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This extremely durable and high quality bracket is constructed out of zinc-plated billet steel. It installs easily and replaces the existing shift plate on the passenger side of your 2015 + Subaru WRX transmission, reducing your shifter throws by 30% or 50% when paired with their short throw shift lever.


This extremely durable and high quality bracket is constructed out of zinc-plated billet steel. It installs easily and replaces the existing shift plate on the passenger side of your 2015 + Subaru WRX transmission, reducing your shifter throws by 30% or 50% when paired with their short throw shift lever. The increased weight of 1340 grams [double the weight of stock's 750 grams] also aids in shifting momentum and positive engagement.


  • 30% reduction over stock
  • Counterweighted to make shifting a better experience
  • 50% total reduction when paired with our Subaru WRX Short Throw Shifter Lever
  • Crafted from zinc-plated billet steel
  • Replaces OEM component

The shifter plate is designed and manufactured in Boomba's manufacturing facility; right here in the United States and all mounting hardware is included. All plates are zinc plated for durability and excellent appearance. A definite mod for daily drivers as well as the autocross and road racing enthusiast!

The shifter is designed & manufactured in Boomba's facility, right here in the U.S. and all mounting hardware are included. All shift levers are precision CNC machined black oxide billet steel and high quality delrin for maximum strength and durability. A definite mod for daily drivers as well as autocross and road racing enthusiast!

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  1. PITA to install - Tips Below

    By Brian February 27, 2020

    Okay, first I will say that this does significantly reduce the throws of my shifts, helps to reduce some shifter slop, and overall is an excellent product. That said I have some much needed tips for the install. I watched four or five youtube videos about how to do this install but no one mentioned the easiest way to remove the old hole punch. Everyone says to use the 5 mm (3/16) punch with an extension and hammer away until it comes out. I did this for HOURS under the car and made very little progress getting it out. The easiest way is to actually use a smaller punch FIRST (I don't recall what size I used) to push out the inner punch to relieve the tension on the bigger outer punch that the 5 mm will use. Once I discovered that the inner punch comes out pretty easy and so does the outer punch. You then simply use a small socket (I think I used an 8mm) and tap the smaller punch back into the bigger punch and then start it in the new Boomba shifter plate. I also ran into a smaller issue that once I had the new plate on it kept rotating when I went to puch it back in which was frustrating. I alleviated this a little by just barely getting the punch started so it had more to grip onto to stay in the punch hole. The results are great. I paired this with the Torque Solutions Derlin shifter bushing and the Group N transmission mount to make the shifts short, crisp, and more accurate. I hope these tips help someone else out there.

  2. Nice and short

    By Alex July 25, 2018

    I’m not gonna lie, this install wasn’t the easiest but I’ve had worse. I did this solo in a one-car garage. Toughest part was ejecting the and reinserting the pin. I used a flex-head ratcheting wrench for the cover plate bolts which made getting the top bolt out easy. You’re gonna have to wedge your hands in brown the trans and the trans tunnel with one hand and come in front the front over the top of the trans with the other hand to get the wrench on the bolt. The torque isn’t too hard to break after that. Shifts are definitely shorter with this bad boy but a little notchy. I gotta STI short shifter already. Should be getting a Raceseng slammer know this week and the torque solutions bushing (heard from plenty that Perrin makes it notchier), which should take out the notchiness.

  3. What a Difference

    By Kyle June 11, 2018

    I purchased this plate with a short throw shifter from STI and the Perrin shift bushing for my 2015 Subaru WRX. I can honestly say that all three of these items combine made my car feel like a brand new ride no slop in ththe shifter, throws are hella decreased would recommend to anyone looking to improve driveability. The installation... okay I watched many videos thinking going into this would be a breeze to do. This was not the case , I had a hell of a time knocking out the old roll pin, I recommend pre buying a couple roll pins just Incase you lose a piece or mess it up during installed. The plate itself from factory did NOT come off with with ease it was stuck on by dirt and grime. Overall the shifter combined with this plate and bushing blows the stock feel out the water. I bought a raceseng custom Shit knob as well for balancing the weight and increase smoothness !!

  4. Notchy and tight shifting

    By Trevor May 30, 2018

    It did require the removal of a stock blocking plate. It also did not fit my perrin shifter bushing without filing out the bushing. The results were well worth it though. The shifting feels tight and notchy now and the throws are noticeably shorter.

