Cobb Subaru Accessport V3

2015-2021 Subaru WRX & STI, 2014-2018 Subaru Forester

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  • Trusted and simple to use ECU upgrade
  • Pre-loaded maps as well as custom mapping
  • Simple install/unistall
  • Read codes, perfomance measuring, shift lights, and more!
  • Straight forward and reliable engine management solution.
  • Monitor up to 6 different parameteres
Note: This accessport is only compatible with USDM vehicles only.
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Cobb Accessport COBAP3-SUB-004 For your 2014-2018 Subaru Forester and 2015-2021 Subaru WRX / STI


  • Trusted and simple to use ECU upgrade
  • Pre-loaded maps as well as custom mapping
  • Simple install/unistall
  • Read codes, perfomance measuring, shift lights, and more!
  • Straight forward and reliable engine management solution.
  • Monitor up to 6 different parameteres

Features for Subaru Accessport V3

  • High resolution colored screen
  • Multi-gauge display (Up to 6 different parameters!)
  • Mount made for your subaru WRX, STI, or Forester
  • Removable faceplates
  • V3 version faster and better than ever
  • ECU management support for Subaru WRX, STI, & Forester

Cobb Accessport ECU Upgrade

Flash your ECU quick and easy with the Cobb Accessport for your 2015-2021 Subaru WRX, STI or 2014-2018 Forester! Newly updated V3 version features a larger full colored screen with higher resolution for your viewing pleasure. Not only is the updated version visually better, but smarter too! Save all your maps and logs without worries with it's new and improved processing power and storage. View real time on up to 6 different gauges at once! Customize your accessport with bezel colors, choose between street / race / dyno gauge clusters, and more.

SubiSpeed First Impressions

What to monitor with your Accessport


COBB has a proven record of pushing the WRX past its factory power while maintaining reliability and driveability. Don't trust your brand new vehicle in the hands of just anyone. COBB's Accessport is a great value and its price point matches what many tuners charge for just a standard tune with no hardware.

With the Accessport you have a product which can be unmarried from your vehicle and be reused in another!

*Stage 1 and 2 WRX 6MT maps and stage 1 CVT maps are available!

*As with all handheld tuners, we recommend that you connect the device to your computer and check for updates prior to vehicle installation.

Cobb Accessport Manager

Available for Windows and Mac is Cobbs own accessport manager. With this software you can manage your maps, down logs, and quickly update your accessport. To check it out please clickhere!

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  1. Really changed the whole feel of the car

    By Jacob December 10, 2022

    Same experience as the other comments here - the preloaded maps for stock cars on 91/93 fuel addresses the same complaints everyone has with the stock powerband. Took a little while to get used to, but worth it. I did get a little knock using the 93 map with the local 93 pump gas so reverted to the 91 octane map (still on 93 gas) with no issues - still a great upgrade over stock.

  2. Works great. It really smooths out the powerband.

    By Matt M October 22, 2022

    It really smooths out the powerband and gets rid of the dead spots in the stock tune. I'm using the 91 octane performance tune since there are no top tier gas stations around me. It pulls harder all the way to redline. I ran the cable down into the steering column cutout and tucked the extra wire bundle into the fuse box. I used a Scoshe Magic Mount to mount it since it already has a built-in magnet. There are a ton of gauges to choose from which makes it really easy to monitor what's going on with your engine. I highly recommend it.

  3. Easy

    By jasonm August 5, 2022

    My mechanic had no issues, was very easy to set up and do

  4. Glad I finally got it

    By Hayden September 1, 2021

    Nice clear screen, very easy install, very recognizable power gains, what more could you want.

  5. one word.......

    By Sargerusso69 December 2, 2020

    amazing, i save 1000 frickin dollars

  6. Why Did I Wait on this?!?!?!

    By Matt August 12, 2020

    All I can say is why doesn't the car come from the factory tuned this way??? Wow!! I have a 2019 WRX with an Invidia N1 Catback. I am currently running the Stage 1 91 Octane map, but running 93 octane fuel (Top tier gas is limited where I'm at) and figured it was better for knock protection. Rev hang is gone, throttle response is so much better. The car doesn't seem that much more powerful, but it is so much easier to drive and way more fun to drive!

  7. Awesome

    By Brendon May 29, 2019

    The cobb accessport is awesome and i can not stress this enough. It makes the car significantly better. The only thing to nitpick at is the world rally blue face plate i recieved. It was a few what looked like bubbles in it and im slightly ocd so this bothers me a bit and if i could go back in time i would pick a different face plate in a heartbeat. But that is the one and only down side i had with this purchase and i highly reccomend it to anyone. Just maybe a different plate.

  8. Amazing

    By Anthony December 3, 2018

    Definitely worth the buy it made a huge difference in the way my car feels all together

  9. Better driving through traffic

    By william August 6, 2018

    If you're reading this, you probably don't realize how bad the factory tune is - like me, you got used to it. If you don't understand how unforgiving the throttle is, try teaching someone manual in this car! Stage 1 tune makes it drive like a normal car, and pulls all the way to redline without the 4,000 rpm 'wall.' I drive in traffic a lot and this tune makes it much easier to deal with. I have a theory that Subaru made the throttle come on so strong at low rpm to entice potential owners on test drives...

