SubiSpeed Quick Connect Plug and Play Harness for Rear Brake / Fog Lights

- 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI


Speed up your install and leave your OEM wiring virtually unmodified.


SubiSpeed Quick Connect PnP Harness

This harness speeds up the install process for the JDM OEM rear fog lamp, SubiSpeed F1 Fog Light, GCS Rear Multifunction Light, and GCS CS Style Rear Fog / F1 Brake Light. The stock wiring harness in the WRX / STI can be hard to crimp as the area is tight. Also owners who wish to return their setup to stock at any point and time can do so easily with this harness.

The harness has OEM style connectors on both ends which allows you to install this in-line with the factory wiring. 3 or 4 extensions (depending on model) allow you to connect the aftermarket fog / F1 lights.

Includes 1 harness (only 1 required per vehicle) and 3 or 4 female terminals depending on model.


3 wire

  • Subaru JDM OEM Rear Fog Light
  • SubiSpeed F1 Fog Lamp
  • GCS CS Style Rear F1 Fog / Brake Light

4 wire

  • GCS Rear Fog / Brake / Reverse Light

Overview Video

Wiring Information

3 wire

  • Black - Ground (-)
  • Red - Parking / Running Light (+)
  • Yellow - Brake Light (+)

4 wire

  • Black - Ground (-)
  • Red - Brake Light (+)
  • Orange - Parking / Running Light (+) [Hooks up to green wire on GCS Rear Fog / Brake / Reverse Light]
  • White - Reverse Light (+)

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  1. Def buy

    By Anthony November 2, 2018

    If you are buying the rear light, definitely get this too. Super easy to install and no splicing of wires.

  2. Quick and Easy

    By Thomas January 12, 2018

    I had ordered the quick connect harness to install the 4th light or rear fog light whichever you want to call it. I tried to use the quick connects that came with the product itself from iJDMtoy, but was a major flop. I ordered the quick connect harness not knowing if it would work and it did! It was the easiest thing on the planet. I highly recommend this harness as it puts your mind at ease knowing that you don't have to splice wires and if you mess up it's not a huge deal! Thank you Subispeed, can't wait to start buying more products!

  3. No brainer addition with the extra brake light

    By Nate November 4, 2017

    This made the install of my GCS light so easy. I personally don't like cutting/stripping/tapping wires, so this was totally worth the extra few dollars.

  4. Made it so easy!

    By Matt June 27, 2017

    Installing the F1 light was pretty tricky and tight with the wiring direct to the stock setup without the harness. With it, it was literally a snap!

  5. Simplifies F1 Light Install

    By Brendan June 26, 2017

    I gotbthis to install the Subispeed F1 Style rear fog light and it does the job perfectly. I didn't have to cut into any wiring, which was great. Definitely recommend. It is inexpensive and prevents damage to any wires.

  6. Well worth the price!!

    By Brett June 14, 2017

    If your installing a 4th brake light, this is a must. No cutting and splicing of oem body harness. And sped up install! Great quality and shipping is alway fast!

  7. Good connector

    By Kyle May 5, 2017

    So I purchased this harness for my '12 WRX with OEM rear fog lamp. The connector plugged inline with my vehicle but the wiring was not exact, so after re-pinning the harness I have my rear fog working and didn't have to splice any wires. So if you are feel up to moving some wires around in the connector you can make this work on previous generation.

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