RokBlokz V2 Rally Mud Flaps

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI

$78.71 - $104.95



Give your WRX or STI an aggressive, WRC-inspired look with the high-quality RokBlokz V2 Rally Mud Flaps from SubiSpeed!
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  • Provide awesome look and cleaner sides
  • High-quality construction with choice of color
  • Two size options for stock height and lowered Subies
  • Easy, drop-in install with no drilling
  • Come with stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Backed by a 6-month limited warranty

Great Look and Extra Side Protection for your WRX or STI

While the Subaru WRX or STIs can handle adverse weather and gravel roads better than most, that doesn’t mean you want to hose your Subie’s love handles with grime. The RokBlokz V2 Rally Mud Flaps for 2015-2020 WRX and STIs adds some protection against the elements in a stylish mudflap package that can handle both the daily grind and ripping around out in the gravel. The RokBlokz V2 Mud Flaps come in several different body and lettering color options so that you can perfectly match your Subie build’s styling them and really turn some heads. The V2 mudflaps feature built-in, molded lettering instead of the V1’s original stickers, but with all the same features that made the V1 mud flaps great.

Extremely Durable and Pliable Construction with Easy Install

The RokBlokz V2 Rally Mudflaps for WRX and STI models are made out of extremely strong, yet flexible material that won’t crack or split over bumps in the road. Each V2 Rally Mudflap is made out of a proprietary polyurethane-based material that’s extremely strong, but can also bends over speed bumps and when hit to avoid cracking. The flaps are each CNC machined for a perfect fit on your Subie and come standard with stainless steel mounting hardware for a long lifespan. The flaps are available in several body and lettering colors, as well as both an “Original” length for Subies at stock ride height or a “Short” length for Subies that are lowered. The mudflaps come with installation instructions and are backed by a 6-month limited warranty.

  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI

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  1. Difficult but worth it

    By J February 23, 2020

    To start with I have a 2019 and theres a piece on the rear that covers the section where the L bracket goes and you have disassemble to in order to put the flaps on. They are a pain in the ass, as simple as it looked. The plastic hardware is definitely a bummer but it works. The front would’ve been remarkably simple if it wasn’t for the L bracket and lining everything up and the screw actually wanting to catch the clip. It took a lot longer than it should have. But the end result was definitely awesome and I’m glad they’re on. The flaps themselves are rigid and i prefer the harder plastic, seems more sturdier. Definitely recommend getting them, just know it’ll be a little annoying.

  2. Great product

    By Luke October 18, 2018

    These are excellent, very sturdy and gives my sti a very aggressive look from behind, and the price and quality is way better than rally armor. Also note u will most likely have 2 take the tire off but still that's no big deal.

  3. Looks awesome, and saves the paint

    By Jason October 2, 2018

    If you own a WRX, mudflaps are a must to save your paint from unlimited rock chips. These mud flaps are the perfect addition to your car. They come in lots of colors to match whatever style you may want on your car. ( I personally installed lime green on my WR Blue WRX). The look is awesome, and the functionality is spot on. I love hearing rocks bouncing off my mudflaps and not the side of my car! The one thing I would caution you on during installation is that the clip nuts/anchors that you screw into can be a little finicky to get started. The biggest issue I found was with the ones on the bottom side of the car, with the screws going straight up. There is enough material there for your car for the screw to bite into and seemingly thread right in. However, if you pay close attention, the screw might actually just be bending the anchor right out of the way. If you don't catch this and get it right, that screw won't stay there for very many miles. Otherwise, this installation is a cinch. Watch the Subispeed video if you are still unsure. They do an awesome job showing you how these mudflaps install.

  4. Great Product

    By Justin July 28, 2018

    Installation of the mud flaps was surprisingly easy, taking off the rear tires is differently necessary. They give the car an aggressive look from behind and do a great job of protecting paint. problem i have is is that they scrape coming out of steep driveways on stock ride height, could be fixed by buying the shortz.

  5. Love these mud flaps

    By Brittany March 1, 2018

    I purchased these mud flaps in May 2017, and I have absolutely loved them. For me, it was a little difficult taking out the stock push-pins (plugs) inside the wheel well where the new hardware would be installed. However, once I was able to free the stock push-pins (plugs), it was really easy to install these mud flaps. I love how they are super durable and tough. I live in a very rural area and these mud flaps have helped tremendously keep a lot of the road dirt off the side of my vehicle in both summer and winter driving conditions. Lastly, I would highly recommend these mud flaps to anyone because they are affordable and easy to install.

  6. Love how my Sons car looks

    By Mayra February 8, 2018

    Great Christmas and Birthday present for my son just perfect and he loves how his car looks

  7. Great product

    By Josh December 12, 2017

    Love the look of these on my car, gives it an aggressive rally look. Install was very easy even with taking off the back tires. Only problem I had was the little inserts for the rear I broke two (they include one extra), luckily the upper inside hole is easily accessible from front and rear so I just used a nut and bolt from my toolbox. For those having problems with the factory retainers, I just held the base with my thumb nail then turned the middle with a screw driver and they popped right out.

  8. great for the price

    By Guido October 12, 2017

    I was looking for mudflaps for my wrx and was looking at the rally armour and these ones, finally, because of the price I decided to buy the Rokblokz, they are very easy to install, but I believe that the Rally Armour ones are a bit more flexible and perhaps better quality, I think the Rokblokz aren't as flexible. Either way its a great prouct and costing way less than the Rally Armour ones I am very happy with my decision

  9. Great product for the price

    By Joben July 31, 2017

    Pretty simple to install. All the hardware comes labled and the flaps themselves look great. The ones I ordered came with the decals printed on them wich I thought was pretty cool.

  10. Great for the price

    By Riley June 11, 2017

    The installation was easy, but the clips that come on the car are very hard to get off; They strip very easily. Some of them I had to break off but that's no big deal since the kit replaces the clips with screws anyhow. The flaps themselves are made of a rigid thick plastic that has only a little bit of give, which means they 'scrap' over things like speed bumps rather than brush over them. Not too big of a deal in my application, but if you lowered your car any get the "Shortz" version of these.

  11. No complaints, looks great, functions great!

    By Dylan April 29, 2017

    I put these mud flaps on about a week ago and had love every bit of them. The installation was very easy and the included documentation makes it a breeze. The hardest part about the install was getting the OEM clips off with the Philip's head slot. It took me just as long to get all 8 of those out as it did to install half the mud flaps. No complaints with Rokblokz there as that's a Subaru issue. It wouldn't be a real review of some mud flaps if I didn't get them muddy, would it? I ran through the muddy woods today to see how they worked. Definitely protected everything from the rocks flying up and the mud spray was much less than prior to having them (as to be expected). When it's all cleaned up, they add a nice wider look to the back end and give your car the extra flare. Overall very satisfied with the product and feel like I got much more of a bang for my buck than if I had gone with the RallyArmors which are nearly twice the price.

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