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Sticker Fab Front and Rear Emblem Overlays

2018+ Crosstrek

$12.95 - $14.95



These front and rear 3D carbon fiber emblem overlays give your vehicle a unique look. NOTE: This DOES NOT include new emblems. You are to install these emblem overlays on top of the OEM emblems already on your vehicle.
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Matte Black
Carbon Fiber Look
3D Carbon (White)
3D Carbon (Black)



Customize your vehicle with simple vinyl overlays available in different colors.

Comes with a total of 4 overlays on a sheet. Two are for you to apply and two more if you have an accident applying them and need a spare. Constructed of hand laid vinyl. This ensures the longest durability vs printed vinyl.

3D Carbon vinyl is textured and has a more authentic feel to it. Carbon fiber look is closer to a hydrodipped pieces.

Background Colors


These install easily with a hair dryer and a little water. A drop of dish washer soap can also be used on the matte black and carbon fiber look versions. The use of water and soap make it easier to position the emblems and can help allow air to be removed from under the surface of the overlay.

Clean the OEM emblems and put water on it and the overlays. Position the overlay and press down. A hairdryer can be used to promote adhesion and improve fit. Allow 24-48 hours before washing vehicle. Comes with two complete sets.

NOTE: Front emblem is larger than rear.

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