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Diode Dynamics H11 SL1 LED pair Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

2015+ WRX / 2013+ FR-S / BRZ / 86


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With the SL1 LED, Diode Dynamics set out to engineer a true OEM-grade solution. With its compact size, optically correct output, flow-simulated cooling, and boost-mode electrical circuit, our SL1 LED patented design is a properly-engineered solution that finally provides a true upgrade in performance, with high reliability: and it's tested and validated to meet those standards, just like OEM lighting. NOTE: 2015-2017 STi non-LED headlights. The LED low beams are NOT replaceable.
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Diode Dynamics H11 SL1 LED pair Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs

Aftermarket or OEM?

If you're looking to improve visibility on your Subaru WRX at night, you've probably found many options for LED upgrades. Most bulbs on the market are too big to install, don't work with the electrical system, and have no focus or hotspot in the beam pattern. Even if they come close on those aspects, they still aren't anything close to the quality you would find with factory-installed lighting. Like most aftermarket products, most LED bulbs are not engineered and tested for long-term reliability.

With the SL1 LED, Diode Dynamics set out to engineer a true OEM-grade solution. With its compact size, optically correct output, flow-simulated cooling, and boost-mode electrical circuit, our SL1 LED patented design is a properly-engineered solution that finally provides a true upgrade in performance, with high reliability: and it's tested and validated to meet those standards, just like OEM lighting.

Compact Size

Your order includes two bulbs, to replace the factory low beam bulbs on your WRX. The bulbs are compact in size, in a patented design that isn't much bigger than the original halogen bulb. The drivers are compact too! If you have a sealed headlamp, they are designed to fit inside. The drivers and bulbs are tested to last over time, even when sealed inside with the heat of the headlamp.


  • Direct replacement for Subaru WRX low beam headlight bulbs
  • Correct optical focus for increased output with no added glare
  • Perfect H11 fitment, no modification needed
  • Designed and validated to OEM lighting standards
  • Engineered and Manufactured in USA
  • Optically correct focus, for true performance upgrade.
  • 1630 lumens per bulb.
  • 5700K cool white color.
  • Designed and tested to OEM standards, for long life.

Street Legal Output

Don't be fooled by high lumen numbers or "projector specific" bulbs. Your WRX headlights are designed as a system, to focus light. If the light source in that system is out of focus, it doesn't matter how bright it is. You won't have a focused hotspot of light to shine down the road, you'll just have more glare. To correct this, the SL1 LED headlight bulb was engineered with advanced optical design software, which simulates each ray of light in a process known as "ray tracing." Using this tool, our engineers perfectly matched the filament location, allowing the SL1 LED to focus light just like your original bulb, preserving the focus and hotspot, with no added glare. It produces a functional low beam pattern on the road, with a clear hotspot and wide spread of light. This is a safe, functional output, in compliance with photometric standards, which we call Street Legal.

Tested to Perform

We test the SL1 bulb in factory headlamps, and measure the entire beam pattern using specialized equipment. It's an elaborate affair: a headlight is mounted to a computer-controlled rotating head called a goniometer. Light shines down a tunnel, where a sensor collects data as the headlight is rotated. The entire beam pattern is mapped, and we compare the total output to the original halogen, confirming that the SL1 bulb shines more light in the hotspot, without adding extra glare on the road. The test results speak for themselves: in most lamps, like the 2015 F-150 Halogen lamp, there is 30-70% more light in the critical hotspot, with no added glare or spread of light. With proper optical engineering, testing, and validation in the application, we can assure correct optical performance.

Staying Cool

You may have seen bulbs that use large straps for cooling, or big fans that just make noise. These bulbs still run hot, pushing the LEDs past their limits, resulting in degradation of output after a few months. When it comes to cooling, proper engineering is required to efficiently remove heat from the bulb. In the SL1, it comes together as a whole system that was extensively tested, with dozens of iterations to achieve the best cooling performance possible. It includes a direct-solder copper core board, thermal phase-change interface material, and thermally-modeled zinc casting get heat to the base, where base fins are designed for aerodynamic performance in conjunction with the flow rate and pressure of the Sunon bearingless microfan. The result is a highly-effective and reliable cooling system, keeping the bulb running at maximum potential.


