Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal

2013-2022 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86


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This pedal promotes heel & toe technique, has a beautiful silver metallic finish, and easily fits over the factory pedal.
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This pedal promotes heel & toe technique, has a beautiful silver metallic finish, and easily fits over the factory pedal.


  • Promotes heel & toe technique
  • Beautiful Silver Metallic Finish
  • Covers the factory pedal

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  1. Essential for Easy Heel-Toe

    By Brian December 30, 2022

    This pedal does require some contortionist skills to install but is well worth it for anyone needing to downshift in a hurry. The pedal is wider, closer to the brake, and ever so slightly closer to the seat due to its thickness. I have at times accidentally revved the engine while my foot was braking, only because my foot was so close to the right edge of the brake pedal in the first place, but it's never felt dangerous, just a bit of lazy driving.

  2. Fits 15+ wrx

    By Ryan October 5, 2022

    Fits 15+ wrx. Just need to trim the bracket a little bit with a dremmel

  3. Installation takes patience, but worth it

    By Danger Dan January 27, 2020

    Installation is a little tricky if you don’t have the right tools. I recommend taking out the gas pedal which is held in by two bolts to make it more accessible. The four bolts that hold the spacer is also a little bit of a pain without the right wrench. The socket doesn’t fit over the bolts due to clearance of the bracket provided and the nuts so having the proper small wrench would’ve made it a lot easier. Other than that, the Cusco pedal is a great piece from a great brand. I didn’t buy the Velox spacer yet, but that is up next.


    By ROGER November 6, 2017

    The accelerator pedal spacing on the 86/BRZ/FRS is set way too far back and is truly annoying when shifting from accelerator to brake and vice versa. The lack of adjustments on either the brake or accel is a terrible design oversight. But thanks to the guys on this site for selling the Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal and the Velox Throttle Pedal Spacer. YOU NEED BOTH TO CURE THE LAME ACCEL PLACEMENT! I added the Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal to bring it even closer (in conjunction with the Velox spacer) to just a wee bit below the brake, almost even but not quite. The Cusco also beefs up the skinny little orig accel pedal. Now I'm a very happy camper and can effortlessly slide from brake to accel and back. I didn't do this for 'heel toe', I have an automatic. I did it for comfort. I don't have to keep lifting my leg up to get on the brake now. The Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal should be installed with the accel pedal assembly removed so you can easily access the rear to properly place and tighten the nuts. DON'T TRY AND INSTALL IT WITH THE PEDAL IN PLACE!!! You will be endlessly frustrated trying to hold the rear nuts tight while turning the front bolts. The pedal is very well made (in Japan!) and installs easily. In their Velox video I saw exactly how to do the pedal unbolting and THE SAME procedure should be used for the Cusco install. armed with this knowledge I bought the part and everything is great again! The only thing lacking in the video is detail about removing the wire connector. It has a tab that must lifted from the BOTTOM edge to free it. It's hard to figure it out when it's all tucked up in the footwell. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and it took me a minute to figure it out. I recommend unbolting the pedal assembly and then you can tackle the connector a bit closer to the floor mat. Once you have both Cusco and Velox installed, be very careful driving until you're very much used to the new setup! It has been too easy for the edge of my sneaker to simultaneously catch the accel pedal while I'm braking and this makes for a nasty ABS event as the car fights with itself as both brake and accel are pushed down simultaneously. I did this twice the first day in response to having to slam on the brakes as some idiot cut in front of me. My muscle memory wasn't dialed in for the new placement and I failed to move my foot enough away from the accel pedal. BE CAREFUL!!!

  5. Makes heal-toe much easier.

    By Spencer December 17, 2016

    Installation is tedious and while not difficult in theory trying to reach the pedal while holding the Cusco cover and tightening one of the nuts is sorta difficult at first. That being said once it is installed properly it looks great and works as advertised.

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