OLM Headlight High Beam Alpha HD (Philips Z ES)

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI / 2014-2018 Forester / 2013-2021 Crosstrek / 2013-2016 Scion FR-S




OLM's Alpha HD bulbs utilize 8 Philips ZE S LED chips to put usable light on the ground. Here's a great plug and play solution for owners with standard halogen bulbs in their headlights.

NOTE: For a better fit, transfer your original high beam bulb gaskets to the new bulbs.

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The first commercial halogen lamp was developed around 1959. In most applications they're easy to recognize due to the high heat and orange light output. They also have a lower life span with lower light output per watt. Prior to recent years technology was not advanced enough to use LEDs to replace headlight bulbs. The low output made it simply dangerous. OLM's Alpha HDs continue and build upon past generation OLM bulbs and provide usable light output with a beautiful, premium look.

The base of the light is adjustable so you change the focal length resulting in the best output. The heat sink is also reversible in case your application demands the bulb to conform to a different profile for proper fitting.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend using this bulb as a DRL. The output is higher than a stock bulb while in this mode. For a better fit, transfer your original high beam bulb gaskets to the new bulbs.

Warranty: 1 year
IP rating: IP67
Minimum Light Output: 3520 lumens per pair
Maximum Light Output: 4000 lumens per pair
Approximate Wattage: 20-25 watts each

Phillips Z ES LED Chip

LUXEON Z ES is a high-power 1.6mm x 2.0mm LED that enables never before seen color consistency, luminance, flux density and design flexibility for lighting solutions because it's the first ever 1-step MacAdam Ellipse warm white LED. LUXEON Z ES is undomed, a feature that provides un-matched optical flexibility for precise beam angle control. Tested and binned at application conditions, 85°C, the LUXEON Z ES emitters are an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor light sources requiring superior beam angles and superior results.

The OLM Alpha HD setup uses 8 of these precision chips to make for a competent replacement for OEM halogen bulbs.

Current Draw

Efficiency is high on this bulb's list of positive traits. As seen in the picture, at 13.5V this bulb is only drawing 1.5 amps. Power is 20.25W at this temperature.

Tuned Light Output

Straight out of the box, the OLM Alpha HD offer superior total light output and uniform color. With the adjustable base, you can rotate the light as required to change the focal length and aim of the LED chips. This ensures that the setup results in usable light which will help guide you through the hours of dusk and night.

The heatsink is also reversible if your application demands more space towards the rear of the bulb.

Flash to pass

One of the best features of this light is the ability to be instantly on. You don't have that with HID kits unfortunately. There is no warming up period. Your ability to flash people to notify them during the night or day will not be lost.

Plug and Play Installation

Installation of the 9005 OLM Alpha HDs is extremely simple. If the socket fits, that's where it goes! The LED driver to bulb connections come with rubber seals to make sure the connection remains watertight.

The kit comes with an allen wrench for modifying the focal length of the bulb. Simply loosen the screw and rotate the base until it is in the desire position. Once you are satisfied with your setup, tighten it back down. Do not overtighten.

The allen key can also be used on the heatsink to reverse the orientation to create extra space towards the rear of the bulb.


With OLM products, for a period of 1 year after the purchase, just e-mail us here and let us know about your issue.

Our trained staff will troubleshoot the product with you if required. They usually ask for a photo or two. If the issue still exists, we send you out a new item free of charge! You will not have to pay shipping to return your item or receive another.

SubiSpeed only offers HID relays when they are possibly required. We have tested the current draw of this kit and found that it does not exceed the factory wiring.

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  1. Upgrade Now!

    By Abraham October 22, 2017

    These lights are extremely easy to install and look a thousand times better than the stock high beams, which in my opinion look like a gross faded yellow. These are also a whole lot brighter than the stock beams for sure! I have the Alpha HD LED fogs and the SubiSpeed sequential bezels as well and they all look fantastic together. No, I do not drive with my high beams on. I would recommend these lights to anyone looking to upgrade the high beams who are going for a bright clean white light. Worth the price!

  2. Why Did I Wait To Get These?

    By Drew March 24, 2017

    These bulbs are seriously impressive. The amount of light they throw on the road is amazing. I will never go back to halogen lights again. These bulbs are worth the price.

  3. Brightest Lights.

    By JEFFREY January 10, 2017

    These headlights are great. The ultra white light looks cool and really lights up the road. You can see much farther down the road with these compared to the stock lights.

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