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Sticker Fab Vinyl Taillight Overlays

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI

$14.25 - $16.45

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Make sure your Subie’s stock taillights fit in with the rest of your Subaru WRX or STI Builds with Sticker Fab’s Overlays!
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Changes up Rear-End Look in Hassle-Free and Low-Cost Package

The stock taillights may do their jobs adequately, but their chromed and clear interior turn signal housings may wreck whatever styling them you’re going for on your WRX or STI build. Sticker Fab’s Vinyl Taillight Overlays for the 2015-2020 Subaru WRX and STI are an easy way to change the looks for your Subie’s taillights and rear end without breaking your bank. This pair of pre-cut overlays drop over the turn signal housings and are available in several different color options to get your WRX or STI the perfect look
  • Cleans up your WRX or STI’s rear end looks
  • Pair of translucent vinyl overlays in choice of color
  • Covers up the clear and chrome blinker and reverse housings
  • Includes two smoked options, yellow, and red color options
  • Easy, stick-on installation
  • For OEM taillights only

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High-Quality Taillight Overlays with Choice of Color

The Sticker Fab WRX and STI Taillight Overlays are an easy way to get a new look for your WRX or STI build. The overlays are pre-cut to perfectly fit the chrome and clear portions of your Subie’s factory taillights. The overlays are available in a both a dark and a light smoked color that help the taillights fit in with dark styling themes. The red color option turns your taillights into an all-red appearance that provides a clean look. To really catch attention, the overlays are also available in a yellow color that adds a race-inspired look to your slick WRX or STI build.


Clean and wet the surface of the overlay and the tail light using of a mixture of soap (1 drop of dishwasher soap) and water can help you align the piece. Place it in the appropriate area and squeegee the water out with your fingers. This will prevent damage to the surface of the overlay. Allow 24 hours for the overlay to fully stick to the tail light. Once completely dry, they will hold up in automatic car washes and against most power washing.

  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI

For stock taillights only: these overlays are only guaranteed to fit properly on the stock OEM taillights.

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  1. Cheap and easy way to turn heads

    By Koifresh January 15, 2023

    Super easy install. Just use some soapy water, slap on and adjust as needed. I don’t recommend using anything hard like a squeegee or credit card, due to scaring your sticker. I had ease with just using my microfiber towel and pushing the bubbles out with my finger. They are really cheap, and do not last forever, so buy a few.

  2. amazing

    By j December 7, 2021

    Install was so quick and easy, dark smoke looks great. I used a microfibre towel over a credit card instead of a squeegee and it worked well.

  3. Gg ez

    By Ian October 1, 2020

    Took a couple tries but it was an easy install. I used ipa to clean the area first then sprayed it with hella 264:1 ONR to be able to move it around. Then I just squeegeed it to fit and it turned out a lot better than expected. There’s a SLIGHT overlay but you can trim it off ez.

  4. Flaking off after ~3mos

    By Guenwhyvar September 11, 2020

    Rather disappointing. Got these in Light Smoke, just to tone down the whiteness of the tail lights. Purchased end of April, installed toward the end of May, and just noticed today (September 11th) that they're already flaking off. Car is garaged and has only been washed gently a couple times. Didn't expect them to last forever being that they're

  5. Changes tail lights completely

    By Alex March 12, 2020

    I got the dark tint and have had no problem with the police in Jersey. You can clearly see blinkers and reverse lights. It changes the vehicles tail lights so nicely and its under 20 dollars. Great bang for your buck and the installation took me a total of five minutes using a squiggy tool and soapy water.

  6. Dark Smoke Series.Gray

    By Garret November 6, 2018

    Great product, great price. Easy to install and makes the stock lights look 1,000 times better. Give 'em a try, how can you go wrong for $15? Keep up the good work Subispeed!

  7. Put these on your car

    By Alex August 30, 2018

    I have the dark smoke and they look so much better than stock. Easy installation and the blinker is still very visible.

  8. 10/10 would buy again

    By Justin July 28, 2018

    As a Noob to vinyl it wasn't that hard of an installation. With the light smoke tints it is a perfect amount of darkness, almost could look OEM.

  9. Will need more

    By Ian May 27, 2018

    Product looks great, however after using a credit card to pull the bubbles out I scratched the hell out of it. Will need to order a second set. Fitment is pretty good it does go a little over the red. Use a squeegee.

  10. Red overlay is mediocre

    By Derek March 8, 2018

    Got the Red overlay along with Chameleon overlay and I cut them to what I wanted. The quality is good but the Red color is very noticeably different compared to the Red of the taillight. I will likely change it in the future and possibly try other Red overlays to find the perfect match to the taillight Red, if one exists. Had I known the color would be so noticeably different, I wouldn't have purchased it.

  11. A+

    By Frank January 11, 2018

    Easy to install once you get the hang of it. Recommend spraying water/soap on for easy adjustment. Satisfied with purchase!

  12. Easy installation and great look

    By Austin November 15, 2017

    Got the light smoke overlays. I installed them just after sundown with little ambient light left and still got them lined up perfectly, mostly by feel. I managed to get all but 1 or two bubbles out. Love the light smoke and it works well wut the stock WRX chrome emblems. Now that I've switched all my badges to a combo of gloss and matte black, I'm coming back to get the dark smoke.

  13. Easy and good fit

    By Jacob November 6, 2017

    Was really easy install with little soap and water. Took me about 5 minutes and looks great.

