SubiSpeed USDM F1 Style Rear Fog Light

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI


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Make sure you are seen when using the brakes, by adding a F1 Fog light to your 2015-2020 Subaru WRX/STI from your number one supplier, SubiSpeed!

NOTE: SubiSpeed F1 Brake Lights have a dual intensity function. The fog light is dimmer than the brake light as a safety precaution for other motorists. This differentiates the SubiSpeed model from JDM counterparts such as Chargespeed.


Fog Light Wiring Splitter

This product is optional, however it will allow you to connect your Rear Fog Light swiftly and effortlessly. For more details on this product, click here

Plug and Play Harness

This item will allow you to wire your new light without tapping the factory wires. This speeds up the install and allows you to return your vehicle to a completely stock setup. For more details on this product, click here for the WRX / STI version and click here for the Crosstrek version.

Reset Configuration
Red with Red Lens V2
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first complete lamp assembly

This is the first complete lamp assembly for the 2015 WRX / STI that SubiSpeed is offering. This also works with the 13-17 Crosstrek. With a little work, we were able to develop a USDM F1 style rear fog lamp for this platform. It is produced in the same factory that the JDM version is manufactured, however it is built to our USDM specifications.

Since US vehicles lacked the rear fog light from the factory, they require additional wiring and mounting brackets vs JDM vehicles. Everything is included with this product.

As a bonus vs the stock Subaru rear fog, the brake function blinks quickly before becoming solid. This is what gives the lamp it's "F1 Style" name.

Seen in SS Rear Fog / Brake Light Overview

Version 2 Update

SubiSpeed Install Video


All LEDs are red.

  • Smoked - Smoked lens with matte black reflector
  • Chrome - Clear lens with chrome reflector
  • Red with Clear Lens - Clear lens with cherry red reflector
  • Red with Red Lens - Red lens with cherry red reflector
  • Black with Clear Lens - Clear lens with matte black reflector


  • Dual Intensity Function
  • Selectable Light Mode
  • Plug and Play with Additional Harness
  • Multiple Color Combos Available


Version 2 allows for a normal brake light OR F1 style brake light. There are a few ways this light can be setup:

  • F1 Style Brake Light Only
  • Normal Brake Light Only (V2 feature)
  • Rear Fog Light Only
  • F1 Style Brake Light + Rear Fog Light
  • Normal Brake Light + Rear Fog Light (V2 feature)

Important: For our USDM model the brake light function IS brighter than the fog light function in this model. This makes it clear to other drivers whether or not you are braking or not.

Preview Video

This video does not reflect the improvements made to the USDM lamp once it went into full production as mentioned above.

OPTIONAL Fog Light Wiring Splitter / Extension

If you want to wire this so that it only comes on with the fog lights you'll find yourself using a pretty long run of wire.

We've made a quick connect kit which will split the wires to the passenger side fog light. Just run the wire under the driver's side fender liner, into the vehicle, and along the door sills back to the trunk of the vehicle. The insulated connectors will be placed on the F1 light harness and extension. Just connect them together and you'll have a functioning rear fog light.

Includes splitter and extension with two pairs of connectors. The plug for the female end is not pre-attached so that the wires can easily be run through grommets in the firewall area. To purchase this addition, click here.

OPTIONAL Plug and Play Harness

This harness speeds up the install process. The stock wiring harness in the WRX / STI can be hard to crimp as the area is tight. Also owners who wish to return their setup to stock at any point and time can do so easily with this harness.

The harness has OEM style connectors on both ends which allows you to install this in-line with the factory wiring. 3 extensions allow you to connect the aftermarket fog / F1 lights.

  • Black - Ground (-)
  • Red - Parking / Running Light (+)
  • Yellow - Brake Light (+)

To purchase this addition, click here.


  • F1 Style Fog Light Assembly
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Wiring Harness with Connectors
  • Fog Light Wiring Splitter / Extension (optional)


The bumper cover does not need to be removed in order to install this product. Simply undo the fasteners at the bottom of the bumper cover so you can gain enough access to knock out the factory plastic cap.

We highly recommend covering the lens of the new fog light casing with painter's tape or something similar during installation. This will prevent scratches while you maneuver it into position.

Our video will help your through the installation process. However, for reference, the OEM tail light wiring is as follows:

  • Black Wire - Negative aka Ground (wire to black on the new harness)
  • Black Wire w/ White Stripe - Fog Light Positive (wire to red on the new harness)
  • Brown Wire - Brake Light Positive (wire to yellow on the new harness)

If you use the fog light extension harness, the negative and fog light wires will be supplied by that harness. You will only use the OEM tail light harness for the brown wire (brake light positive).

