Blitz Damper ZZ-R Spec-C Coilovers

2013-2022 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86

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A 32 way dampening rate is incorporated into both shock absorbers. With such a wide range of adjustable, driving performance and ride comfort are maintained at the highest level, even at low speed. Spring rate is setup for each vehicle. A comfortable ride can be achieved with the height adjustment function which allows enough stroke for any driving conditions.
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Blitz Damper ZZ-R Coilovers


The full line-barreled single (mono tube) was used for erecting the structure formula, shock absorbers, and all major polynomials. The low friction piston of large diameter 46 (except some models). Lag dampening to suppress the initial follow-up provides supple ride comfort and a solid ride.

Structure is adopted by tank and delivers a range of dampening force to slow enough to ensure the oil slightly. A hose line to abolish the peculiar structure of another tank (except some models), reducing such problems during installation.

High durability of the shock absorbers. Material is also a dedicated member introducing lavish, black chrome plating on the cylinder case, the bracket.

Special paint + nickel (not anodized aluminum) subjected to, and greatly improved the corrosion resistance.


2WAY dampening force adjustment mechanism employed in the 32-stage compression / rebound, Section 32. Driving performance and a wide range of dampening force adjustment are balanced at a high level comfort, can handle up to different driving circuit from the street scene.

  • A single mono tube shock absorber is adopted for all lineup
  • 32 way adjustable damper rates
  • Ideal for both street or circuit use.
  • A large 46mm diameter piston is used (Some vehicles area excluded)
  • This damper can be overhauled to maintain prime condition.


Preload adjustment of the spring and the height can be adjusted separately. A variety of dampening rates can be achieved through simple adjustment. Camber adjustment allows alignment to be set to personal preference.

Aluminum Forging Upper Mount

Upper mounts adopts aluminum forging, which achieves both high quality and light weight. The front side adopts a camber adjustment type pillow ball upper mount, realizing direct steering feeling and control. In addition, adopts a pillow ball upper mount of all fixed type on the rear.

Adjustable Length and Benefits

What is the full length adjustment formula?

By simplifying the structure, it is necessary to adjust the "screw type" that has been adopted mainly for reasonably damper, such as making the springs play or preloading (contracting) when adjusting the vehicle height. These adjustment methods were likely to cause troubles such as deterioration of ride comfort, bottoming, abnormal noise.

The "total length adjustment type" adopted by DAMPER ZZ - R can adjust the length of the entire shock absorber independently of the spring. With this, it is possible to adjust the car height without changing the stroke amount, so there is no need to worry about troubles such as bottoming.

Of course, similar to the conventional screw type, since it is possible to adjust the height of the car and adjust the preload by expansion and contraction of the spring, it is possible to use it according to situations.

Structure of Full Length Adjustment Type

Adjusting the height of the full length adjustment type will move the locking position (B) of the lower bracket part up and down. When the position of B goes up, the length (total length) of the whole shock absorber will be short, so the car height will be reduced by that amount. In the full length adjustment type, even if the car height is lowered, there is no change in the length (A) of the spring. In other words, since the stroke amount (movable range) does not change, you can realize a lowdown while keeping the change of ride comfort to a minimum.

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