OLM High Point Duckbill Trunk Spoiler

2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI

$299.00 - $349.00

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Enhance, upgrade, and give a custom look to your 2015-2020 Subaru WRX & STI with the OLM High point Paint Matched Duckbill Trunk Spoiler!

All models except the carbon version can also use supplied bolts and stock mounting location. Must have been equipped with OEM low profile spoiler to have these holes.

These are painted to order typically and have lead time of 6-8 weeks. We always have a queue of these being made for our stock. When they go out of stock a back order status will indicate a wait period for specific colors. If you cannot wait please do not order when in that status. If you do order in "backorder" status your duckbill will ship in the order received.

Reset Configuration
Dark Gray Metallic / Asphalt (61K)
Ice Silver Metallic / Steel (G1U)
Lapis Blue Pearl (K3X)
Pure Red / Ablaze (M7Y)
WR Blue Pearl (K7X)
Crystal White Pearl / Halo (K1X)
Galaxy Blue Silica / Ultramarine (E8H)
Lightning Red / Firestorm Red (C7P)
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2015+ WRX / STI Duckbill Spoiler

  • Paint Matched
  • Easy to Install
  • Gives an aggressive look and feel
  • Attaches with Supplied 3M Tape
  • No Drilling Required
  • Comes with hardware and instructions

Enhance and Upgrade the look of your WRX or STI

If you are looking to replace your factory wing this Duckbill trunk spoiler is the answer. Sleek and aggressive low profile look that will not attract unwanted attention while maintaining a clean look. This trunk spoiler is made from high quality fiberglass using OEM factory paint colors. The spoiler is available in paint matched and carbon fiber finishes.

NEW FOR 2019 - All models except the carbon version can also use supplied bolts and stock mounting location. Must have been equipped with OEM low profile spoiler to have these holes.

The Perfect Spoiler

This could very well be the perfect spoiler for you. If you're looking for something a little bit more subtle than an STI spoiler or GT style wing, this should be on your wish list. Going for a factory look? Choose a paint matched color. Have a carbon fiber theme to your vehicle? Choose a carbon fiber duckbill spoiler.

The installation process is simple, and this wing will cover up the OEM low profile spoiler holes. Attaches with double sided tape (included). Clean the surface of your trunk properly before mounting.

  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI

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  1. Great lip!

    By Justin October 9, 2022

    Got this lip because I didn’t want something over the top but still wanted aggressive! Very happy with my choice, perfectly paint matched and the holes lined up perfectly with my 2020 limited wrx.

  2. Perfect Fit

    By jopobs August 12, 2022

    Perfect fit for my 2019 wrx premium. easy to install and looks badass! bought the matte balck for my crystal black silica.


    By Anthony August 8, 2022

    I got the matte black to go on my Pearl White WRX. I added a nice wax coating when I washed, and it keeps a nice sheen and keeps the dirt off well. I absolutely love how it looks, especially with the license plate matte black panel.

  4. Pretty good

    By Derek February 9, 2022

    Great product overall. There’s a slight color mismatch on the white if you really look into it but can’t really notice under normal circumstances.

  5. Good Product

    By Derek January 25, 2022

    Overall the product quality and installation was good. I'd be very curious to inspect it alongside the popular Amazon one many people buy. I got the pearl white duckbill and it's slightly off color (Def not perfect) but unless you really look for it you likely won't spot the difference. I have a 2018 and the two metal bolts on each side of the stock spoiler just kept spinning when trying to take them out. I had to resort to drilling out the bolts in order to remove the stock spolier. I say that just as an FYI in case it happens to you. I'd recommend the product overall as it has three bolts and 3M tape holding it on and looks nice.

  6. looks great - pre-drilled holes fit those used by OEM spoiler

    By MSGT O. September 30, 2020

    First, let me say I'm quite happy with the look. More aggressive than the OEM but not over the top. Just right for me. Next let me state that it was simple enough to remove the OEM spoiler. The bolts are 8mm but they are in tight. I torqued the head off one bolt but no big deal as it was still simple to remove. I used a plastic spackling tool to provide gentle leverage to help pop out the 3 plastic clips. Putting the new one on, I applied the double-sided tape to the spoiler, removed about 1-2 inches of the peel-away tape that was car-side leaving it hanging outside the spoiler and placed it on the trunk. Partly screwed in the two bolts that came with it, removed the tape, pressed down, and then finished tightening the bolts. Done. I would simply recommend you not tape it down hard until you know you've got the holes lined up. Also the holes on the duckbill perfectly match the holes that are there for the OEM spoiler, so no drilling is necessary. FWIW, my WRX is a 2019.

  7. Looks Good

    By Jay September 21, 2020

    Purchased the Crystal White Pearl for my 2017wrx, installation was a breeze, all the holes matched up and it looks amazing. And with the Subispeed tail lights wow it really looks nice.

  8. Awesome quality, adds refinement and flare!

    By Drew / WRXYA_BH October 13, 2018

    K, so I have had the duckbill on for about 3 months now and still loving it. I am a 2015 base guy so the options were limitless for me. The paint finish is damn good, I only caught a couple of clear coat imperfections, and I had it under intense light. I love how it does not require any drilling. I see ppl below itching about that, but really how frigging hard is it to put a couple holes in. if you already have holes in your trunk then you line the duckbill up and then go from the inside push a pen or some kind of marker in through the hole and you know exactly where the holes need to be drilled in the duckbill. I have a lot of experience with 3M auto adhesive so I have no doubts that this thing will hold up especially since I put the entire roll that subispeed includes on it in addition to some small other pieces off my half inch roll to fill in the gaps. Like Kevin's video on the gurney flap I was able to just hold on to the duckbill and pull my car back up my driveway obviously it's on there. Get a lot of compliments on it people really like the way it looks but it's not over the top. I think overall the best part of it is that if I ever got tired of it or want to switch it up I could wrap it black carbon fiber or I could totally remove it and have my stock trunk in perfect condition


    By Daniel October 28, 2017

    Was extremely disappointed when I realized that there were no pre drilled holes on the rexpeed duckbill to match the stock holes. In no way was I comfortable trusting the double sided tape in keeping this $400 product on my vehicle. For future purchasers understand that you will have to cover the 3 plastic locking holes, match up and drill 3 holes on your rexpeed duckbill to match the stock holes on the drunk. Also, there was 1 pre drilled whole on my rexpeed duckbill that did not match to any hole. Overall the product fits great and looks great, however would probably not have purchased if I knew the only means of securing this product was with doubled sided tape.

  10. Beautiful piece.

    By Geoffrey March 1, 2017

    I'm very impressed with the fit and finish of this rear spoiler. Unlike most, I've always thought that that STi spoiler was a bit much and grabbed to much attention, however, the OEM spoiler was a bit too subtle. This was the perfect fit for the bill.

  11. It looks amazing.

    By Kevin C. February 25, 2017

    Super easy to remove the spoiler, just 3 10mm bolts. I recommend using a cordless impact driver to break the red thread locker. Total install took about 30 min. The carbon fiber looks awesome.

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