You can wire the lamp as a solid brake light only. You would do this by connecting the fog light wire (red) on the lamp to the brown wire on the OEM brake light wire (brown). It would be dimmer than the F1 style lamp though.

While many states allow brake lights that flash and then turn solid, some do not. Please refer to your local laws pertaining to this feature.

It is not required that you hook up the brake light wiring. You can run the product as a rear fog light only.

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  1. Love it!

    By JB March 20, 2022

    I’ve had the dark smoke version on two different WRX’s. It complements the rear end so well and looks awesome at night! Highly recommend!!

  2. Great quality!

    By Jonathan July 9, 2021

    I ordered the red with red lense (V2) with my 2021 white sti. I also purchased the plug and play with the 3 connectors. The colors matched and it was self explanatory. I had trouble using the blue male and female connectors it came with so I just cut them all off and used twist top connectors I bought at Home Depot. Last thing I had trouble with was securing the light. Make sure the fastener is on the driver side and the screw clip goes into the groove of the passenger side. *the screw clip should protrude towards the fog light. Hope this helps with someone thinking of purchasing this fog light and is worried about installation. Also watch the install video by subi speed. It was a great help! Thanks!

  3. Perfect

    By Nicholas April 8, 2020

    Compliments the car perfectly

  4. Exactly what I wanted

    By Andrew October 23, 2018

    Product looks great and went in easily. Two things to note: 1. Remove the bracket from the back and install first, then slide the light in from the outside. 2. Buy a new switch. The one provided is cheap and obtrusive (why I gave 4 stars for fit/quality).

  5. Looks awesome!

    By Chris June 26, 2018

    I have one of these on my 15 Sti and my 16 crosstrek. The STi is more difficult to install because you need to fandangle it into the opening. The crosstrek has much more space which doesn't require you to pull the bumper and you can clearly see what you're working on. However, there's no good instructions for the crosstrek. It's pretty simple though. I ended up pulling the bracket off the light, taking the clips off the light and turned them around. That made the bracket fit perfectly and the light fills the opening perfectly. Protip: Get the plug and play harness, it makes life easier! Overall though I love this brake light!

  6. Absolutely love it!

    By NDavis April 30, 2018

    I installed the V2 fog light with the switch hiding in the trunk (I'll eventually run the switch to be in the driver-side dash). What a great product. Not to mention the plug-n-play wire harness, it's definitely worth the extra few bucks. Also, can't beat the install video. That was a huge help. Actually all of the install videos are a huge help. Subispeed keeps knocking it out of the park with their Customer Support and their Install videos.

  7. Complete bumper

    By Jason March 24, 2018

    The F1 light completes the bumper. I bought the V2 red with red lens for my white WRX and it looks great having 4 points of brake lights. The quick connect harness makes it a lot easier to install and the switch to turn the F1 function on and off is a good addition to just play around with

  8. Great addition to the car!

    By Frank January 30, 2018

    Just installed this product over the weekend, got the Red with red lense (V2), took me 1-2 hours since this is my first time installing stuff, and trying to figure out the bracket, etc. Video was helpful. Paying extra for the plug and play harness was entirely worth it! Kept mine on flashing mode, but love the feature on how you can switch the modes. Overall satisfied with the product! Rear of my car looks closer to completion :D

  9. Fantastic Addition to the Rear!

    By Abraham November 3, 2017

    I got the black with clear lens and it looks very nice with my black STI! Looks a million times better than the dumb plastic piece that was there before! At night it looks phenomenal and during the day it's bright enough to see clearly as well. I always get compliments on it, people really seem to love the flashing light over just the regular light option. Installation took around 15-20 minutes. I just followed the video instructions and it was a breeze. All the parts fit perfectly and I fits flush with the back bumper trim. Would have to recommend to anyone else who hates that plastic piece in the back. Worth the money and install is very easy. This is a must-have!

  10. Nice finished product

    By Richard October 5, 2017

    This review is for Crosstrek owners. Don't order the optional harness, it doesn't work on a Crosstrek. The website install video is mostly for WRXes except for the wiring color splices. There is an easy way to install the light which involves removing the metal bracket and attaching the light from the back through the metal bracket using 1" metric bolts. Photo submitted under customer images. The finished product is worth the extra effort.