  10. A must for any enthusiast

    By Chad August 3, 2018

    This should be the first thing anyone does . Jot just to retune the car but to monitor the vitals of the engine.... must must must have.

  11. Great product and shipped fast

    By Clayton December 5, 2017

    Well worth the money! It is so easy to install and use. The hardest part is finding somewhere to put the extra wire from the OBD cable Would recommend to anyone from a low budget daily to a track car.

  12. Just buy it

    By Joshua September 17, 2017

    So it sat on my wish list for about 6 months. I was worried about the cost, worried about voiding the warranty on my 30k investment. I decided to go forward, ordered it on Tuesday afternoon, had it in my hand Saturday morning. Install took like 10 minutes total, then I drove the car. Lug from the stop is almost gone, that bog down at 52k RPM gone. It feels like I have a clean pull from a dead strop to red line without those dead spots that I had before. Only complaint, it came with two white badges would have been nice to have a black one on a light car its hard to see the white one.

  13. Fantastic addition to 2017 WRX

    By Artie June 27, 2017

    Very rarely do I listen to a raving 17 year old son tell me that I MUST purchase a $650 add on. I - we have spent 6 months adding bolt on upgrades only to have acceleration bog down at 4000 rpm. We wondered what we were doing wrong. Why after some great bolt on upgrades we start to bog down? The car simply needed to breath! We borrowed my brother-in-law's AP and WOW the car turned into a beast. I am over the moon with this device. You can tweak and adjust until you are exhausted or just pick one of the many tunes and go have fun. I now have to watch my wife reach for my keys to go to the grocery. $$$ well spent and always great customer service!

  14. Even if you do nothing else to your WRX...

    By Emily April 6, 2017

    Get this! The Accessport is the one mod everyone should absolutely have. The improvements this simple little device makes to your driving experience are like night and day. That dip in power at 4500rpm? Gone. Rev hang? Gone. Herky Jerky boost pressures? Gone. Linear power curve that pulls through the entire rev range all the way to red line? Check. Better boost control? Check. Smother throttle response. Check. Super easy to install? Check. Seriously, I have no idea why I waited so long to get this, and you shouldn't either. Fantastic product.

  15. Awesome

    By Zachery March 31, 2017

    Changes the feel and performance of the whole car.

  16. Love my Accessport! Soooo much better than stock

    By Kip March 9, 2017

    I picked this up with some mud flaps as my 'only' mods I was going to do to my first ever new car. But once I saw some of the review videos on youtube about MAP stage 1 OTS map I pulled the trigger on that as well for only 75. Overall the AP seemed like it was worth its weight in with the ma performance tune my cobb accessport is worth its weight in Titanium! Happy boostin

  17. Worth every cent and more.

    By AJ October 23, 2015

    Buy it. Do it. You'll be so happy you did. The AP from COBB takes this car to a whole new level. It completely addresses that crazy factory throttle map and gives you so much more. The power band is much more linear, contains way more torque and does not fall on its face above 5500 rpm. 2016 WRX. I live in Denver and am only able to get 91 octane fuel. I am running the 91 Stage 1 HWG map and could not ask for a better tune for my high elevation needs. Before you spend a dime on any other power upgrades, I highly recommended adding this.

  18. Not to bad at all

    By Eric July 29, 2015

    Without a proper dyno or running the car 0 to 60 and timing it, there is no way to fully tell the improvement. What I did notice was smoother acceleration through the entire rpm band. According to the car my mpg was listed at 29.4. When I filled up it was actually 23.5. This is a mix of city and highway driving. My 2016 Wrx also only has 375 miles on it and is still in the break in peroid. Who knows if the dealer filled it full and with 93 octane. Still a good product especially for future mods.

  19. NOT too bad

    By Eric July 28, 2015

    I didn't drive my 2016 WRX for long before I installed the COBB AP. I have noticed a smoother transition through the power band. Is there a huge noticeable horsepower gain? Without timing my runs for comparison and just what I personally feel in the seat, my answer would be no. The car pulls longer and with more consistency through the RPM range however. I haven't noticed any MPG increase and I do stay out of the boost. It might have went up slightly over stock but what the car tells me and what actually MPG is about 3 to 4 miles less. Right now the car says 29.4 on this tank of fuel but after filling up it was 25.4 MPG. That is with highway cruise set at 77 miles an hour also. The car still only has 276 miles on it so I am still in the break in period. Product is worth it for my mods and future ones to come.

  20. Dont think twice. Just buy it!!!!

    By milan July 19, 2015

    Best mod i've had... Installation was quick and easy. If you are looking for more power from your subi, you need to get this and you will never regret it...

  21. Buy It!!!!

    By Jayman July 14, 2015

    This is an awesome upgrade!! If you are looking to get that extra power and torque out of your car on the top end then look no farther! This should be one of the first things you buy for your car as you can easily notice an immediate difference the very first time you go WOT. Our cars lack that extra something once you hit 5000+ RPMs and this is your solution! Even if you don't have any mods this thing is worth every penny! Highly recommended upgrade!

