, best night MOD hands down. It should have came stock like this. Brake lights look great, and the reverse lights are deadly bright!

  16. Simple install amazing results!

    By Joseph February 20, 2015

    Took less than ten minutes to install and the look can't be beat! The hyper blink relay i was sent was malfunctioning and subiespeed sent a new one out without issue. Amazing service and amazing products!

  17. Awesome!

    By Barbara February 17, 2015

    Love the look of those brake lights as turn signals, and definitely worth purchasing the LED lights for reverse and turn signals...... more bang for your buck! Follow the instructional video step by step and works perfectly

  18. Best Bang For Your Buck!

    By Joseph December 28, 2014

    Amazing product! Installation took under 10 min and makes the backside look so much better! The extra reverse light also helps with light at night! One of my favorite mods of one of the best prices!

  19. EASY, dramatic improvement in style and visibility.

    By Smoakland December 5, 2014

    Just added this to the car. Turn signals are much more modern looking this way. With the dark tint in the rear of my car it was very difficult to see out the back while in reverse. Huge improvement in safety and visibility from the four bulb reverse light functionality alone. Easy install and the new LEDs are a much better look.

  20. Easy install, looks great

    By invisusAG November 25, 2014

    This was super easy to install. It looks great with both lights being used for reverse. It's a no brainer to use the brake lights as turn signals, its a must have for the car.

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