COBB SF Intake with Airbox

2015-2018 Subaru STI




Make sure your STI’s turbocharger and motor are getting enough airflow with the COBB SF Cold Air Intake from SubiSpeed!
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  • Improves airflow to help produce power
  • Complete COBB cold air intake with airbox
  • Larger MAF housing and tubing for better velocity
  • High-flow, oiled conical air filter in choice of media color
  • Easy, drop-in replacement for stock intake
  • 50-State Legal and CARB Approved on ‘15-16 STIs
  • Requires tuning

Gives your STI More Airflow and Improved Response

Your awesome Subaru STI is hungry for more power, but to maximize your gains from tuning and other modifications, you’re going to need to do better than the factory intake. The COBB SF Intake Kit for 2015-2018 STIs maximizes your Subie’s inlet airflow to feed your STI’s turbocharger and motor with all the air it needs to make some big power with the right combination of tuning, custom tuning, or other aftermarket parts and accessories. This version of the COBB SF Intake comes standard with a complete air box assembly that helps the COBB system quieter than open-air intake kits without overly harming airflow. The COBB SF Intake Kit will require a COBB OTS tune or a custom tune from a reputable STI tuner for proper installation.

High-Quality Intake Kit with Reusable Air Filter and Enclosed Airbox

COBB carefully and precisely designed their SF Intake Kit for the Subaru STIs to provide a huge improvement in airflow over stock in a drop-in package. The SF Intake is built around a CFD-designed velocity stack that leads into a specialized air straightener before passing through the MAF sensor to provide accurate readings and eliminate dead spots caused by turbulence. The velocity stack and MAF housing are made out of a plastic composite that resists heat soak to help keep initial inlet air temperatures down over metal intakes. Each SF intake comes with a pre-oiled, conical air filter with your choice of either a blue or gray filter media. The filter is reusable with proper cleaning and re-oiling and brings in a large volume of air while improving filtration over stock. The filter is housed in a complete air box assembly that’s designed for use with the factory inlet scoop so that the intake stays quieter than open-element designs without losing out on overall airflow. Each kit comes with all its necessary hardware and instructions. This kit will require a COBB OTS tune or a custom tune from a reputable tuner

  • 2015-2018 Subaru STI

Requires tuning: this intake kit requires tuning for proper operation and to avoid engine damage. COBB offers an OTS tune for this intake on their Accessport V3 device, though custom tuning from reputable Subaru tuners on other devices can also be used.

CARB Approval: this intake is only CARB approved on 2015-2016 STI models when using COBB’s OTS tunes. COBB does not yet have CARB approval for 2017-2018 STIs, and custom tuning is not CARB-approved.

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  1. Great purchase!!

    By Lloyd May 6, 2018

    I'll rep Cobb to the fullest! Just a straight up quality, innovative co. I luckily live in Austin where they are located, well the main office, suuuuuper awesome crew. They even allowed me to install my SF Intake in their parking lot and same with my 1st Accessport yrs back. The actual product, I couldn't ask for more! It opens up the thoat of ur motor and ur turbo literally comes alive!! It also adds a slight bov'ish turbo amplification thats EXTREMELY addicting!! As well as a smaĺl deepening of ur exhaust tone. Accessport helps there to which the car WILL need prior to installing ur intake for the proper MAP flash. Dont want any hurt comrades out there lol!! Good luck. Great purchase. Btw, id reccomend the airbox

  2. Airbox needs to be reworked

    By Josh May 22, 2017

    the intake itself sounds great, but the airbox is flimsy and hardly worth the extra $$$.

  3. Good product but could be better

    By Ronald April 25, 2015

    I just installed this intake on my 15 STI. The online instructions were helpful but could use some better photographs and pictures of what bolt and washer to use for each step. Overall the install wasn't bad, but the air box needed lots of adjusting to line up the bolt holes especially when bolting on the support bracket, and I was missing one of the screws and washers that hold the top plate on. I also had a thin piece if weather stripping left over. I used the larger piece that came with the kit on the bottom of the air of as per the instructions. I'm not sure where the small piece is supposed to go. Also there is no plug for the hole left when the intake sound symposer is removed. Overall a good product that could easily be made great with a little work from Cobb's designers.

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