Sticker Fab

Sticker Fab 2018 Style Bumper Overlay (Upper / Lower)

2015-2017 WRX & STI


Add a custom look to your 2015-2017 WRX STI’s front bumper with this simple exterior mod. It’s amazing the difference these upper and lower overlays make.
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  • 2018 look for your WRX or STI’s front bumper
  • Simple sticker package to install
  • Add both overlays or choose only the upper or lower
  • 3D carbon fiber, gloss black, or matte black finishes
  • High quality vinyl for long lasting look
  • Cover up exterior blemishes and JDM license plate holes


Call it what you want, but these vinyl overlays from Sticker Fab give your 2015-2017 WRX or STI the appearance of a larger lower grille area. It mimics a look similar to the 2018 front bumpers. The material is high quality, textured 3D carbon vinyl. Also available in matte black or gloss black. Great resistance to the elements for a long-lasting look. Cover up the JDM license plate holes and any minor paint blemishes in this area of your Subaru’s bumper. Made with premium material rated for 5 years of outdoor durability. Built in air egress liner makes installs much easier. This is a vinyl product and has no actual carbon fiber content. Machine cut. This is NOT a universal product. The material has been cut down specifically for this application. NOTE: If you already have the S207 Lower Bumper vinyl we released on Subispeed prior to this product, you only need the top part to complete the look.

Easy install for a unique exterior look

NOTE: Upper vinyl piece may need no heat or special instructions to install. Please follow the guidelines below if you still have difficulty installing it though.

It is easier to install the lower piece without a front lip mounted to the bumper. Without a lip present, you can stretch the material with heat underneath the bumper with ease. However, we installed this by loosening the front lip but not completely removing it.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, gloss black and matte black options have been added. These two materials do not have air egress channels. Please use more soapy water to ensure air bubbles can escape from under these materials. 3D carbon is the easiest to install, followed by matte black, and then gloss black.

NOTE: This material responds well to heat. It aids in contouring / stretching and removing creases. It also makes the material adhere to surfaces better. Do not overheat the material. A general rule of thumb is that if you can take the heat without burning yourself, then the material can as well.

Recommended items:

  • Hair Dryer / Heat Gun
  • Soapy water mix / Quick detailer spray
  • Friend (recommended)

Clean the surface of your bumper. Leave a water / soap mixture on the surface and apply this mixture or quick detailer to the bottom of the overlay as well. This will make it easier to slide the overlay into position. Once you have centered the overlay, push out the remaining water / air bubbles with your fingers. Be sure not to damage the material.

Once the center portion is placed down and the alignment is proper, slowly use heat to conform the ends, one side at a time.

Use a hair dryer or heat gun (apply light heat) on the corners. This heats up the adhesive and allows the material to stretch and fit all contours. Here's where your buddy can help the most. Have them heat up the area you are working on as you stretch the material with your fingers. With heat, you can stretch and massage out almost any crease. Allow 24-48 hours before washing vehicle. Having the vehicle sit in direct sunlight for a period of time helps the material bond.

Using any credit card or hard plastic as a squeegee is not recommended. These hard materials can damage the vinyl.


  • 2015-2017 WRX
  • 2015-2017 WRX STI

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