With its patented design, the SL1 LED fits where other bulbs won't, without cutting or modification. There's no hanging metal straps, just a compact bulb that plugs right in, with an exclusive reinforced shroud to keep the heat off any other components or wiring. Only slightly larger than a standard halogen bulb, it fits behind dust caps and in tight spaces. The driver and bulb are tested to function when sealed inside the headlamp - no worries about heat buildup! The base sizes on the bulb are also are keyed for exact applications, not one-size-fits-all, and the compact driver easily tucks away.


Rather than a simple buck regulator found on other bulbs, the SL1 uses a unique boost-mode circuit, which prevents thermal imbalance in the LEDs over time - again, just like you would find in OEM LEDs. It also has transient protection for long life in automotive circuits. Diode Dynamics engineers also analyzed dozens of OEM electrical systems, and added current-monitoring circuitry to mimic the electrical characteristic of halogen bulbs, drastically reducing the need for CAN-BUS adapters (though they're still needed on some applications).


Every part of the SL1 LED was designed for reliability, from the custom wiring with strain reliefs and solderless terminals, to the exclusive zinc castings, to the reinforced high-temperature PP-GF plastics (the same used in halogen bulb bases). Each component was designed and tested, with dozens of variations of each component reviewed until we achieved the maximum performance possible. Finally, the SL1 was put through its paces in our environmental testing chambers - where the bulb successfully performed through dozens of thermal cycles, from -40 through 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185F). Whether you're in the Sahara or northern Canada, the SL1 will keep performing for years, and is backed by a three year warranty.


After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly manufacture and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what you're driving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions.

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  1. Not what i was looking for

    By Rob December 6, 2022

    I Bought these to replace oem bulbs. bought the low and high beams. they look good but do not out perform the oem halogens. i live in a very rural area lots of deer, the low beams would be ok of there were street lights but out in the sticks they work barely as head lights. the high beams are basically useless. they light up more of the trees than the road, even after adjusting them the beam isn't focused enough. before i had Auxbeam 30$ lights which outperformed these by a significant margin. i would have gone back to auxbeam but they didnt make the leds that i used to have before i hit a deer

  2. Great product

    By Derek February 9, 2022

    For the price that you pay these don’t disappoint… great color and great light level without having to adjust. They feel very well made as well.

  3. Fantastic bang for the buck

    By John January 31, 2022

    I know there are plenty of knocks against LED headlight bulbs. Everything I read said 'full conversion or forget it'. After a great experience with their fog lights I decided to try the headlights. $160 ain't exactly cheap for a pair of headlight bulbs but it beats the heck out of $800-1000+ on a full conversion. I'm blown away by how good they are. Coverage is wider and everywhere it looks brighter. The stock bulbs are just so weak, it really feels like this is how the car should have been from the factory (2016 WRX Premium).. Not sure how they stack up against factory LEDs but they're at least as good if not better than my ex's Crosstrek with factory LEDs.

  4. Great Product

    By Derek January 25, 2022

    I was hesitant due to the cost of these lights but I'm very glad I went with them. They feel/look very well made and also install very easily.

  5. Nice upgrade for base model

    By CAB December 31, 2020

    Put on my 2020 WRX Base and am loving the change. They are bright, but not too bright, and they look fantastic. Just make sure you upgrade your C-light bulb to an LED as well, or else it looks kinda silly.

  6. Great upgrade

    By CAB December 23, 2020

    Installed these on my 2020 WRX Base, and it's a really nice upgrade from the stock halogens. Just make sure you also upgrade the C-light to a whiter LED bulb, or else it looks a little weird when both are on. Very easy install.

  7. Do not get these if you want better performing lights.

    By Brian November 11, 2020

    These under-perform compared to your original halogens. OEM FRS output is 2000 lumens while these are 1630. The only things going for them is the fact they are LEDs which are more efficient and have a higher kelvin temperature for aesthetics. They do enhance the look of the vehicle while installed. Beam patterns are near identical and pictures won't do it justice. If your halogens are perfectly fine and working. This isn't the product for you. On top of the fact their return policy is strict on testing or using the product. On top of this. There are alternatives to these that are a fraction of the cost of these and can be returned to the manufacturer even if you've tested/partially used them.

  8. It’s really good quality

    By Husam October 27, 2019

    Too bright

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