  22. Huge difference

    By RexRocket July 9, 2015

    I've owned seven subies so far but this is the first turbo, I traded a 2014 C7 Z51 corvette for 2015 WRX limited (got tired of being pulled over and being harassed by gawkers) I realize this is like comparing apples to oranges but I wasn't impressed by the stock performance of the WRX, I figured the Cobb AP might make a difference after seeing Yo's YouTube posting. Fist and foremost...the stock map was lacking top RPM power as it just seemed to die around 4k. After flashing to the 93 octane map I noticed that it was pulling strong all the way up to redline...this was putting a smile on my face, I've driven it for about 5k miles with the 93 octane map and I'm satisfied overall but have noticed a few things that I don't care for like hard startups, idle isn't smooth and sometimes dips down to under 700 RPMs but comes back up after a couple seconds. All in all IMHO it makes the world of difference with performance both on the top end of the RPM range and noticeable torque increase. I may upgrade to a nameless axle back exhaust to free up the restricted airflow and get some tone out of the 2.0 DIT. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone that wants more power without replacing hardware or having a custom tune. I would love to see them come out with an ethanol or methanol map so I could say goodbye to the big oil monopoly and use a renewable fuel source.

  23. Accessport

    By Jorge June 30, 2015

    This is a must for any Subaru entusiast easy install fast and great results , the shipping was fast and well pack & the laffy taffy is fun to see .

  24. Must have!

    By boostedbrandon March 12, 2015

    The AP is a must have if you own a WRX! Makes the car feel like new, but better. Off the lot the Subie's are known to have a unlinear range of power throughout the power band. The AP completely eliminates this problem as it evens torque throughout the power band, giving it power all the way to redline! Slow driving in traffic or just around town is now much easier and more smooth. This is how the WRXs should have came off the lot. Stage 1 ots map is nothing spectacular power wise. There is not much more additional power, but a lot smoother power through each gear. However, with the proper mods and a professional tune this car will become a beast! The high definition screen is beautiful. The gauges and the customization of them on the AP are fantastic! The AP is a must buy if you are a 2015 wrx or sti owner. My ONLY complaint is the universal mount that comes with the AP. The holster is great, but the sticky double sided tape does not last. Lasted me only a week before it fell off. I would recommend purchasing the A-pillar mount for the AP or replacing the double sided tape with something stronger. If this is even a complaint.. COBB AP IS AMAZING!

  25. Worth every penny.

    By Grigor March 8, 2015

    I was quite hesitant a month ago about spending 600 bucks on this product. I did my research, but still took a leap of faith while buying the AP. Can't be happier. I think the STI in the so called stage 1 is how it should come from the factory in the first place. It drives much smoother and I do feel a lot more power on the highway ramps, especially in the S# mode. I am disappointed though that it was not able to clear my TPMS light. Maybe a patch will come up in the future? Installation was super easy.

  26. A must for all WRX owners

    By Todd February 26, 2015

    If you are considering buying an AP, just do it. I was skeptical of how much difference something like this would make, but it really is tangible. Definitely worth it, especially for guys like me who aren't going to do a bunch of hardware modifications but want better performance from the WRX engine.

  27. Get it!

    By Dane November 10, 2014

    Totally worth it on all fronts! If you plan on keeping you WRX/STI for a long tim and plan on getting any mods for it make this your first stop. Only negative is the lack of an adequate manual, but other than that a 10/10!!

  28. Great Product

    By Steve October 3, 2014

    I have had the AP for a couple of months now. Running v112 map now and will say that from day one the AP transformed the car into near perfect with no other modifications. CAI and Catback and I'm done. As Yo said, this is a 'no brainer'. Best money you will spend whether you modify further or leave the car box stock. COBB support is second to none, great people and passionate about their craft!

  29. Like Yo said, "no brainer"

    By Steve August 28, 2014

    Just installed and drove with 93 octane map. The linear response of the throttle is phenomenal. Power curve way better, just like the dyno readouts from COBB indicates. It is everything they say about the differences, too many to list. Yo and the people at COBB have been great to work with, enthusiasts with a passion for excellence...

  30. Amazing Product, Fastest Shipping Ever

    By Jay August 26, 2014

    I was so overly impressed by how quickly Subispeed shipped this to me! I purchased on Friday and received the Accessport on Monday. I was blown away! Anyhow, I'm running Stage 1 93 Octane OTS tune and it runs great! Car pulls strong all the way to redline where it used to fall flat on its face. Really smooths out the torque curve across all RPMs. This is a must have for anyone looking to add bolt on modifications (Intake/Exhaust/Downpipes/BOV) or serious modifications like turbo/intercooler upgrades.

  31. What I was waiting for...

    By Richard July 24, 2014

    As soon as I found out this was available, I ordered it up. Expedited my shipping and got everything setup ASAP. Love it love it love it. The car kind of felt dead in the high RPMs before, but now it feels much better.

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