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GFB Respons TMS Adjustable BOV

2015-2020 Subaru WRX

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Precisely control how much air vents from your BOV on your upgraded 2015-2020 Subaru WRX with the GFB Respons TMS Adjustable BOV from Subispeed!
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  • Adjust how loud the blow-off sound is
  • Recirculate all of the air for silent factory operation, vent it all to atmosphere for maximum noise, or set it ANYWHERE in between to suit your preference.
  • Get a blow-off sound WITHOUT causing stalling, backfiring, or any other BOV-related issues, even on a car with a sensitive airflow meter (MAF).
  • Offers better throttle response
  • Fast boost recovery on gearshifts
  • Unlimited Boost-Holding

Not just any BOV

On the surface it may look like just another dual-port blow-off valve, but the Respons is actually much more than that. Featuring GFB’s patented venting bias adjustment system, the Respons allows you to precisely control how much air vents from each of the two outlets. This unique system allows the amount of air vented to either recirc or atmosphere to be infinitely varied to change the venting sound like a stereo volume dial!

Increase Your Boost by 30%

So if you want noise with your performance, the Respons can deliver! By fine-tuning the venting ratio, you CAN achieve a blow-off sound WITHOUT throwing a CEL (check engine light), running rich, stalling, using more fuel or causing any other problems commonly associated with atmo-venting valves on cars with MAF sensors. Twisting the adjusting ring opens up the atmo port, whilst the recirc port is simultaneously closed. This results in possible venting ratios ranging from 100% recirc, right through to 100% atmosphere and anywhere in between.


  • 2015-2020 Subaru WRX

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  1. Listen to Go Fast Brett

    By Crean September 29, 2021

    Install was easy but time consuming, taking everything apart. Reassembly was easy, leave the horn off until after you put the PVC and vacuum lines back on the turbo inlet. Mine is set around 40% BOV open, its not a linear setting so this puts recirculation at 100% open with Blow off only under boost and it's still plenty loud. Turbo response is super quick after tightening the spring about 4 full turns below flush. The quicker you get off the clutch you can hear the valve close and feel you are right back with boost pressure. EVERY thing about it is perfectly simple and fantastic.

  2. Great bov!!

    By Jaran January 4, 2018

    This is such a great bov! Love the sound, turns heads everywhere I go. Really wakes up and livens up my 18 wrx. Installs very easy.....taking the stock valve was super hard. Fyi on the 18 model you will most likely need to buy a small hose clamp. One of the clamps underneath has a tricky clamp that I destroyed to get off lol. And the spring preload will have to be tightend to the make or you till get rpm dropping all the time. So good luck and go ahead and pull the trigger. Ps I'm running it fully atmospheric

  3. High quality / Great sound

    By Stephen December 12, 2015

    So I have to say this installation turned out to be easier then I expected. The most difficult part was getting the old BPV out. Took a little bit of work but after wiggling it around quite a bit it came out. I elected to remove the intake pipe leading to the turbo to access the position from the bottom of the motor.Tuning the proportioning valve and preload spring was very simple. I set the vavle to 50/50 before I installed the BOV and then screwed the preload spring in approximately 3 - 4 rotations in the + clockwise direction ( to increase load on spring ). You can adjust the BOV from the top of the motor by removing the intake snorkel. Took about 45 minutes from beginning to end. No issues with idle/stall/stumble after high rev's or after shifting under high boost. Holds boost better then stock unit and the WHOOOSSSHHH sound is amazing at 50/50. (My wife compared it to the air brakes on a semi) I'm glad that I made this BOV my final decision. Would highly recommend this product!

  4. reults

    By christopher April 2, 2015

    2015 wrx bov review: So upon purchasing I had a performance shop in Connecticut new York named ECS Performance perform the install along with a mishimoto intake and dyno tune. The tuner stated you should not run this unless you have a dyno tune so the car knows what to do with the left over mixture its venting to the atmosphere. Also while trying to run this at 75% recirculate and 25% vent, the vehicle had a stalling issue. The shop stated the spring is not strong enough to close the valve fast enough causing the vehicle to loose all air and stall the car. When we did set it to full recirc they did say I created boost faster then the stock diverter valve but I lost 7 HP because I had to full recirc. Just figured everyone should know what I experienced as they are an experienced and well known shop in new York. Thanks for your products subi speed as I will continue to purchase from you!

  5. Great BOV

    By Zakk February 9, 2015

    I have 2015 WRX Limited. Great BOV and sound. Install was a little more complicated than any other BOV I've ever installed. I had to remove the whole bottom of the intake and the connection to the turbo. It's a little rough trying to get the stock one out and the GFB in. You actually have to push the GFB BOV into a plastic pipe. It's a tight fit, but sounds great. I love how I can adjust it on the fly. Thanks for the Laffy Taffy! lol

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