OLM K.I.S.S. Fog Light Kit

2015-2017 WRX & STI



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This kit is built by the experts at OLM. The results are a high quality kit at a fraction of the cost.

Drive your WRX safely in inclement weather. These premium fog lights cast a low, wide beam of light to enhance your vision in foggy conditions.

NOTE: Includes all hardware necessary for installation. For ease of installation and a clean install, there is NO PHYSICAL SWITCH. This kit utilizes a relay and is triggered by the low beams. When your low beams are on, these fogs will illuminate. This also means there is no mounting of switches or running a wire through the firewall required.

NOTE 2:This kit is NOT compatible with the SubiSpeed Headlights.

NOTE: We strongly recommend testing the lights before installing them inside the headlight housing.

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OLM + OEM Components

This kit allows you to upgrade your 2015+ WRX or Canadian base STI with ease. There are no switches involved. Most owners will opt to run their fog lights with their low beams at all times and here is the lower cost solution to do that. This kit uses the low beam to trigger a separate relay which will provide power to your new fog lights. Included are Subaru OEM fog light bezels.

NOTE: For ease of installation and a clean install, there is no physical switch. This kit utilizes a relay and is triggered by the low beams. When your low beams are on, these fogs will illuminate. This also means there is no mounting of switches or running a wire through the firewall required.

Standard Glass Fog Light Housings

Available in clear or yellow lenses, these lamps come with 55w halogen bulbs but can accept many H11 bulb upgrades.

Morimoto XB LED Fog Light

Optionally you can purchase these high output LED lamps by Morimoto. Designed to last the test of time by standing up to moisture and road debris. They're also plug and play for ease of installation. Comprised of three Philips Luxeon-T5000K LEDs for a total output of 2400 lumens. SAE, DOT, and ECE approved.

Kit Contents

  • Glass Fog Lights
  • Subaru OEM Bezels
  • Fog Light Relay
  • Low Beam Splitter
  • Mounting Hardware

OPTIONAL - SubiSpeed S4 Style DRL Fog Light Bezel Upgrades

Since the introduction of the S4 DRL bezel by Subaru, SubiSpeed has been pursuing leaders in the industry to make an affordable replica. We utilize a manufacturing plant with years of experience in LED technology and custom plastic molds. Their LED drivers and printed circuit boards have high quality control standards which result in a low failure rate. Their products are backed by a 1 year warranty.

3 Versions

To suit a wide variety of needs, there are now 3 version of this S4 style bezel.

  • DRL Only - Lights up white.
  • DRL + Switchback Turn Signals - Lights up white for DRL mode and amber for turn signals.
  • DRL + Sequential / Sweeping Turn Signals - Lights up white for DRL mode and has a sweeping amber turn signal.

The Newest Edition

In order to match our headlights and provide another option for enthusiasts, we've expanded our lineup to include a sequential / sweeping switchback version. This is a great choice for customers who don't want to crack open their headlights as well. You still get a unique turn signal at the end of the day.

Normally illuminated white as a DRL, they switch to an amber turn signal light when activated. After the turn signal is turned off, they switch back to white.

The sweeping motion is ultra smooth. The static pictures don't do it justice. Just wait and see some our video media!

NOTE: For ease of installation we have designed the turn signal wiring with an OEM style plug. Simply disconnect the stock turn signal socket plug and connect it directly into the wiring for the bezels. The OEM socket will remain in the turn signal housing preventing moisture from getting inside. Optionally the pass through plug can be used to light both the bezels and the stock turns.

*Headlights not included.

S4 Bezel Comparison

SubiSpeed Installation Video

These replica bezels taking styling cues from the JDM bezel and US bezel. You'll notice that they're painted gloss black and have an integrated LED light bar. The LED strip runs the length of the entire bar.

No modification to the bumper cover is required for installation. Sold as a pair.

Color Comparison

While all monitors are different, this picture should give you an idea of overall light output. Since they were all shot in the same conditions and with the same camera settings, you can tell which products have a warmer color output vs a cooler color output.


  • Upper Left - Diode Dynamics C-light
  • Upper Right - Morimoto C-light
  • Lower Left - SubiSpeed S4 Style Bezel
  • Lower Center - OEM JDM S4 Bezel
  • Lower Right - OLM Silverline S4 Style Bezel

Optional Quick Connect Harness for DRL Fog Light Bezels Only

SubiSpeed has a quick connect harness to make wiring painless. This makes the install virtually plug and play.

NOTE: If you already have the SubiSpeed DRL harness (base / premium / limited), you already have the proper connections for a quick connect setup.

The installation is the same for the fuse box connection, so please view the video here for more details.

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  1. 2017 WRX Base: Thumbs of for the OLM K.I.S.S. Fog Light Kit

    By Steven March 12, 2018

    I am very happy with the quality of the kit and the OEM fog bezels. The wiring harness and connectors were the right length and worked great on my 2017 WRX base model. The only things that could have been better were the hardware and the instructions. I ended up using my own nuts and bolts instead of the OEM clips and hardware included. I also had an extra blue relay that I emailed them about - it isn't needed with the '17 WRX. Highly recommend if you want quality fogs with OEM bezels.

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