  11. CLEAN!

    By Dj September 3, 2017

    Easy install and compliments the butt nicely. Switching between modes is as easy as flicking a switch. Fairly priced and shipment is always quick. Thanks guys

  12. Quality product

    By HokieXtrek August 22, 2017

    I bought the V2 Rear F1 light for my '16 Crosstrek to help provide additional lighting as my commute to work often involves going over a foggy mountain. I bought the clear cover with black background. It gives it a stealth look without compromising function of brightness of the LEDs like the smoked lens does. Overall the product is made of quality materials and functions as described and shown in the video. It is great to have a light that operates like a normal brake light and not light a fog light. I also like the option to easily turn the flashing function on and off. I will agree with many other reviews that a gap is present around 2 of the 4 sides. I messed around with the bracket to try and adjust this several times and never could get it to go away 100%. I will say for the Crosstrek its not as plug and play as the video shows. You have to do a little drilling to the plastic carriage to get the bracket mounted. I also used push plugs to help hold the bracket in as the screws did not allow the light to mount flush. I also had to buy longer bolts as the ones that came with it were not long enough. Nothing too big but when spending this much money on a product I expected it to come with everything needed. After watching the videos and reading reviews I expected a more plug and play operation. I am very mechanically inclined so it didn't bother me, but I think those expecting pure plug and play for the Crosstek should be aware. Another big note is that the optional plug and play wiring harness did NOT work for the Crosstrek. The Crosstrek uses an 8 pin connector and mine came with a 6 pin. The tap in connectors that also come with it work great and are easy to use so its really not a big issue, i would just save your money.

  13. Outstanding

    By Brendan June 26, 2017

    This light adds a whole new look to the WRX. Installation was straight forward, and with the additional quick connect harness, wiring itbup was fool proof. Like others have said, the light seems to favor one side, but it's such a small amount that it's hardly noticeable. Highly recommended if you have some extra spending money and want to vastly improve the rear-end look of the car.

  14. Completes the back

    By Alexander March 20, 2016

    Fairly easy install. Toughest part of installation was trying to line up the 10mm bolt with the S clip. I ended up replacing the 10mm bolt with a zip tie, which keeps the unit safely secured. Splicing the wires into the tail as turn mod harness is easy. I recommend using the the red wire splicers rather than the T-Taps because I could not get a proper connection with the T-Taps. Highly recommend the F1 light, plus I think it's an added safety feature.

  15. Satisfied

    By Harvey November 25, 2015

    First of all, I want to say thank you to Maddy from the sales/customer service department. They only had the V1 when I placed my order on the 18th of november. The next day, they released the V2, which offers to turn on/off the strobe feature. I think thats really neat. At first I was kind of disappointed at first but then I decided to send sales department an email if its possible to get the V2 instead of the V1 that I ordered since its the same price. Not even 24 hours, I got a response from Maddy and she said she'll make a note to send me the V2. And true enough, I got the V2 as soon as I opened the box when it got delivered yesterday. Today, 25th of november, I installed the part. I must admit, it works seamlessly with the tail as turn harness. It provides a true plug and play feature without tapping into the factory harness. Also, it blends perfectly on the bumper. You'll hardly notice it until it lights up. And when it does light up, it looks sick. Specially at night. However, the fitment could be better. As said on previous reviews, there are slight gaps. A little wiggle here and there before tightening the bolt seems to even out the gaps on all sides. Overall the product is good and does what it's supposed to. I have yet to see how it holds up for the next couple of months or years. Lastly, I want to thank SubiSpeed for the shipping. I live in Hawaii and the Free Shipping does not apply to us here. Shipping parts here from the main land can get expensive. I chose the ground shipping for my order. But the folks at SubiSpeed gave me 2nd day air shipping which I think is a nice gesture. Thank you SubiSpeed for this product and great customer service. This order was a second batch and I'm overall satisfied.

  16. Good product

    By matthew August 22, 2015

    So I just installed this and the tail as turn on my 2016 sti. I'll write a review on the tail as turn on that products page. All in all I'm happy with the light. I chose this one over the jdm for the strobe feature and I'm glad I did. Also because it already uses led's where as with the jdm you have to buy a led bulb. The install was fairly easy. Getting the light in the space in the bumper was kind of a pain getting all the holes to line up. I would defiantly tape the light as subiespeed suggests to keep from scratching the lens when installing the light. Running the wiring was easy enough and sense I have the tail as turn on the car I didn't need to splice into the stock wiring harness which I was happy about. The fit of the light in the bumper as stated before by other reviews could be better. There is a small amount of movement of the light even after install. Also there is a slight gap difference on the sides of the light. I would like to see that fixed somehow. Some people say double sided tape will do it so I might try that. It's a good quality product and I would for sure buy it again. I would recommend this product to those looking at this one or the jdm brand light. I chose the smoke for my car and I like it. Took about two days to get here so shipping was fast. Thanms for reading guys and thanks subiespeed for this product!

