GCS Front and Rear Gloss Black Frame Emblem Kit

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI


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Give your WRX or STI a subtle visual upgrade with the GCS Gloss Black Emblem kit from SubiSpeed! Multiple color options available!

Sold as a full set. Front and rear emblem inserts AND gloss black frames included. Install must be done with paint surface and emblem temperature above 70 degrees. Cold adhesive does not bond properly. Once properly mounted it can withstand lower teamptures.

*UPDATE* Neon stars are now available. Similar in color to the 2018+ STI Brembo brakes.

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https://www.subispeed.com/scp/15-wrx/2015-2020-subaru-wrx-vinyl-emblems/emblemsComplete Front and Rear Subaru Emblem Kit with Choice of Star Color

The stock emblems may help make your Subaru a Subaru, but their blue on chrome color scheme can really cramp your WRX or STI’s styling in pretty short order. The GCS Gloss Black Emblem Kit for 2015-2020 Subaru WRX and STIs features a gloss black background and black bezel with your choice of color for the famous Subaru Pleiades stars. GCS offers up blue, white, green, red, and neon green color options for the stars, which gives you plenty of options to match your custom WRX or STI’s paint color or styling themes. The emblems are extremely easy to install and give your Subie some subtle, good looks without a bunch of hassles.

Front and Rear, OE-Style Emblems with Excellent Fitment

The GCS Front and Rear Emblem Kit for WRX and STI are near-perfect replicas of the OEM emblem’s dimensions so that they easily drop into place of the stock emblems in almost no time at all. Both the front and rear emblem come with a black ABS bezel with OE-style tabs. Regardless of the star color, the emblems themselves come with a gloss black finish that fits in great with the factory grille and lets the emblems blend in far better with other black or dark exterior parts and accessories. GCS includes pre-applied double-sided tape for installation, making them ready to install right out of the box.

SubiSpeed Install Video (similar product)

Also seen in New Products February 2017 Video



  • Clean, subtle new look for your WRX or STI
  • Pair of emblems with gloss-black background
  • Choice of color for Pleiades stars
  • Come with black bezel for clean look
  • Easy, drop-in replacements for stock
  • Comes with double-sided tape for installation

Emblem Inserts

GCS brings you an affordable way to replace the factory emblems on your 2015-2017 WRX and STI. The stock emblems are fine, however these offer a little style and customization. The emblem inserts have a gloss appearance due to a clear epoxy layer.

Preapplied 3M makes installation simple. Install must be done with paint surface and emblem temperature above 70 degrees. Cold adhesive does not bond properly. Once properly mounted it can withstand lower teamptures.



Emblem Frames

Each set also comes with front and rear gloss black emblem frames. They are exact replicas of the OEM part to ensure proper fit. Optional emblems frames in matte and carbon fiber are sold separately. You can also resuse your chrome factory frames.



These are currently available in red, white, blue, and green. If a product option is not displayed, the item is currently on backorder.




  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2020 Subaru STI

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  1. They look great

    By Joe September 29, 2021

    Like others have said, the rear emblem will need a 2nd layer of 3M tape to adhere. Without the additional layer only 4 tiny spots make contact. The front works fine with the provided adhesive. Aside from that they look awesome on my 21' WRB STI! The blue is almost an exact color match.

  2. Buy More 3M tape

    By Nick March 17, 2021

    Would recommend more 3M tape, the amount on the emblem did not feel like it was enough. Easy installation, came out nice, just recommend a little more tape, especially for the back one.

  3. Looks Great, Worth the Money

    By Skylar March 30, 2020

    Easy to install, frame seems cheaper than the emblem itself but overall very satisfied. Replaced the 3M tape on the rear with my own, felt more secure.

  4. Good but rear needs different tape to stick

    By Will February 24, 2020

    The badges are good quality and the front went on fine, but the rear emblem tape didn’t reach the car so you need to buy tape and put another layer on but other than that it looks great.

  5. I'm gonna say it again, EXTRA 3M!!

    By Eric May 23, 2018

    Overall, I'm very satisfied. I like how it looks, I went neon green for my Dark Grey WRX and I'm quite pleased. As has been stated though, make sure you have some additional 3M it a mounting adhesive of some sort. It will come up short on the grill but not TOO much.

  6. Needs more tape

    By Nick March 15, 2018

    I got the black & reds, i love the look, they definitely look awesome but as others said you need more tape to put them on, other than that great product.

