OLM LED Headlight Boomerang Bulbs

2015-2020 Subaru WRX Base & Premium


The factory base and premium model headlights use halogen bulbs to light the boomerang. This causes it to appear very orange. When upgrading to HID kits or brighter bulbs, it will make the headlight look even stranger.

Sold as a PAIR.

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Hundreds of Owners Choose OLM

Over 200 cars a month choose OLM for their C-Light bulbs*. This is no surprise as SubiSpeed has tested a wide variety of bulbs to find the best match. Not only did we test bulbs, but they were tested on an actual 2015 WRX.

Boomerang Bulb Characteristics

This C-light has a specific set of requirements which must be met. The housing for the bulb is small. A bulb with excessive heat output will damage the mirror finish in the headlight. We've pushed the limits and found the point in which discoloration begins. The OLM bulbs we offer have exceptional light output with little heat compared to other products on the market.

DRL Harness Compatible

For ways to keep your boomerang lit as a DRL, please take a look at our DRL harness.


OLM's 4th generation t10 light utilizes 4 SMD 3030 chips and has a white housing. Light output is clean and projected 180 degrees from the top of the bulb. This makes it a great candidate for a C-light bulb.

Total chip output is ~250 lumens with a current draw ~160mA.

Installation Video

Vehicle Specific Installation Details:

Does not require load resistors or blinker module.


1 year manufacturer's warranty


With OLM products, for a period of 1 year after the purchase, just e-mail us here and let us know about your issue.

Our trained staff will troubleshoot the product with you if required. They usually ask for a photo or two. If the issue still exists, we send you out a new item free of charge! You will not have to pay shipping to return your item or receive another.

*This statement is based on orders between 11/13/14 and 1/12/2015 of C-Light bulbs and DRL harnesses packaged with C-Light bulbs.

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  1. Pretty Good

    By Derek February 9, 2022

    Can’t beat these for the price, I paired them with DD H11’s and they look great! A bit bright but that’s expected upgrading from the terrible stock ones.

  2. Looks like pictures

    By Michael April 5, 2021

    Install is relatively easy and can be done in a parking lot with minimal tools. They look exactly like the pictures... way better than stock, but do not fill up the entire boomerang, as you'd expect. It is depicted very honestly on the pictures shown here. The bulb is in the top outside corner of the 'C' shape, and lights the top portion up and is brightest at the corner. Bottom portion is much much dimmer. Overall, way better than stock and basically a must have if you are going to replace the low beam bulbs as well. You can do both installs at once since they are in very similar locations and require removal / loosening of the same parts to access the bulbs

  3. Pretty Good

    By Anthony Z. May 25, 2018

    It was simple and only took 10 minutes to install! Had a small issue with one of the bulbs but subiespeed took care of me and now it fits perfectly! I’m honestly glad this isn’t a company that rips people off and is actually there to help us!

  4. Improved the look immediately

    By Trevor May 3, 2018

    Would have been easier to install if I was smarter or had smaller hands. Love the look. Your car probably needs this upgrade.

  5. Easy and look great

    By Joe January 27, 2018

    Installing these bulbs took 2 minutes at most. I have a 2018 Forester XT Premium and these fit exactly the same. Should be labeled to fit the XT premium 2017+2018. If you want your boomerang bulbs to look nice and bright and white, this is the bulb to get. They look great with my led headlights

  6. Major difference

    By Josh April 29, 2017

    These are a must if you have a premium or base model and don't want to go for the C light harness. Install was a pice of cake and they look tons better than the factory ones. Be warned! You will automatically want to change out the low beam lights after you change these! That's how good they look.

  7. Better than stock by a thousand

    By Jesse February 10, 2017

    I ordered the circuit series LED set, very bright and give a better output than the stock bulbs. Just need to slide them in. Only problem you could have is figuring out what to reach for after moving the battery/intake box.

  8. Fantastic!

    By Christopher January 11, 2017

    Even though I had to move the battery and Cobb Big SF intake box out of the way, installation was relatively easy. I didn't notice how yellow the stock bulbs were until I upgraded the low beams and fog lights to OLM LED Alpha. These are a phenomenal value. I highly recommend.

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