Subispeed V2 Redline Sequential LED Headlights

2015-2017 Subaru WRX & STI / 2018-2020 WRX Base & Premium

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Give your already aggressive and mean looking 2015-2020 Subaru WRX / *STI a new upgraded custom look from Subispeed!

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  • Sleek, new look for your Subie’s headlights
  • Pair of SubiSpeed headlights with all-LED design
  • Feature LED DRL strips and high/low beams
  • Redline Accent
  • Highly effective projector lens
  • Smoked outer lens with black housing
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Subispeed Headlight V2 Showcase

Awesome, New Look for your WRX or STI’s Front End

These special edition headlights incorporate some of the original prototype styling cues and change sequential turn signal to the C-light area. Dropping a new set of headlights into your awesome 2015-2017 WRX / STI and 2018-2020 WRX Base and Premium build doesn’t mean you need to lose out of lighting capability or output. All you need are SubiSpeed’s very own All-LED DRL Headlights with sequential turn signal. Subispeed’s All-LED Headlights feature a hyper-aggressive look with an LED C-clamp outline along with interior LED DRL strips that completely change up the look of your stylish WRX or STI build both at night and during the day. SubiSpeed also fits these lights with powerful LED projectors that function as both the low and high beams so that you don’t have to sacrifice the OEM LED headlights excellent output to get a whole new look.

Complete Pair of LED Headlights with Smoked Out Lens and Black Housings

The vertical fins inside the housing are still lit, however the sequential turn signal feature has been moved to the C-light. The LED covers are darker. Also the orange reflector isn't as noticeable as before. The red line that was present in the prototype has returned to this full production unit as well. SubiSpeed’s headlights come loaded down with features and new functionality, all without skimping on fitment and quality. Each headlight is designed for a drop-in installation on WRX and STI models equipped with 12-pin headlight connectors, and only require minor levels of wiring to get the DRLs up and running. The headlights are powered entirely by LEDs and feature diffusion lenses over the LED accent lights that provide a clean look without generating noticeable hotspots. The high and low beams are powered by another set of LEDs that feed their large lighting output through a specially-designed projector lens that delivers a clean beam cutoff that keeps your WRX or STI from blinding other drivers and makes these headlights DOT and SAE approved for street use. The headlights come standard with a black housing and a smoked lens that lets the LED accents stand out and shine at their very best. Each set of headlights comes with all their necessary wiring and installation instructions. SubiSpeed backs the headlights with a 2-year limited warranty.

Install and Demo Video


  • 2015-2017 Subaru WRX
  • 2018-2020 WRX Base & Premium
  • 2015-2017 Subaru STI

Requires minor wiring: the DRLs require minor levels of wiring for installation and operation.

For 12-pin headlight connectors only: these headlights will only fit Subaru WRX and STI models with 12-pin headlight body harness connectors and will not fit Subarus with 16-pin connectors.

Not compatible with OLM KISS fog light kit: these headlights will not work with OLM’s KISS fog lights.

Smoked Headlight Overlays

If you want to darken out the sidemarkers and the corner of the headlight lens, check out these overlays by Sticker Fab. Click here.

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  1. Completely changes the look of the car

    By Zach February 25, 2023

    These lights look fantastic on the car. They are far brighter than the stock, halogen lights. The fitment is pretty good but not perfect. No issues noticeable unless you are the one that installed them. The sequential turn signals look great. I did have to wire in load resistors to get the speed on the turn signal right. All that being said, I love these lights and will be buying another set for my new car (RIP to the old one).

  2. Better than I expected

    By BrocJames February 9, 2023

    Everything about these headlights is better than I expected. They were easy to install, look better than I thought they would, and the illumination is amazing. I didn’t even have to adjust them. At first I thought they were so bright that other drivers would think I had my brights on. I haven’t been flashed once and I do a lot of night driving. Highly recommend. The only thing is for the sequential turn signals you have to leave the plugs connected not disconnected. The opposite of what the instructions say.