  14. Looks awesome

    By Josh June 26, 2017

    Easy install, great look. Went with dark smoke on lapis blue sti.

  15. Dark smoke

    By StiGurl April 16, 2017

    I totally love the way this turned out this wasent easy for me to do and I did get bubbling quite a bit but than again iv never done this before I think it would have been nicer if they would have sent sum simple instructions!!! There wasent any but from afar shit still look dope this will do until I get my tr tail lights

  16. Great product for great price!

    By Geoff April 15, 2017

    I just received my dark smoke overlays and applied them today - application was very easy and took 5 minutes or less per side! They look great and give the look of a totally different tail light without having to pay the price! I would definitely recommend this product! Check out the pics below!

  17. Dark Smoke Overlay

    By Nathan April 4, 2017

    The dark smoke looks great and was super easy to install! I had a hard time with the first one because I didn't use very much water and soap, but the other I used more and made it much easier to adjust after placing on the light.

  18. Look good

    By Tommy February 22, 2017

    These are a nice addition to the car, however seem to be a pain to put on. I'm not sure if my blow dryer was too powerful or not but these seemed to have bubbled and not fit exactly how I thought they would. They don't look bad from a distance. Up close you can see all the imperfections. They're cheap and nice though.

  19. Fantastic!

    By Christopher January 11, 2017

    I installed the Dark Smoke and it goes well with the Perrin Gurney Flap. Installed in minutes and looks great. I highly recommend.

  20. Looks amazing

    By Fultron January 11, 2017

    These were cost effective, easy to install, and add a subtle difference to set your car apart.

  21. Easy, and looks great

    By Jorge November 26, 2016

    Makes the overall look of the car match better. I own a 15 silver wrx and u couldn't be happier the way it looks! Fits great and easy to install.

  22. Looks great :)

    By Marcos February 9, 2016

    Looks good easy install looks way better then the stock white gives it a better look

  23. Clean Looking

    By Shawn December 30, 2015

    I installed the all red. The color match is spot on and no one can tell it is a vinyl overlay. I sacrificed my reverse lights, but not many people even pay attention anyways when you go to back up. Easiest way to install was to mix a little bit of dish soap with water in a spray bottle. Clean the taillight and then mist it and the vinyl. Position it correctly and then use a credit card wrapped in microfiber towel or squeegee to get out the water. I used a heat gun with VERY little heat as the first time, I melted the vinyl. It makes it easier for the vinyl to be pliable around the edges of the light.

  24. Red Reverse Lights

    By Cheems October 6, 2015

    I got the red overlays and when I put my car into reverse my tail light reverse lights shoot out red light instead of white...So go with a dark smoke or keep it stock!

  25. Should Have Got Dark Smoke

    By KIRK August 8, 2015

    So I got the light smoke since I thought the dark would be too dark. They light looks awesome but now I know the dark would have been just fine.

  26. Light Smoke looking good

    By jake May 18, 2015

    Easy to apply to the car tail lights and really makes a difference! if you want to do something simple, but makes the car look nice, definitely worth the $15

  27. Outstanding

    By Guy J April 28, 2015

    Anyone who has $15 bucks should buy this overlays for sure, they'll put a smile on your face once installed or (placed), they look insane and my only worry was that it was gonna dim too much my turn signals (I got the dark smoke) but boy was I mistaken, turn signals and reverse lighting looks just the same. This one is a no brainier

  28. Dark Smoke overlay

    By Anthony March 28, 2015

    Very simple install. Went with dark smoke, pic below. Again, very inexpensive mod for such a great look. Thanks SubiSpeed

  29. Talk about great customer service!

    By Alen March 11, 2015

    Had a quality issue with my first set of overlays when I received them in the mail, just contacted subispeed and they were quick to tell me that they would be sending me out a new set free of charge! Can't wait to install them and upload a photo of my car with the new set of overlays on it, because I'm sure it is going to look GREAT! Every product I have purchased from these guys has been great quality and I have been very happy with these guys. Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced from a business! Thanks again subispeed, I won't be buying parts for my new 2015 WRX anywhere else other than here! :)

  30. dark smoke

    By Christopher March 2, 2015

    Looks great! Install was not bad. I never did anything like it before, and it was very forgiving. I used a hair dryer to get the edges to form better.

  31. Dark Smoke overlay

    By Jessy January 10, 2015

    Very easy installation, and overall very happy with end results. I used a hairdryer to speed up the curing process -- no bubbles. Again, super easy and looks badass.

  32. Good Value

    By Mitchell November 25, 2014

    I got the Light Smoke colour for my Silver WRX, I think the dark one would be overkill. Easy install, though I messed one up slightly, hoping it can be cut/trimmed (1-2 mm) once its dry.

  33. Looks good

    By Joshua October 23, 2014

    Like everyone is saying easy to install just don't use a credit card to squeegee the water out as it will scratch the overlay.

  34. Installed the black tint, and it came with Laffy Taffy!

    By Joshua September 16, 2014

    I installed the black tint and it looks great!

  35. SO NOICE!

    By Allen September 4, 2014

    Easy to apply and the smoke ones look great on my DGM WRX! Came with FREE SweetTarts :^)

  36. Looks great

    By AzuluzA August 2, 2014

    Easy install, great look. I saw the red colored sticker on another car and the red didnt match so well. But the black looks great. Havent seen the yellow in person right.

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