HKS Super Hybrid Panel Air Filter

2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI / 2014+ Forester


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This HKS filter is designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM filter. The hybrid model features a 3 layer dry filter. The filter element is bonded to a flexible nylon frame and offers a price-friendly performance alternative to a full intake system. NOTE: Will NOT fit 2018+ STI Type RA or 2019+ STI. This filter does fit 2018+ STI.
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This HKS filter is designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM filter. The hybrid model features a 3 layer dry filter. The filter element is bonded to a flexible nylon frame and offers a price-friendly performance alternative to a full intake system.

Authentic HKS part.

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  1. Love this product!

    By subrinadafabforester May 12, 2022

    I really love this product, but sort of wished this had some instructions to it because at first, I thought it was broken when it came separated since I haven't ever seen an air filter like that before. But, after figuring out from a friend that is the way it should be. I installed it with only a little difficulty since it's thicker than normal and there's a small gasket on it that is pretty fragile. So, to not ruin the gasket and install it correctly I gingerly installed it without having to slam it into the box unlike the previous filter I had. But, ever since installing, my forester has been feeling so much better than the K&N. Like as if my Forester was breathing so much better than before. I would love to buy more of the inserts more and more! Highly recommend this product over the K&N air filters and auto parts store stuff.

  2. It does what it does

    By Ken July 10, 2020

    It's a drop in filter so the installation should be 30 second job. If you want the clam shell to open wider, I would recommend taking off the 2x10mm screws to release the tension between the clam shell box. Sound wise, you can hear the turbo tad bit. Don't expect this to make a night and day difference with the sound. You have to get an aftermarket intake to take care of the sound issue if that's what you are looking for. Performance wise, feels like boost is hitting a little bit earlier than the OEM filter. The breath-ability of this material should be the factor for that early boost. I'd love to get the aftermarket intake but going to stay with the panel filter until the warranty runs out.

  3. quick and easy install

    By yat December 16, 2019

    install was easy. just take out the old one and install this one. took me less than 5 minutes. fitment was excellent. i couldn't tell if there's more power after the install but there was a slight difference in the sound. overall very satisfied with this mod.

  4. Perfect replacement

    By Richard July 28, 2017

    Installation took 2 minutes. No issues running lean or anything related to needing a tune like some forums may say. This product is a steal for $40! And the box design is dope too.

  5. Breathability

    By Bruce March 17, 2017

    The HKS filter fit easily into the stock airbox. However, make sure you have the proper filter orientation. The filter is rectangular, not square. Just had to turn the filter 90 degrees to get the right fit. Seemed my WRX accelerated a bit smoother but the stock filter was pretty well filled with dust. Since I bought the car used, it may have been the stock filter. Nevertheless, I like the way my car is running now!

  6. Cleans air!

    By Scott February 27, 2017

    Cleans air going into the car and comes in a really nice box.

  7. So far so good.

    By B April 8, 2015

    My Car: 2015 STI. I was in need of a new filter and didn't want to upgrade the whole intake system yet so I started looking into drop ins. I scoured many sites and forums looking for the best one and this is what I discovered: A. From what I have seen you don't want an oiled filter as it can cause MAF issues. Which leaves dry filter elements like the HKS Super Hybrid. 2. I saw many dyno comparisons and it seems like all of the aftermarket drop in filters will produce about 5 HP. Personally, I wanted to try a new filter to see if I could get any more sound out of it. I don't think this is something you should do if you are looking for power, but it does help the car breathe. It should be noted that when I did take the stock filter out, it was absolutely filthy. So for what its worth, I think it did its job very well, but also kind of demonstrated how much debris can actually hit the filter of these cars (my first STI). As far as sound, don't expect too much. In the higher ranges of the RPMs it seems like I can hear a bit more of the turbo and its accessory parts but any other sound its potentially making is muted by the exhaust. At this point, a few weeks into it, I have no reason to not recommend this product. I kind of like the 3 different foam layers and I am interested to see how well it works, I will try to update this in the future with pictures. Install was easy and it fit in the intake housing very well, no wiggle room for crap to sneak by. Performance notes: A few days prior to the intake showing up I installed Invidia N1 exhaust. After installing the new filter I noticed my 'Peak PSI' jumped from about 17.0 to 18.1. Not sure if this is because of the combination of mods, climate/driving conditions or just the new filter, but it seemed worth noting in the review. Hope this helps!

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