  17. Review Update

    By Jayman July 18, 2015

    This is an update to my previous review. After not having the success I wanted with playing around with the bracket I took some Super 33+ electrical tape and used it to even out the light. I took about a 2 - 2 1/2" section and folded it over and over 6-7 times to make one spacer and 3-4 times to make another. I used my hand on the front of the light to push the light over to one side slightly so I could slide the tape spacer into the side using a small flathead screwdriver. Now everything is perfectly spaced and as a bonus this takes out any wiggle to the light as well. Love this light! Highly recommended!

  18. Sweet Light and Looks Great!

    By Jayman July 8, 2015

    That space in the lower bumper was begging for a light! The Subispeed light looks great and functions very well! Install was a little trickier than expected but not too bad. Highly recommended upgrade for sure! I went with the smoke lens and it very happy with the upgrade! As mentioned before there is a small gap on the side of the light once it is installed and I plan on messing with the mounting bracket so as to lessen / even it out. I might even try some rubber sealant tape my wife gave me from 3M around the outer edge of the light. Very pleased with the fit and overall look though! A few installation tips: I could not pop out the drivers side rubber cap like in the video as it is being used to secure the wiring harness in the trunk on my car. I had to use the passenger side one and I pulled it out and drilled a hole through the middle so as to run the Subispeed light wiring harness through and reinstalled it. Also, when installing the light make sure the metal mounting brackets on the light are bent properly so as to get around the outside of the plastic mount on the bumper. Mine were bent just enough so they would not get around the speed clip and would not install properly. Finally, double check your crimps on the male connectors. I had an issue with one being poor and the light would come on but would not flash. Major kudos to Subispeed support suggestions I recrimped and things are working great!

  19. Easy

    By Francisco May 24, 2015

    Excelente producto, muyfacil de instalar gracias al video, se ve bien y es util. Gracias des de chile.

  20. Fog+Brake

    By William May 18, 2015

    I got the smoked fog lights which blend in perfectly with the bumper. The red and black wires on the fogs attach directly to the harness that hooks up to the front fogs. The yellow wire attaches to the solid brown wire in the tail light. I ended up not using five of the connectors included in the harness+fog kit. Overall great product and makes your wrx stand out! Thanks subispeed!

  21. Not too bad

    By remii May 11, 2015

    Hi I just purchased this F1 style brake light as well. The installation was pretty easy I just followed the installation video. I wish they showed how to install those stupid T-Tap connecters though. I had to google it, but it's also easy. In the video, the part where you feed the wiring through, it looks like the grommet is completely removed. I instead decided to cut a small slit in the grommet to feed the wire through and reattached it. I figured the weather protection couldn't hurt :) Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the product, I just wish it was brighter. Mine doesn't look as bright as the in the video :/ Also maybe a bit over priced but the amount we put into our cars is always crazy haha

  22. Oh So PERFECT

    By Justin April 24, 2015

    This just completes the back of the car. This is the number one thing i get complimented on, everyone says that it looks killer at night and stealth during the day which is what I wanted. The fit and finish is perfect and so simple to install. AWESOME PRODUCT!

  23. Great product

    By Andrew April 4, 2015

    I really wanted a light to fit in the empty spot where it just looked like something should be there. I wasn't sure if I wanted the jdm or subi speed light. I am more than happy I went with the subi speed light. The light is always on when my lights are on it flashes and is brighter when you press the brake. I choose the red but I didn't like that it was red inside not a red lens. Easy fix I had some red lens vinyl and just put it on the light. It looks great I love it.

  24. Easy install. Awesome looks.

    By Roland February 22, 2015

    I just got this today in Smoke black. It blends in better than the red or white lens. Simple enough install once I went through the video a couple of times. It fits well but could be a tighter fit as the sides have slight gaps. 1/10 of an inch or so. A good seal tape around it should do the trick. It works as I want it to, not too annoying to attract attention yet bright enough so say, Hey ! I stopped! Thanks for the laffy taffy!

  25. Just what you're looking for

    By Loogs February 14, 2015

    i love it. it looks great and functions just like it should. its very bright and looks perfect on the car. this is a must buy with the F1 function. you will be happy with this. i am!

  26. Beautiful

    By Javier February 8, 2015

    This fog light looks amazing when fitted.It is very subtle and you dont notice it until it lights up. Great product.

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