  3. Eye Catching!

    By Chris January 29, 2023

    These headlights make a statement when you see them on the road, they definitely transform the front end of your car. I've had these for over a month now and haven't had any issues. 10/10 dont regret this purchase at all.

  4. Awesome! Do it

    By Marshall November 5, 2022

    These lights are awesome, look incredible, acts great, and make it so you can actually see at night, def. Recommend!


    By WRB October 24, 2022

    These headlights have the ability to totally transform the front end of your car. Absolutely perfect execution in the design. One of my favorite purchases yet from Subispeed.

  6. Looks awesome

    By Nihulus.WRX October 18, 2022

    Looks awesome, zero fitment issues, simple install! Definitely need to readjust them, but you should do that anyway!

  7. Great looks but turn signal circuit didn't last

    By Rey September 6, 2022

    These definitely change the overall look of the front end. However the turn signal circuitry failed after a couple years. Now I have to run them without the turn signal function.

  8. By Anonymous August 9, 2022

    Changes the look of the car way more aggressive!

  9. Best of the best

    By Dman August 5, 2022

    Ive had these on for almost a year and still going strong. Very beautiful and bright. Perfect fitment and wiring is plug and play

  10. Amazing Product, Exceptional Customer Service!

    By Chris May 17, 2022

    Order arrived quickly and undamaged. Product installed by myself in roughly 3.5 hours. Hyperblink module seemed like it was possibly faulty but their customer service jumped right on that and got me a replacement within 2 days (no extra charge) and it fixed the issue - Thanks again Devin! Definitely recommend!

  11. Eye candy

    By Steve May 9, 2022

    These were extremely easy to install and the directions were on point. These definitely turn heads everywhere I go. On top of looking great, they are very functional. I wasn’t sure about losing the high beams, but these do seem to rotate up for the high beam coverage. Great light output, and easy installation. Can’t ask for anything more. I did get these on sale and used a coupon so it wasn’t too much of a price shock.


    By Chris May 8, 2022

    Love these headlights! This is my first WRX (a 2018 Premium) and I just started going down my build list. The first thing that needed to be done was removing the stock halogen headlights. I purchased these and got them superfast. I installed them the next day by myself (wasn't too difficult at all) in about three hours. All the proper wiring was there and was really easy to follow their installation video. They fit perfectly too, which can sometimes be a pain with new housings. It was an instant game changer when I turned them on... And they look amazing! Be sure to install the hyperblink module that comes included with your order. I installed mine, but was still getting a hyperblink problem. When I reached out to Subispeed, they immediately sent me out a new one (no charge) that got to me in like 2 days... And it fixed the problem. They were superfast and made sure I was taken care of (Thank you again, Devin). Would highly recommend these lights and would highly recommend ordering from this company. For adjusting headlight once installed: 1) Find a nice, flat area with a wall that you can park 25' from. 2) Once parked 25' from the wall (with the front of your vehicle facing it), measure from the center of the projector (on either side of the vehicle) to the ground. 3) Take that measurement (let's say it was 26") and subtract an inch and a half from it. On the wall your vehicle is facing, measure from the ground up (in this case it would be 24.5 inches). Make those marks about 5 feet apart and put two pieces of painters tape at those markings. 4) Turning on your new headlights, you'll notice the projector's light pattern (it will have a "step" pattern to it). This means the light runs horizontal, then slants upward at an angle, then continues to run horizontal: ___/---- Don't worry about the bottom line - That top line is what you want to line up with your markings on the wall. Do this for each headlight by adjust them with a Phillips screwdriver. * Note- To access the vertical headlight adjustment on the passenger side of your vehicle, you may need to remove the trim piece that guides airflow into your intake. Simply use a Flathead screwdriver to remove the two pop-clips holding that piece in place. * Note- There is no horizontal adjustment on/necessary for these lights. Simply adjust them vertically. * Note- If you've never installed or adjusted projector headlights before, keep in mind that the light pattern is supposed to be this way by having the "step" to it. This is to keep the light lower in the direction of oncoming traffic.

