SubiSpeed Reverse Camera on Demand Wiring Harness

2015-2020 *WRX & STI



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Conveniently turn your reverse camera on with the touch of a button. Your stock functionality is still retained and putting your vehicle in reverse will still turn the camera on automatically.

NOTE: This harness will also activate the reverse lights when used. The switch has been updated and requires a 20mm hole to be mounted.

*CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK ON THE 2015 WRX WITH CVT TRANSMISSION. 2019 WRX & STI owners will need a multimeter or test probe to find the appropriate wire.


Reverse Camera on Demand

The reverse camera in vehicles is typically activated by putting the vehicle in reverse. This is an automatic feature that comes in handy 85 percent of the time. However, what about that other 15% of the time?

*CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK ON THE 2015 WRX WITH CVT TRANSMISSION 2019 WRX owners will need a multimeter or test probe to find the appropriate wire. Please see details at the very bottom of this product listing.

Product Update - Switch

As of 8/1/2017 this product has been updated with a new switch. This switch has an optional terminal to illuminate it when on. The switch does require drilling, or mounting it out of view. It's diameter is 20mm.

The 15% of The Time Problem Solved

Sure there are some that will ask you why don't you just shift it into reverse to get the camera to turn on. There's some pretty good situations where you just want to verify what's behind your vehicle and don't necessarily want to back up.

  • Pulling through a parking spot and making sure you clear the parking spot behind you
  • Pulling into a garage with limited space and making sure you will clear the garage door
  • Verifying there is space behind you when pressed for time
  • Verifying your surroundings

There are actually a good number of situations where you don't necessarily need to reverse or don't have the time to keep on putting the vehicle in reverse and drive over and over again.

A simple push of this button will activate your reverse camera. When you're done, push it once more to turn the camera off. When your vehicle is in reverse the camera will still come on automatically.

NOTE: This harness will also activate the reverse lights when used.

SubiSpeed Quick Clip

Note that the older switch is shown in this video.

Simple Installation

The harness only has two connections which need to be made. The switch can be mounted in the cubby hole area mostly out of sight. All hardware and instructions ARE included.

NOTE: The revised switch required drilling a 20mm hole or finding another mounting solution.

2016+ WRX removal: Youtube External Link

2019 Changes - For some reason Subaru decided to use 3 yellow wires with red stripe in their passenger side door wire loom starting with this year. You will need a multimeter or 12v probe to determine which wire has power when the vehicle is put in reverse. You can use a chassis ground (metal on the vehicle) and test each wire. Have someone turn the vehicle to accessory power while you probe the wires. With a foot covering the brake, have them switch the vehicle into reverse. When you find the wire that has power as soon as the vehicle is put into reverse, this is the one you want to use.

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  1. Useful Addition

    By JD May 1, 2020

    I got this product to make parking easier for my 2016 STI Limited. I also purchased a harness from to tap into pin 2 on the 28 pin stereo harness for the rear view camera signal (no tapping into the car’s wiring harness). Accessing the rear of the stereo on the 2016 is annoying, but straightforward. Since I have push button start, I mounted the switch on the key hole cover. Works great!

  2. Excellent product!!

    By Kevin October 17, 2017

    Since I have the new 2018 STI Limited with Starlink Nav radio, there was a bit more to remove. I placed the switch in the recommended location in the center cubby hole. I also wired up the switch to illuminate when activated. The only thing I wondered was if I was able to tap directly into the harness that plugs into the back of the radio, VS running the wire all the way to the passenger foot area. Overall I'm very satisfied with this ingenious idea of a product!!

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