FactionFab Brake Upgrade Kit inc. Rotors, Pads, & Lines

2018-2021 Subaru STI

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The Front Brake Upgrade Kit will increase the stopping power on the Front of the Subaru STI. 
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FactionFab Front Brake Upgrade Kit 2018+ Subaru STI


Bi-Directional Slotted Rotor Specs:

  • Front location
  • Shallow Sharp-edged groves are milled into a high carbon cast iron disc to provide consistent pad contact and maximum friction over repetitive use
  • High-carbon content for wear resistance, thermal stability, and cracking resistance
  • Bi-directional design, meaning rotors are not side-specific
  • Symmetric vane castings to increase heat dissipation efficiency and thermal stability
  • Double-disc ground, non-directional finish
  • Mill balanced for reduced vibration
  • Precision machined with run-out spec of no more than .002", Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) of .0005"
  • Fully machined non-friction surfaces for perfect fitment
  • Sold as a pair
  • Electronically applied E-coating for corrosion resistance
  • 400-hour salt spray tested
  • Fully coated inside and out

FactionFab Front Brake Pad Specs: 

  • Front location
  • Para-Aramid Composition
  • Ideal for auto-x, light track days, or aggressive street driving
  • 1300ºF maximum operating temperature to aid in fade resistance
  • Excellent modulation and initial bite
  • Pre-scorched compound to aid in cold weather modulation
  • O.E. gas slots and chamfers ensuring for safe efficient stopping while reducing noise associated with vibration
  • Positive molded technology provides safe and reliable stopping performance for the entire service life of the brake pad
  • The positive molded technology manufacturing process uses extreme pressure to compress the friction material and drives out any impurities or excess resins found in the brake pad
  • Precision cut backing plates ensure correct pad fitment in the caliper body eliminating vibrations and noise under braking
  • Mechanically attached application-specific pad shims are designed to eliminate noise associated with brake pad vibrations

FactionFab Stainless Steel Line Specs:

  • Front location
  • PTFE Teflon inner liner to carry the fluid
  • Stainless steel woven middle layer for support of the inner liner
  • Abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant
  • Outer PCV clear abrasion resistant coating to aid in chaffing and protects the inner layers and stress relief at fitting locations​
  • Each line is 4500psi burst pressure tested
  • Stainless steel precision machined fittings for perfect fit and corrosion resistance
  • Increased pedal feedback as a result of elimination of soft rubber lines which are prone to swelling and deforming
  • 100% model specific for perfect fitment
  • Includes hardware


The FactionFab Front Brake Upgrade Kit includes new slotted rotors, pads, and stainless steel brake lines to improve the stopping capacity and performance of your vehicle. This kit is ideal for those of you who want more performance out of your braking system without having to resort to a track-oriented pad that is too aggressive for the street or go down the expensive path of getting a larger caliper and floating rotor setup.

This kit features slotted rotors that feature FactionFab's sharp-edged grooves that will wipe brake dust, residue, and hot brake gases from the surface of the rotor to make for constant clean contact between the pad and rotor. The brake pads can sustain aggressive driving, autocross, or light track days. Direct pressure from the pedal to the caliper is made possible from the stainless steel brake lines as they will not expand under pressure like the OEM brake lines could do. Because of these reasons, the FactionFab Front Brake Upgrade Kit makes for an excellent performance brake upgrade to your Subaru STI that will deliver the braking performance needed for spirited driving conditions.



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