  13. Overall

    By Josue April 15, 2022

    Se ven super bien los focos, le dan estilo agresivo a el carro. Son super fácil de instalar, la instalación te puede tomar como 2 hora y media. El fitment no es tan perfecto como los de fabrica, pero se ven muy bien. They look really great, the car get an aggressive style. They are super easy to install, the installation can take you two and a half hour. Fitment, is great, but don't like the stock head light, but they look really great.

  14. Look good build quality sucks

    By Cross_trek_utah February 5, 2022

    My girlfriend bought these for me easy installation looks great worked great for about a month then my drivers side started causing me issues turn signal wouldn’t work louver lights stopped working apart you’re in departure lights that are yellow on the passenger side had the yellow and the white leds on along with the louver white lights I ordered them through a different company so I’m going through them and they are relaying the message to subi speed but it’s now been almost 2 weeks and I’ve only had them since mid December when people ask me if I like the lights when one of my lights doesn’t work it really flusters me

  15. Well.

    By Igg January 18, 2022

    Only owned for a month. Installation is rather easy , looks are perfect compared to the halogen chrome headlights. But the performance of them… well to say the least every time I drive with low beams 8/10 bright me. And yes I’ve adjusted the lights . Buy at your own risk of being bright flashed almost every time.

  16. Looks Great & Very Functional

    By Jasen November 5, 2021

    These headlights completely change the front end of your car, giving you a very aggressive look day or night. Installation can be done solo, but having an extra hand certainly made it faster. The plug and play setup is true to its word, and I was able to get the headlights installed and squared away in a few hours (pretty good for no experience taking the bumper/OEM headlights off beforehand). The led lights function phenomenal at night, lighting up the road ahead and to the side. 10/10 would recommend these to anyone looking to spice up their car and make some functional improvements to their nighttime driving experience. Thanks Subispeed!

  17. By Anonymous September 29, 2021

  18. By Anonymous April 3, 2021

  19. Install

    By The kid March 4, 2021

    Recently purchased and installed Amazing quality install Amazing quality all together Comes with the flasher relay so no need to purchase separately My only concern with this setup is with all the plugs that will be unused in some setups such as the turn signals and the two plugs for sequential mode for the price you’d think they include cap plugs to plug off unused connectors.

  20. Not bad

    By Brandon December 3, 2020

    Headlights are fairly easy to install. Aesthetically pleasing. Better visibility with LED. Only bad thing for me was my passengers C light was defective and didn’t work. Sequential turn signal worked but drl portions did not.

  21. Subispeed V2 Redline headlights

    By Nick H. Worcester, MA July 4, 2020

    These headlights look GREAT. Give the front of the car a much more aggressive look. Install was a bit of a pain, but as long as you know your way around a toolbox you’ll be ok. Be sure to have a short and a long 10mm socket so you can reach the bolts on the headlight bracket. I can’t get over how great these headlights look. And the functionality them is even better. I had someone pull up next to me yesterday and tell me that my car looks like the white Batmobile. Lol. That right there made it all worth it!! I’ll put some pics up of how they look also. If you can swallow the pill that is the pricetag on these headlights, I would definitely recommend getting them. Price is definitely a bit steep. But hey, you get what you pay for!!!


    By Tristan June 25, 2020

    Really an amazing set of headlights. Install isn't bad and SubiSpeed support is great. Always get comments on the headlights and by far one of my favorite mods (including fully built block, etc).

  23. love these lights

    By Nick November 4, 2019

    the lights look amazing and it’s so nice to have better visibility at night

  24. Looks amazing!

    By Joe July 11, 2018

    Install took me about 3 hours by myself. Wasn’t too difficult but probably quicker and easier with another set of hands. End result? Lot’s of compliments! Completely changes the look of the car.

  25. Changes the look of the car

    By Craig May 5, 2018

    These are bright, look great and give an lil more aggresivness look to the front end. Install was quick and easy. Only slightly negative thing i can say about these is that the high beam is about the same brightness as the low beam, partially ive noticed because the high beam is adjusted a bit high. Other then that I hoghly recommend these.... and the sequentials turn heads everywhere i go!!!! Thanks subispeed, great product!!

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