  5. nice short shifts

    By kishan April 1, 2018

    great product overall, install is a pain in the rear end, hammering the roll pin out and hammering it back in along with removal of the fourth bolt for the heat shield especially while its on jack stands. (you are gonna have bloody knuckles) the shifts are short and require more effort then the factory shifts. but the shifts go right in to the next gear no hesitation at all just push up or down and your in the next gear.

  6. Great!!

    By Paul March 22, 2018

    I really enjoy the end result. Installation was a bit annoying. The one bolt on top of the heatshield towards the back of the car took some time. 3pt socket did the trick. Roll pin was easy to remove, just put the punch in a socket with an extension and hammer it out. I did some have difficulty putting my Perrin Brass shifter bushing back onto the Boomba plate so I ended up take the plate off and install bushing first. Car feels great through the gears. It doesn't require a tad more force but nothing drastic. Great product!!

  7. Great Product

    By Chris March 13, 2018

    The plate is installed in my car, and I wish it had come this way from the factory! Notchiness and extraneous slop has been eliminated from the shift feel of my WRX. 30% reduction in throw length feels very significant.

  8. This is a must buy!!!!

    By Logan March 10, 2018

    Had this part in my checkout cart for a while now and I have no idea why I didn’t order it sooner. I have this partnered with the Perrin shift bearing and let me tell you it is sooooooo smooth. It is a whole different driving experience(for the better). Everything about shifting now is much more enjoyable. The installation process however is a bit tedious and there are some bolts that can be hard to get at but as long as you have the right tools you shouldn’t have a problem. For me the hardest part was getting the pin out of the old trans plate. I would recommend you getting the longest pin punch tool you can find and be careful when you get towards the end because the pin has a tendency to shoot out and get stuck. Other than that installation was easy, just a little time consuming... Again, this part is a must buy!!! I am going to get the boomba short shifter next to partner with this. I have heard good things about both of them together.

  9. Totally worth it!

    By Jon December 28, 2017

    Just a little frustrating, but once it's in, you'll love it. Search Youtube for installation videos, there are some good ones out there. You won't be able to replace the additional rounded heat shield, as this part is slightly larger than OEM, and prevents the heat shield from going back in. Not a big deal. Take your time and use the right size punches, and you'll do fine. I didn't need to remove the 3 large transmission support brackets, but I used a proper lift, not jacks & stands. I recommend you do the same!

  10. Install is a little tricky but totally worth it

    By Nate November 4, 2017

    I decided to go with the Boomba over all the other ones because I kind of hate the notchy gears, and although I didn't try the other ones, I can say I'm so happy with the Booma. Shifting is easier, smoother, quieter, and of course shorter while still giving enough feedback to know you're in gear. Install was kind of a pain though. I didn't take the heat shield or transmission brackets off to get the top bolt off. I managed to squeeze a ratchet up there approaching it from the front of the car. Getting the roll pin out took much longer than I anticipated but I put the punch in an 8mm socket on an extension and hammered away. Getting the plate on there is a little bit of a squeeze and then used the male side of an extension (not the punch) to hammer the roll pin in the rest of the way. Overall, this is definitely a great upgrade unless you like the notchy gears.

  11. Badassss part! Worth the money

    By Christopher August 31, 2017

    This shift plate drastically improves shifts. The feel is great. Nice and clean, short throws. I had no issue with the installs. The heat shields were the hardest part. I would recommend getting a shift stop to go with this part to really improve the 1st gear feel. I made an install video and go in depth with the roll-pins. enjoy!

  12. Excellent

    By CHRISTIAN March 27, 2017

    I took my car to a shop to get it done because I did it myself last time with the Kartboy short shift adapter and didn't want to spend the time doing it myself. They did the install very quickly. The shift feel even shorter than the Kartboy part and because of the weight to it, it is far less stiff and notchy than before. It feels like a whole new car with this part. I highly recommend.

  13. Once installed...AMAZING

    By Michael December 1, 2016

    So when I received this item from Subispeed it was just the shift plate wrapped in bubble wrap. Taking off the old shifter plate was very easy. However side note for install *top bolt on the heat shield where the transmission and drive shaft meet can be extremely tough to remove.* The shift plate that I received would not slide on easily. Eventually put the OEM plate back on and took it to a shop to have installed. They said that it was a bit difficult as well putting on. HOWEVER...I have this paired with the short shifter and it is well worth all the hassle. Shifts are precise and the notchy feel is gone. Would recommend!

  14. Very good product!

    By Jon August 28, 2015

    Very high quality part, much better than all other shifter plates currently out for the WRX. The weight makes for a very nice solid, firm shift. The 30% reduction is the perfect for this car.

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