  7. Great but fit could be better

    By Wes March 6, 2018

    Product goes on easy enough. Just use a heat gun on medium heat and OEM emblems come off rather easy with little mess. Just take your time. The front emblem needs some extra adhesive to keep it on. All in all, they look great!

  8. Nice

    By Mark January 16, 2018

    I bought the white and black ones, as others described you need a bit more tape. Overall love the looks

  9. Gloss Black/Blue stars

    By Robert October 30, 2017

    I purchased the gloss black frames with blue stars and they match perfectly with the WRB paint. As all the other reviews stated, you DO need extra 3m tape for the front badge! The back badge fits perfect no adjustment, but had to double up the front 3m. Overall 100% satisfied with product although extra 3m tape was half the price of this product.

  10. By Jordan October 25, 2017

    I got the emblems in black and red. They go so nicely with my jdm grille and the s207 pinstripe. It was quick and easy and my front end looks awesome. Great buy.

  11. Subtle Addition

    By JP September 15, 2017

    Original emblems were scratched in shipping and Subispeed replaced right away. Used fish line and a heat gun to separate the existing adhesive for easy removal. Make sure to pick up some double sided tape for install.

  12. Great product

    By Tyler September 2, 2017

    I bought these to help give a more aggressive looks to the front and rear end and instantly looked better. Easy to install at about 15 min which includes removing oem logos. I went out and bought extra tape because of reading previous reviews but the kit came with two extra front badge tapes to fill the gap on the front logo. You will need both.

  13. Quick and easy personalization!

    By Matt August 19, 2017

    I've been wanting to personalize the outside of my car for a while, and finally got around to starting. These badges were a great first start! Really easy, quick, and look great. Some small burs from factory are the only reason I didn't give a '5' on Fit/Quality. A few careful seconds with a razor took care of that (not that you would have noticed them after install anyway.)

  14. Questionable Fitment

    By Nick July 18, 2017

    I purchased the gloss black frames with the red star insert. Overall fitment was questionable and I ended up epoxying the front emblem in place. I would highly recommend purchasing the other emblem option that already comes as one piece versus the two.

  15. overall a good piece wish my didnt come with any scraches

    By Cristian June 14, 2017

    Great visual mod but my came with quite a few scratches on them but there wasn't a lot to return theses but overall a good mod but trim piece that goes around the badge didn't want to stick which was annoying but I just went ahead and put the badge with out it and it still looks great.

  16. Easy Installation

    By Brian April 19, 2017

    I echo the older comments - you will need additional 3M 03616 Scotch-Mount 7/8" x 15' Molding Tape to correctly install the front emblem, as the tape that is included is not thick enough to fill the gap between the front emblem and the mounting base. I also echo the install video - you will need a heat gun, piece of plastic for a pry tool, goo gone, and the above mentioned extra mounting tape. The whole procedure for front and back emblems took me under 30 minutes.

  17. Looks Clean

    By Richard April 15, 2017

    I went with the gloss black frames and white and black emblems. I could not have been happier with how they look! Totally changed the look of the car from what looks like a Whole Foods shopper to a total speed racer. So glad I went with these over the overlays.

  18. Nice!!

    By Hung April 9, 2017

    Purchased the green emblems, and goes with all the other gloss things (fog bezels, side markers, OEM front grill). Really makes the front and back of the car look much better than OEM & vinyl overlays!! Only downside is there was not enough 3M tape for the front grill. I had to add a couple pieces in the middle of the emblem to fill in the hole behind it. Other than that very pleased with the purchase.

  19. Blue on WRB looks awesome!

    By Mitchell February 17, 2017

    Really loving the look of these on my wrb wrx. It was a good thing I had extra 3m emblem tape. The front emblem had to be doubled up to stick, but my rear stuck fine . The look is great and fit is like oem!

  20. Great looking emblems

    By Dave February 12, 2017

    Easy install and they look great. However, as the previous review stated you will need to use some sort of double sided tape to get the new emblem to seat properly, due to a small gap between the emblem and plastic.

  21. gloss emblems

    By Kurt February 11, 2017

    black and white emblems and frames with that clear epoxy! So glossy and perfect! I tried the route of buying the matte black frames and doing the vinyl overlays only to be just slightly perturbed as I am a perfectionist. These are so easy to swap with a little heat gun and fishing string :) My only negative and it seems to be the current theme is that the 3m double sided tape is tooooo thin so when you go to apply only 50% attaches to the car so I bought a roll of double sided gorilla tape and snipped some little pieces all around the existing 3m and it fit like a charm. Love em!

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